Chapter 304 - Zhou Weiqing, the Core of the Seal! (3)

Bit by bit, the Dragon Emperor’s original energy penetrated Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Core Nucleus. A layer of faint red light could clearly be seen appearing gradually on the surface of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint God Core Nucleus. At this moment, the little Zhou Weiqing, who was sitting upright and still, opened his eyes. His eyes had completely turned into a shade of fire red. A small scarlet dragon coiled around his body, slowly and comfortably, while the ball of red light gradually disappeared.

Slowly, a layer of red misty luster appeared on Zhou Weiqing’s ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. The layer of luster was unable to conceal the armor’s original white hue. Nonetheless, the layer of red light was shimmering quietly like gemstones.

Following the appearance of the layer of red light the seal’s formation below completely lit up. The red dense light gradually floated upwards, enveloping the entire formation within it.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing experienced a different feeling. He realized that it was as though his body had already become a part of the formation. To put it more accurately, the entire formation seemed like his body, and he, himself, was the heart of the body.

Without any hesitation, Zhou Weiqing immediately released his will outwards. At this moment, he was still able to remain calm - he did not attempt to establish a connection with all ten Divine Beasts. Instead, he released three streaks of will and tried to connect with three of them instead.

It was completely logical of Zhou Weiqing to do that. Even though everything happened within a short period of time, he realized, from the process of connecting his will to Hui Yao and Duo Si’s wills, that after merging his will with the Divine Beasts’ wills, he was able to use it for his own use. Under such circumstances, his own will would be rapidly amplified. More importantly, it would result in a better understanding towards the seal’s formation, after the connection had been established.

Hence, if he were to connect with too many Divine Beasts, two problems would surface - firstly, the Divine Beasts definitely did not trust him as much as they trusted the Dragon Emperor; it was uncertain whether or not he could perfectly establish a connection with them, or even establish a connection at all in the first place. Secondly, what was more important was the issue pertaining to his understanding of the seal. If he were to merge his will with too many wills at the same time, his own will would get amplified to a terrifying degree; it would be very difficult for Zhou Weiqing to adapt. Furthermore, at a crucial moment as such, how was it possible for him to conscientiously understand the marvel of the seal’s formation?

Hence, he decided to only connect his will with three Divine Beasts this time.

Just as he had predicted, a problem emerged instantly after he attempted to connect their wills with his. The three great Divine Beasts’ wills experimentally attempted to accept Zhou Weiqing’s will, unlike Hui Yao and Duo Si’s wills, which directly connected with Zhou Weiqing’s will. After all, they were unfamiliar with Zhou Weiqing and also, they did not possess the dragon monarch bloodline.

Zhou Weiqing released his will. At this moment, he did not hold back at all - he had thoroughly opened up his heart to these Divine Beasts. Under a condition as such, if the other party were to attack him his will would definitely be severely damaged. However, he had no other options. That was the only way for these Divine Beasts to trust him within the shortest possible time.

The Dragon Emperor’s original energy had completely entered Zhou Weiqing’s body. With the help of Saint Energy, the dragon aura released from his body became even stronger than that of Hui Yao and Duo Si’s. After sensing his dragon aura, coupled with the unrestrained release of his will, the three Divine Beasts only hesitated for a brief moment before opening up their wills and connected them to Zhou Weiqing’s.


In an instant, Zhou Weiqing felt as though everything in his immediate surroundings had exploded - everything became crystal clear. It seemed as though they had entered a brand new realm. Every single energy element was presented in an extremely clear manner in his will.

The formation below him started to surge violently; an extremely massive amount of energy started charging towards its center. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense the Dragon Emperor’s blood, which had tainted the entire formation, flowing within every single veined pattern on it. Gentle energy ripples began to release outwards as a result, and a powerful suppressive force started to appear as well. The realm outside the formation seemed to have completely been shattered, causing it to be isolated from the outside world.

All of a sudden, his will was strengthened. Being able to sense minute energy changes as such within an area that was filled with extremely complicated energy was an addictive feeling.

If he were in the outside world, Zhou Weiqing would similarly be able to clearly sense every single energy change. However, within the cave, there were more than ten Heavenly God powerhouses, not forgetting the Lord of the Nether who was of the Heavenly Change Stage.

Even though the Lord of the Nether did not actually break the seal and that his cultivation base was constantly being suppressed, the purity of his Destructive Energy was at the Heavenly Change Stage! With huge amounts of massive resilient energy squeezed and condensed together, the will of a Heavenly Emperor would be instantly destroyed, even if only a small amount was released. However, as for Zhou Weiqing, he could sense all the energy changes within the formation at this moment, showing just how powerful his current will was.

