Chapter 300 - The Perfected Hate Ground No Handle (3)

Fen Tian smiled coldly; he did not pursue Zhou Weiqing. Instead, he lifted his right hand and raised the Destruction Sword up high. A strange voice, that could not be distinguished whether it belonged to a man or a woman, was heard coming from his body. 

 “You lowly human beings are actually trying to ruin my plans. This is practically wishful thinking on your part. The war amongst mankind had already begun. The feeling coming from the hatred of countless resentful spirits, as well as ruthlessness, was indeed splendid. Fen Tian currently possessed a third of my power, which is not something you’re capable of defeating. All of you shall die. The moment I break free and descend onto the human world, will be the arrival of your doomsday.”

The pitch-black and gloomy light soared into the sky; it took on a circular shape and started spreading outwards. In the blink of an eye, it had reached a thousand meters in diameter. Right in the middle of the black light, a mass in the shade of dark green had appeared - it resembled a huge eye. 

Immediately after, an extremely powerful suction force erupted from within the black hole with a thousand meter diameter - the suction force was at least a hundred times stronger than the average black hole. Regardless of whether it was Zhou Weiqing, who was a short distance away from it, or the Heaven’s Expanse Palace, the Peerless Sect and the Heavenly Snow Mountain’s powerhouses, who were standing far away, they were all unable to control their bodies, that being pulled towards the black hole by the terrifying devouring Destruction Energy, inching closer, and closer.

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er still managed to stabilize their bodies, albeit with much difficulty, but that was all they could do. Furthermore, at this moment, it was impossible for them to escape! 

The Lord of the Nether - the voice earlier belonged to the Lord of the Nether. Just a third of his power was already that formidable; exactly how much more powerful was the Lord of the Nether? If he were to be allowed to descend to the human world, it would truly mark the end of mankind!

 “Lord of the Nether, you will not succeed.” At this moment, a calm and pleasant voice was heard. Immediately after, an emerald green light quietly appeared within the void above Fen Tian’s head, right in the middle of the devouring black hole.

 “Sidhe Queen? Oh, my bad - I should call you the Sidhe Empress, am I right? Do you think you can stop me all by yourself?” The Lord of the Nether’s voice was filled with disdain.

The Sidhe Empress did not utter a word. The faint emerald green halo started spreading out from her body. Even though she was right in the middle of the devouring black hole, it had no effect on her at all.

She continuously made a series of complicated hand signs in front of her chest. The increasingly intense emerald green light took on the form of a halo and started spreading out. She looked over at Zhou Weiqing.

“Weiqing, I can only temporarily restrain Fen Tian. The only thing that can inflict a significant damage on him is your Saint Energy. We don’t have many opportunities - you have to launch your most powerful attack and completely destroy him. He is merely a projection of the Lord of the Nether. We must kill him first. Or else, everyone present will die, and Fen Tian will take over our power and help open up a passage for the Lord of the Nether. You only have half a minute.”

The Sidhe Empress’ voice was very solemn, with a tinge of nervousness. It was the first time Zhou Weiqing was seeing her in such a state, apart from the first time he saw her, when the Sidhe Princess got kidnapped. Hence, it could be seen that Fen Tian had already become that terrifyingly powerful. 

Rays of emerald green light descended from the sky, like vines dropping downwards, enveloping Fen Tian’s body within it. Also, at this moment, the devouring black hole in mid-air had halted. It seemed as though all the Destruction Energy had been isolated by the Sidhe Empress. 

The emerald green light folded inwards and forcefully crushed Fen Tian’s pure Destruction Energy, preventing it from getting out. 

 “Sidhe Empress, in doing so, you’re only quenching thirst with poison. How long do you think you can restrain me for? Let us see how much vitality you have to burn.” The Lord of the Nether’s voice was still as disdainful as before. Evidently, he was not bothered by the Sidhe Queen’s move at all. 

The Sidhe Queen did not utter a single word. However, the emerald green light grew more and more intense, causing Fen Tian to be trapped within it, unable to budge at all. 

Zhou Weiqing was still sharing a life with the Sidhe Empress. Hence, he had clearly realized that everything the Lord of the Nether had said was correct. At this moment, the Sidhe Empress was indeed burning her vitality to refine her Life Saint Energy to a horrifying degree. Only then, she could use the Lord of the Nether’s energy to temporarily trap Fen Tian.

After all, at this moment, the Sidhe Empress was not relying solely on her own power - she was also relying on the power of the twelve Sidhe elders. Additionally, she was even using a portion of the power of the Sidhe’s Ancient Tree! Even so, she could only restrain him for half a minute. 

Zhou Weiqing hinted to Tian’er to let go of his body. His Dual Legendary Hammers had disappeared after as well. Half a minute; he only had half a minute. Currently Fen Tian did not even have a corporeal form. It was an extremely difficult feat to launch an attack that was powerful enough kill him, who had possessed a third of the Lord of the Nether’s powers, within the timeframe of thirty seconds. 

What made it most difficult was that at this moment, Fen Tian’s Destruction Energy was already terrifyingly pure. If he was not killed off in one attack, he would be able to devour any energy in the air, and even activate the black hole’s force to devour for self-healing purposes. 

Zhou Weiqing absolutely had no confidence in his Saint Energy. The window period of thirty seconds was way too short. If he only used the method of draining his energy to counteract, it would be impossible for him to completely kill off Fen Tian in such a short period of time.

