Chapter 298 - A Reversal In Fortunes! (3)

In mid-air, the Demon God and the Destruction God seemed to be a lot lonelier at this moment. However, if the Blood Red Hell and the Passion Valley still had an opportunity to win - it would lie in the battle between Zhou Weiqing and Fen Tian.

Fen Tian had to defeat Zhou Weiqing, and had to do so before the Sidhe Empress defeated the two dragons, in order to keep the war going. 

Fortunately for the Blood Red Hell and the Passion Valley, the biggest advantage they had was the ancestors that they had revived, most of whom had no true sentience. Hence, even though they were fighting a losing war, those ancestors continued to fight with all their might.

The Demon God stared at the Destruction God in silence. Zhou Weiqing’s calm voice rang through the air, “Fen Tian, you should just surrender. You don’t have a chance of winning anymore.” 

Fen Tian replied in a voice that was full of intense viciousness, “Victory has not been decided yet, how can you be so sure that I do not stand a chance? Zhou Weiqing, you have far underestimated the Blood Red Hell. Huang Xingyun might be trash, but I, on the other hand, am destined to be the only ruler of...

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