Moreover, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing had an epiphany - he had finally understood how the Dragon Emperor was able to suppress the Lord of the Nether.

Apart from the energy aspect, based on the Dragon Emperor’s cultivation base, coupled with the assistance from the numerous Divine Beasts, his will was definitely not on the losing end. Hence, precisely because of that, he was able to maintain the seal for so many years. Every single time the Lord of the Nether launched an attack on the seal he would end up getting suppressed.

Zhou Weiqing could not be engrossed with a comfortable sensory experience as such. As he developed an understanding towards the formation, three streaks of will had been released at the same time. With the experience he had earlier on, he directly opened up his will this time, before establishing a connection with the three Divine Beasts.

Because of the changes earlier, after he had completed the connection this time, Zhou Weiqing was not as shocked as before. His will continued to get upgraded, the formation below seemed to have already been completely ignited; only the Dragon Emperor’s massive body was left in silence.

At this crucial moment, just as Zhou Weiqing was about to complete the formation, all of a sudden, there was an extremely loud rumble.

The entire formation shook violently; the Dragon Emperor’s massive body suddenly became entirely black. Immediately after, a loud explosion sound was heard. The Dragon Emperor’s massive body exploded into ashes and smoke, scattered everywhere. On the other hand, the Lord of the Nether’s huge pincers emerged once again as a result.

This time, he did not condense any energy because he did not have the time to do that. Two rays of black light transformed into two clear light beams which charged towards Zhou Weiqing’s body.

“Quick, open up your wills.” Zhou Weiqing shouted towards the last four Divine Beasts. At the same time, four streaks of will were released outwards. At this moment, he could not dodge or resist the incoming attack. If he were to make any move before the formation was completed, everything he did earlier would have gone to waste. Hence, all he could do right now was to face it head-on, using his own Saint Energy.

At this moment, a huge emerald green figure appeared below Zhou Weiqing’s body; it was none other than the Sidhe Empress who had transformed into Mother Nature.

Without any hesitation, she used Mother Nature’s scepter to block the two incoming black light beams.

At this moment, it seemed as though the Lord of the Nether had gone crazy. Even though he had no time to condense his original Destructive Energy, the two black light beams were released with the original Destructive Energy as its foundation.

A soft ‘pop’ was heard and almost instantly, Mother Nature had vanished, revealing the Sidhe Empress’ actual body. However, at this moment, the Ancient Tree of Life fell hard from the sky. It transformed into a huge ball of emerald green light that not only destroyed the remaining energy within the black light, but also smashed the Lord of the Nether’s pincers.

Massive energy ripples abruptly erupted, and in the next moment, the ball of emerald green light was fired off into the sky.

With her body in the air, blood spurted out of the Sidhe Empress. When the Ancient Tree of Life had appeared, at least half of the treetop had withered. In order to block the Lord of the Nether’s attack they had paid a hefty price. However, ultimately, the Lord of the Nether’s attack did not land on Zhou Weiqing’s body.

Zhou Weiqing’s yell was extremely significant in causing the scene that appeared before his eyes. When four streaks of his will were released, almost at the same time, he had completed the process of connecting his will to the last four Divine Beasts’ wills.


After the energy of the twelve great Divine Beasts had been completely connected to Zhou Weiqing, in the next moment, the entire formation was completely lit up. The Lord of the Nether’s huge pincers seemed to be restrained in an instant - at the very least, they were unable to move about like they did earlier.

The Dragon Emperor’s blood completely seeped into the formation silently. Immediately after, the entire formation turned into a dazzling shade of gold.

At this very moment, Zhou Weiqing felt as though his body was about to explode in mid-air. Terrifying energy ripples ascended in a flash. The Heavenly Energy of all twelve great Divine Beasts charged towards his body at an unparalleled and alarming speed.

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing thought that his body was about to be destroyed. However, at the same time, he had also fully understood the method of controlling the formation.

The energy that the seal’s formation required was a simple yet pure one - it did not matter which attribute it belonged to. However, it must only come from only one attribute, and its level of purity had to reach a certain degree. Last but not least, it could only be controlled by the dragon or sidhe monarch bloodline.

From the connection of the wills earlier, not only did Zhou Weiqing experience the marvel of the formation, more importantly at the same time, after his will had been upgraded to a terrifying degree, he became at least ten times more capable of controlling any type of energy.

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