Chapter 301 - Creation Time Law (2)

The Lord of the Nether said coldly, “Fen Tian is nothing but a puppet of mine. I had never expected that you would be able to master the Creation Time Law. However, unfortunately, while this might be effective on Fen Tian, it is useless against me. You can trap living things, but my Destruction will is not something that can be trapped by your puny Time Law. I admit that I lost this battle. However, the Netherworld is about to open a passageway that leads to this part of the Mainland. The day my actual body arrives in this world will be the day that every single one of you will be destroyed. Fen Tian is my puppet - even if he were to die, he will die by my hands.”

As he spoke, two green rays of light suddenly shot out of the little six year old Fen Tian. A splutter sound was heard and his head was blown open. The two rays of green light merged as one in the air; it seemed to have stared at Zhou Weiqing for a moment before it forcefully broke through the restraints of the Time Law and vanished. 

Following his disappearance, the Destruction Energy in the air had vanished as well. Fen Tian’s corpse fell to the ground with a thud. The leader of the Blood Red Hell did not even get the chance to say his final words before he died. 

Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Empress looked at each other; they could not help but laugh bitterly, “So did we win or lose? Even though Fen Tian only had a third of the Lord of the Nether’s power, he was already this powerful. How are we going to deal with the actual Lord of the Nether?”

The Sidhe Empress sighed, “We are not able to go against him. The Lord of the Nether wasn’t lying. The Creation Time Law is only able to restrain individuals with living bodies, like us. However, it is different for him - he is completely made up of Destruction Energy and resentment. He is not a living entity with a physical body. Moreover, the level of his Destruction Attribute far surpasses that of your Creation Time Law. Unless you can comprehend the true Creation Law, or else all of us combined will still be unable to beat him.” 

 “Comprehending the true Creation Law? Is there a way for me to do that?” asked Zhou Weiqing in a low voice. 

The Sidhe Empress forced a smile, “That is impossible. There is only one person who had done that, and he is the Creation God. After he had created the entire world, he had scattered and ceased to exist. If you can master the Creation Law, you will become the new Creation God. You will even be able to destroy the Boundless Mainland by just flipping your palm over. How is it possible for something like that to happen? The Creation God does not exist.”

Zhou Weiqing was dumbstruck, “Then what should I do? We can’t possibly simply wait for our demise, right?

The Sidhe Empress replied, “Let’s get out of here before we discuss any further. The only thing we can do is to strengthen the seal on the exit of the passageway from the Netherworld. With your Saint Energy, strengthening the seal should not be difficult. If the Lord of the Nether is unable to break the seal and charge out, so what if he is that powerful? As of now, he has already reached the Heavenly Change Stage. In other words, he is a true God. Nonetheless, it is still rather impossible for him to break the secure seal created from the divine blood from the bloodlines of all the different sects that easily.” 

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head. He did not like a feeling as such - not being in control of his destiny. However, at this juncture, all he could do was listen to the Sidhe Empress’ suggestion.

A distorted halo flashed across; Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Empress appeared at the same time within the void. When they appeared once again in their original space-time, the Sidhe Empress had also returned to her original physical state. On the other hand, Zhou Weiqing was carrying Fen Tian’s corpse in his hand. Apart from the corpse, Zhou Weiqing was holding Fen Tian’s Heavenly Core Nucleus in the other hand - it was the Max Level Heavenly God’s Heavenly Core Nucleus. 

The Heavenly Snow Mountain, the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Peerless Sect powerhouses were originally idling around lifelessly, as they did not know what else they could do. Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Empress had only vanished for a split second. Yet in the next moment when they reappeared, Fen Tian had already become a lifeless corpse. 

There was a brief moment of silence, before wave-like uproarious cheers erupted in the air. 

After going through long battles, and experiencing countless life and death situations, this war had finally ended, and they were the ultimate victors. 

Amidst the cheers, Zhou Weiqing’s wives had already pounced on him. The one who was the nearest to him was Tian’er - who also took part in the earlier battle. She hugged Zhou Weiqing; the other women were not any slower as well - they had all surrounded Zhou Weiqing. 

One by one, the powerhouses of the three Saint Lands started surrounding him as well. They only heaved a sigh of relief when they had seen Fen Tian’s corpse, with his head blown off, for themselves. Regardless of the number of hardships they had been through, the war had finally ended and victory belonged to them.

Shangguan Tianyang could not help but ask, “Weiqing, how did you do it? Fen Tian……” 

Zhou Weiqing wrapped his arms around his wives and chuckled, “Uncle, this is a secret. I can’t tell you. I can only say that Fen Tian has truly died. However, everything is not over. The threat of the Lord of the Nether is still present.”

Hearing his last sentence, the crowd’s excitement had toned down a lot. Zhou Weiqing’s wives had also bashfully loosened their grip. Earlier on, they thought that they had truly lost Zhou Weiqing - all of their resentment had turned into anxiety. However at this moment, they looked at the people who were standing near them and saw Dongfang Hanyue, who stood nearby. Once again, the joy on their faces was replaced with jealous. 