Hence, Zhou Weiqing did not try to even adopt that method. He had another choice - something he had never attempted before. However, at this very moment, he could only take the gamble and see if he could succeed.

Zhou Weiqing’s body gradually released gentle Saint Energy ripples. The tiny figure on his chest had lit up thereafter; it seemed as though it had opened both eyes as well.

The purest Saint Energy within the Saint God Core Nucleus gushed out. Zhou Weiqing placed both palms together before his chest and made a very strange gesture.

While both palms were facing each other, they did not touch one another - leaving a fist-sized space between them. The Saint God Core Nucleus floated out from his chest and hovered right between his palms. The bright whitish golden radiance shone even more brightly immediately. The tiny Saint God Core Nucleus that was floating between his palms did the exact same movements as Zhou Weiqing - it looked extremely strange.

Similarly, it placed his hands together, with its palms facing one another, leaving a space between them.

The light on Zhou Weiqing’s forehead lit up and in an instant, both his eyes became gray in color. Immediately after, an enormous phantom image gradually came into view. 

At his current cultivation base, the Heavenly Skill Image that he casted would be an image of himself. However, at this moment, the Heavenly Skill Image casted behind Zhou Weiqing was not one of his own. 

It was an enormous tiger that was entirely black - it was the Dark Demon God Tiger. It had a thick tail, and a pair of broad wings, as well as an air of grandeur and prestige. It was several times stronger than the last time it appeared. 

After all, ever since Zhou Weiqing became a Heavenly King, he had not casted the Heavenly Skill Image of the Dark Demon God Tiger. However, he chose to release it during the most crucial moment, which is right now. 

Apart from its powerful aura, what made the Dark Demon God Tiger different from what it used to be was the fact that it had a person on its back. It was the miniature Zhou Weiqing. Upon further scrutiny, one would realize that the Saint God Core Nucleus that was originally between his palms had disappeared. His Saint God Core Nucleus had merged with his Heavenly Skill Image of the Dark Demon God Tiger. It was indeed a very strange sight! 

Not a single person had any clue as to what Zhou Weiqing was about to do. Even the Sidhe Queen, who shared a degree of telepathy with him, was unable to make the effort to sense it, as she was focusing her entire attention on trapping Fen Tian and could not afford to be distracted. However, the faith she had in Zhou Weiqing was something that could not be described in words.

Fen Tian was bound by the Sidhe Queen and was unable to break free. Hence, all he could do was hover quietly and observe Zhou Weiqing from a distance in silence. For some reason, he suddenly had a premonition. However, at this moment, the energy ripples that were released by Zhou Weiqing were not powerful at all. After he had withdrawn his Dual Legendary Hammers, he had also removed his Astral Celestial Territory. Under such circumstances, would Zhou Weiqing’s attack be powerful enough to harm him? 

Fen Tian was not convinced. 

Terrifying Destruction Energy continuously pounded against the trap set up by the Sidhe Empress. The only person who could temporarily restrain Fen Tian in his present state was the Sidhe Empress herself. However, this drained massive amounts of energy from her. Fen Tian had absolute confidence that if he broke free, she would bear the brunt of the impact and he would be able to kill and devour her first. After that, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er would be easy to deal with. Even if he was the only one left, not forgetting the hefty price he paid to attain his current strength and power, he was still able to destroy every single powerhouse before his eyes. By then, even though he was the Lord of the Nether’s lackey, at the very least he could be the representative of this world. 

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes turned gray huh? Is he about to use the Demon God’s powers? Fen Tian had suddenly noticed the changes in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes. On the other hand, it seemed as though the image of the Dark Demon God Tiger and the Saint God Core Nucleus could not withstand the massive amount of energy - they became distorted. And at this moment, a tiny black hole appeared in the space between Zhou Weiqing’s palms.

The hole could only be described with one word - ‘miniscule’. Even though Zhou Weiqing’s movements were continuously getting bigger, it was ultimately limited. Even with Fen Tian’s current cultivation base, he was unable to sense the presence of its energy aura. A tiny black hole as such did not require Fen Tian to launch any attack. He felt that if that attack were to strike him, it would vanish immediately. 

It was a judgment based on his direct observation of the energy. However, for some reason, Fen Tian was experiencing an unusual feeling. He realized that, amidst feeling he was experiencing, the seemingly insignificant energy could actually pose a threat to him, but he was not sure exactly where the threat came from. 

The tiny black hole gradually expanded as Zhou Weiqing spread open his arms. Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were very focused. This attack was his only opportunity to kill him - he would never allow himself to make any mistake at all. At this moment, be it him or Fen Tian, or even the Sidhe Empress, had put all their eggs in one basket. It was either success or death! 

As the black hole gradually got bigger, Fen Tian finally saw what made it stand out from the other black holes. In an ordinary black hole, it would be entirely pitch-black or filled with a destructive devouring energy. However, this black hole of Zhou Weiqing’s was different. Within the black hole, there were circles of distorted light, similar to the distortions of the Heavenly Skill Image. 

His feeling of uneasiness immediately became more intense. Fen Tian struggled with all his might and the Destruction Energy within his body erupted in all directions in a bid to thrust the Sidhe Empress backwards. 

Sensing that Fen Tian was panicking, the Sidhe Empress felt satisfied. Evidently, Zhou Weiqing’s attack had to be effective for Fen Tian to be that agitated. The flames of life raged so vigorously that one could see the seemingly materialized emerald green flames above the Sidhe Empress’ head.

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