Chapter 303 - The Seal of the Netherworld (1)

At that time, the seal was completed by the Dragon Emperor, who was the leader, the Sidhe Empress of that era, who assisted the Dragon Emperor, as well as the other powerhouses. Right now, the leader was heavily injured. One could well imagine how much damage had been done to the seal. Furthermore, without sufficient help from the Dragon Emperor, would they be able to stabilize the seal successfully?

Even though they were somewhat anxious, everyone knew that being anxious at this moment was useless. All they could do was pray for a miracle.

The dragon turtle descended at a rapid speed, and there was a layer of faint distorted light in the surroundings. The intense Destructive Energy down below continuously pounded against the dragon turtle’s body. However, its defense was indeed very strong - it managed to withstand the powerful Destructive Energy without getting hurt. It truly lived up to its name of being the Heavenly Beast with the strongest defense.

Zhou Weiqing pressed his hands against the dragon turtle’s body and channeled a surge of gentle Saint Energy into it. When the Saint Energy first entered the dragon turtle’s body, its massive body noticeably trembled for a bit. But very soon, it could feel the benefits brought about by the Saint Energy. His body that was descending paused briefly; it turned its dragon head around and nodded at Zhou Weiqing. Zhou Weiqing could clearly see the joy and excitement in its huge eyes. Evidently, the dragon turtle had already experienced the suppressive effects the Saint Energy had on the Destructive Energy.

After descending for nearly fifteen minutes, suddenly, the patterns on the back of the dragon turtle started to light up. An immense stream of air was released from his abdomen and supported his massive body. It slowed down its descent, allowing it to land gently.

The darkness in the surroundings had gradually vanished. Upon their arrival, all they saw was a magnificent sight.

The surrounding cave walls were glimmering with gorgeous radiance from the countless gemstones that were embedded in the walls. These different multicolored gemstones gave off a dazzling brilliance as the light from the dragon turtle’s back shone on them. Furthermore, the lower they went, the more intense the gemstones glowed. Zhou Weiqing dared to say that if these gemstones were to be excavated, they would definitely be sold for an enormous fortune, as these gemstones seemed extremely rare - even Zhou Weiqing had never seen them before.

“There is no need to be surprised. The rocks within the surrounding cave walls were constantly corroded over the years by our seal’s energy as well as the Destructive Energy, causing the internal structure to undergo changes - they are not actual gemstones. They are just rocks that contained a large amount of attribute energy, somewhat similar to the Heavenly Beasts’ Nucleus Core and human beings’ Heavenly Core Nucleus,” explained the dragon turtle.

With a ‘pop’ sound, the dragon turtle’s massive body had finally come into contact with the ground. However, it did not stop - its humongous dragon claws gripped the ground and it moved swiftly, following a path that led to the inside.

Zhou Weiqing and the rest then realized that they had finally reached the bottom of the abyss. The distance down was terrifyingly long! The temperature of the surroundings was clearly different from when they had just started their descent - the icy cold temperature became scorching hot. Water-like ripples appeared in the surrounding air from time to time.

“Are we close to the earth’s core?” asked Zhou Weiqing out of curiosity.

The dragon turtle replied, “This is indeed the outer area of the earth’s core. The main thing that the Dragon Tribe controls is Fire Energy. This is the same for the previous imperial families. His Majesty, the Dragon Emperor, borrowed the heat from the earth’s core to increase his cultivation base to the maximum in order to sustain the seal.”

Zhou Weiqing lamented, “For the sake of the Mainland, Elder Dragon Emperor and all the other elders sacrificed too, too much.” After searching his soul, he concluded that if it were him, he might not have been able to persevere for so many years; the loneliness itself was not something that an ordinary person was capable of enduring.

This time, the dragon turtle did not advance for long. Suddenly, the path ahead widened and the entire surroundings was bright.

It was a vast and enormous plaza-like area; even the dragon turtle’s humongous body seemed rather small within it.

Zhou Weiqing could sense strange energy ripples in this place; the energy ripples made him feel a sense of familiarity. When he stared ahead, he saw thirteen balls of energy hovering in mid-air at the center of the enormous plaza, whose colors were constantly changing. At the bottom of the thirteen balls of energy, there was a huge magic formation. Its complexity could be compared to that of the design of the eleventh piece of Zhou Weiqing’s Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, or even more complicated. At a glance, it made one feel dizzy.

Out of all the thirteen balls of energy that were hovering in mid-air, the one in the center was the biggest, with a diameter of two hundred meters. The other twelve balls of energy that were surrounding it had a diameter of at least a hundred meters. Together, they formed an extremely enormous magic formation. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was a Max Level Heavenly God. However, standing before the magic formation, he still felt small.

Hui Yao and Duo Si leapt down from the dragon turtle’s back. Looking at the huge magic formation, Hui Yao could not help but exclaim, “This is the seal of the Netherworld? The Netherworld is still located below it?”