The Sidhe Empress continued, “Weiqing is right. Right now, we can’t let our guard down yet. We need to hurry over to where the seal on the exit of the Netherworld passageway is. Judging from the confidence of the Lord of the Nether, I’m afraid he is truly certain that he can break through the seal. If we were to let him come into our world, no one will be able to stop him.”  

Shangguan Tianyang had a grave look on his face, “Your Majesty, could you please tell me where the Netherworld passageway is located at?” 

The Sidhe Empress shifted her gaze downwards and said, “It’s right there.”

Everyone present followed her gaze and looked at the abyss, where the Heavenly Snow Mountain used to be. Shangguan Tianyang was shocked, “Brother Xue, this…… “

Xue AoTian sighed and said, “There is no need for me to hide anything now. Indeed, the Heavenly Mountain used to guard the exit of the Netherworld passageway. My wife is one of the guardians of the seal. After she had given birth to Tian’er, she had gone back to the seal. I personally have never seen the Netherworld passageway’s seal before. However, this is indeed the entrance.”

Zhou Weiqing looked at the Sidhe Empress and asked, “Your Majesty, what should we do now?” 

After the war had ended, the dark clouds and the darkness in the sky had disappeared as well. The sun shone onto the ground. However, the Heavenly Snow Mountain had no longer existed. Even at least half of the Ten Thousand Beast Heavens was destroyed. 

The Sidhe Empress sensed everyone’s gazes upon her, and said in a low voice, “It’s useless for ordinary people to approach the seal. Weiqing, you shall go with Tian’er and I. Both you and Tian’er have the true Saint Energy - only you two have the actual ability to strengthen the seal. I was one of the people who had created the seal back then - my bloodline is able to strengthen the seal as well. However, before we go there, you have to further raise your cultivation base first. Additionally, you have to restore the two enormous dragon’s consciousness. With their Dragon Emperor bloodline, it’ll be easier for us to strengthen the seal. 

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said, “Alright, let us begin now.” 

The twelve Sidhe elders had already brought the Hui Yao and Duo Si over. After trapping them, the Sidhe Empress used the powerful Life Saint Energy to temporarily put them into deep slumber. However, the black marks on their body had not faded. 

Zhou Weiqing first went above Hui Yao’s head. Gentle white lights flickered in his hands - the Dual Legendary Hammers has appeared once again. The Astral Celestial Territory was still attached on top of it. 

He pointed the huge hammer downwards and placed it above Hui Yao’s head. A white light flashed across and pure Saint Energy, under the amplification of the Astral Celestial Territory, was channeled into Hui Yao’s body.

Immediately, Hui Yao’s massive body started to tremble violently. Fen Tian was the person who controlled Hui Yao and Duo Si earlier. Now that Fen Tian was dead, naturally, there was no one manipulating the Destruction Energy that was controlling them. Going up against Zhou Weiqing’s pure Heavenly God Stage Nebula Saint Energy, the Destruction Energy was entirely defenseless. It only took a short while before the black marks on Hui Yao’s body had gradualy disappeared. 

On the other side, Tian’er was doing the same thing to Duo Si, dispelling the Destruction Energy within her body. 

After it was done, Zhou Weiqing did not loosen up. Instead, he furrowed his brows. He did not lift the huge hammer in his hand - it continued resting on top of Hui Yao’s head.

 “Woo——” Hui Yao slowly let out a low dragon’s roar. He gradually opened his huge dragon’s eyes. When his blurred vision became clear, a mournful dragon’s roar erupted from Hui Yao’s mouth.

 “No——, my children.” On the other side, Duo Si’s grief-stricken howl rang through the air at the same time. The two enormous dragons let out sorrowful howls hysterically at the same time, causing the powerhouses present to feel heartbroken as well. 

Even though Zhou Weiqing had already seen that coming, he still could not help but feel heavy-hearted. Even Hui Yao and Duo Si had been enslaved by the Blood Red Hell, one could imagine what they must have done to their children.

At this moment, the only thing Zhou Weiqing could do was to use his gentle Saint Energy to continuously ease the grief in Hui Yao and Duo Si’s hearts.

After some time, Hui Yao and Duo Si gradually calmed down. Hui Yao lifted his huge head and looked at Zhou Weiqing. His massive body was trembling.

 “Weiqing, they…they killed my children and used them as a blood sacrifice to the Lord of the Nether. I, I……”  

Zhou Weiqing squatted and gently caressed Hui Yao’s huge head. “What has passed is past. Turn your grief into strength, my friend. We had already destroyed the Blood Red Hell, and I have killed Fen Tian. Our top priority right now is to go to the seal of the Netherworld passageway and strengthen it, such that the Lord of the Nether’s desire to come to our world will be unfulfilled.”

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