Chapter 303 - The Seal of the Netherworld (1)

At that time, the seal was completed by the Dragon Emperor, who was the leader, the Sidhe Empress of that era, who assisted the Dragon Emperor, as well as the other powerhouses. Right now, the leader was heavily injured. One could well imagine how much damage had been done to the seal. Furthermore, without sufficient help from the Dragon Emperor, would they be able to stabilize the seal successfully?

Even though they were somewhat anxious, everyone knew that being anxious at this moment was useless. All they could do was pray for a miracle.

The dragon turtle descended at a rapid speed, and there was a layer of faint distorted light in the surroundings. The intense Destructive Energy down below continuously pounded against the dragon turtle’s body. However, its defense was indeed very strong - it managed to withstand the powerful Destructive Energy without getting hurt. It truly lived up to its name of being the Heavenly Beast with the strongest defense.

Zhou Weiqing pressed his hands against the dragon turtle’s body and channeled a surge of gentle Saint Energy into it. When the Saint Energy first entered the dragon turtle’s body, its massive body noticeably trembled for a bit. But very soon,...

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