The dragon turtle replied in a deep voice, “It is not exactly below it, because the Netherworld belonged to a different realm. We are merely suppressing it. However, evidently, the Lord of the Nether must have had a way to establish contact with people above the ground. Otherwise his power would not have increased continuously. Human, was what you channeled into my body Saint Energy?

The last question was directed at Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing hurriedly nodded, “Yes, it was indeed Saint Energy.”

The dragon turtle could not contain its excitement, “That’s wonderful! I can sense that your Saint Energy is very effective in restraining the Destructive Energy. Wait for a moment while I quickly request for His Majesty to allow all of you to enter the seal.”

As he spoke, the dragon turtle let out a strange sound. It seemed to be an ancient language of some sort that carried energy ripples, that could cause one’s soul to tremble, heading towards the biggest ball of energy out of the thirteen ones.

An old and dignified voice was heard, “You have finally arrived, my children. We do not have much time left - enter the seal, quickly.”

A gentle energy suddenly lit up beneath the feet of Zhou Weiqing and company, and a light halo ascended in their surroundings. Zhou Weiqing and company felt that the surroundings became illusory. It was as though they had been transported to a different place via the Spatial Law.

It seemed like they were in a different realm altogether. The surroundings were pitch-black; within the darkness, there were only thirteen figures that appeared to be exceptionally clear. Amongst the thirteen figures, the biggest one looked eighty percent similar to Hui Yao, except that it had a much bigger figure, as well as a more dignified and majestic aura. His huge dragon eyes were filled with endless weariness and one could tell that it had experienced all that life had to offer.

Looking at the situation before him, Zhou Weiqing could not help but be taken aback. The seal of the Netherworld was actually a realm of its own. One could imagine just how powerful the seal was. Even a person like him, who possessed Saint Energy, was not confident of breaking it at all, even from the inside. On the other hand, the Netherworld was being suppressed by the seal from the outside. The Lord of the Nether actually managed to almost break the seal several times before. This proved that he was extremely powerful to such an extent.

Without a doubt, the largest figure in the center was core of the seal’s support, the Dragon Emperor.

“Mother!” Tian’er cried out almost immediately. Indeed, the Entropic Nether Tiger, Phelia, was one of the twelve guardians standing next to the Dragon Emperor, except that she was currently in the form of a beast, the Entropic Nether Tiger.

Phelia looked gently towards her daughter, but did not say a single word. Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er were able to see the deep weariness in her eyes.

Apart from Phelia, all the other Heavenly God Heavenly Beasts, including the Dragon Emperor, looked extremely exhausted.

“Forefather.” Hui Yao and Duo Si’s eyes were filled with several emotions when they saw the Dragon Emperor. Without any hesitation, they fell to their knees and worshipped him.

“You may get up. Now is not the time for etiquettes. The both of you, take over from Phelia and Gondora. Quick.”

“Yes, forefather.”

The entire seal of the Netherworld was extremely complicated. However, its complexity was mainly due to the formation. The main role of the thirteen Heavenly God Heavenly Beasts, including the Dragon Emperor, was to provide the seal with sufficient energy.

Hui Yao and Duo Si flew over at the same time. The Entropic Nether Tiger, Phelia, the other gigantic all-white leopard Heavenly Beast broke away from the seal together, allowing them to take over.

With the addition of energy from the new powerhouses, the light given off by the entire formation became noticeably more intense immediately. The dark surroundings became brighter as well.

The Dragon Emperor nodded his head towards Hui Yao in satisfaction. Evidently, he was still very pleased with Hui Yao’s strength and abilities. The resentment and hatred that filled Hui Yao’s eyes had faded a lot, and was replaced with respect.

“Elder Dragon Emperor, is there anything you need us to do?” asked Zhou Weiqing.

The Dragon Emperor nodded, “I’ve heard about the two of you from Phelia. I hope that your Saint Energy will be effective enough to thoroughly strengthen the seal once and for all. Release some of your Saint Energy first, so I can get a sense of it, before we decide our next step.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and lifted both hands. Two gentle rays of Saint light shot out and spread out within the pitch-dark space.

Immediately, the light that were given off by the thirteen Heavenly Beasts, with the Dragon Emperor as their leader, seemed to have become brighter.

A tinge of surprise could be heard in the Dragon Emperor’s plain weary voice, “It is indeed Saint Energy, coupled with a pure Creation aura. Even though it is not the actual Creation Energy, with the presence of this Saint Energy, strengthening the seal should not be a problem. Weiqing, take over my place after this. All of you, get on my back.”

As he spoke, a glorious shade of red light shot out of the Dragon Emperor’s head, that looked just like a bridge, and landed beneath Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er’s feet.

The energy that was released by the Dragon Emperor was different from that of Hui Yao. Even though they were both users of the Fire Element, Hui Yao’s Fire Attribute was filled with ferocity and impulsiveness, whereas the Dragon Emperor’s Fire Element gave Zhou Weiqing an unfathomable feeling. On the surface, he could not sense any temperature, and also, it was very gentle. However, as he attempted to sense it more thoroughly, the Fire Element was so pure, to the extent it had nearly no impurities at all.

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