Chapter 292 - Fight, Zhou Weiqing! (3)

Indeed, the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands did have such a rule - the leader of a Saint Land was able to step into the arena at any given time to substitute for his own member. However, there was another rule - the leader of the Saint Land was not allowed to be defeated. Once defeated, it would mean that his entire Saint Land was disqualified. Hence, generally speaking, the leader of the Saint Land was usually the last to take part in the tournament to guarantee the highest chance of victory. Nobody had expected Zhou Weiqing personally take the field when the Peerless Sect was in the lead.

Just as Tian Yu had mentioned - did the Peerless Sect truly have no one else? However, the woman, who wore a cloak over her head, that had killed off the Blood Red Hell Heavenly King earlier was clearly at least of the Heavenly Emperor Stage; she could very well even be at least on par with Wu Yunyue. Hence, why did Zhou Weiqing choose to enter the tournament, instead of sending her in?

Everyone was thoroughly confused by Zhou Weiqing’s unconventional strategy that defied logic. 

Xue AoTian said in a deep voice, “Indeed, the Grand Tournament has such a rule. However, are you sure that you want to enter the field? Once you lose, the Peerless Sect will no longer be able to take part in the later stage of the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands.”

Zhou Weiqing naturally raised his hand and put it around Shangguan Xue’er’s slender waist, “Yes, I am sure.”

Shangguan Xue’er moved away from Zhou Weiqing’s grip and gave him an angry stare without saying a word before walking back to the Peerless Sect.

Zhou Weiqing awkwardly put his hand down and coughed twice before saying to Tian Yu, “After you.”

With Zhou Weiqing substituting Shangguan Xue’er, Tian Yu immediately became a lot more anxious. Regardless of how young Zhou Weiqing was, he was after all the leader of a Saint Land. Furthermore, from his earlier exchange with Fen Tian, he could tell that Zhou Weiqing was definitely not weak. Under such circumstance, Tian Yu was not confident of winning. Fen Tian was definitely not entering the tournament at this stage. Witnessing Zhou Weiqing’s strange battle strategy, Fen Tian was slightly shocked for a brief moment before going back to his normal state. 

Be it in the eyes of Fen Tian or other people, a good majority of the powerhouses had the same sentiment - the Peerless Sect was lacking in strength.

The Peerless Sect seemed to have the greatest advantage in the early stage of the tournament and that they were also the Saint Land with the best results as of now. However in truth, Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue did not defeat that many opponents, particularly the Heavenly God Long Shiya, who had only faced Shen Mo before getting disqualified from that round. He did not manage to make much of an impact on the whole. Amongst the rest of the members of the Peerless Sect, there were no other established powerhouses. Perhaps Zhou Weiqing was truly powerful, but could he be stronger than his own master? Furthermore, he had stepped into the arena that early in the tournament, which would give the rest of the Saint Lands more opportunities to test the waters. Entering the fourth cycle by himself, even if he was that powerful, how many more cycles could he endure? 

Tian Yu’s figure flashed and soared up tens of meters into the sky, releasing black light on his back that transformed into two enormous black wings made up of Destruction Energy that spread wide open in the sky. This pair of black wings could be seen so clearly, including the details of every single feather. However, it was completely condensed from a high concentration of Destruction Energy. As the wings flapped hard, Tian Yu’s body rocketed into the sky, reaching a height of over a thousand meters in the blink of an eye.

Zhou Weiqing’s movements were clearly a lot slower than that of Tian Yu’s. Even so, by taking a single leap, he had immediately disappeared into the sky.

Seeing that, every single person’s pupils could not help but contract. Even though it was not Zhou Weiqing’s first time using Spatial Law to execute the Blink Skill, it still astounded everyone. 

Tian Yu’s will was continuously locked onto Zhou Weiqing’s body. When Zhou Weiqing had suddenly vanished, he had immediately reacted. The wings behind his back wrapped around him one by one, and at the same time, his body started spiraling in the sky. He used the enormous black wings of energy to protect his entire body. The unrestrained Destruction Energy erupted in the sky, engulfing at least a hundred square meters of space in the surroundings. Even though the area was not that big, it was filled with an intense Destruction Storm. Tian Yu had reached a conclusion that even if Zhou Weiqing was powerful, he would definitely not dare to appear within his Destruction Storm. Otherwise, he would definitely have full confidence in killing Zhou Weiqing. Hence, after releasing the Destruction Storm, he had swiftly equipped himself with a Legendary Set.

However, most of the time, several things would not go according to one’s plan. More often than not, when the most highly improbable situation occurred, it would bring about the greatest impact. 

The moment the Destruction Storm was formed, Zhou Weiqing had instantly appeared. Furthermore, not only did he appear within the Destruction Storm, he had appeared right in front of Tian Yu, where the Destruction Storm was the most concentrated and powerful. 

In the instant when Zhou Weiqing appeared, his entire body released a layer of golden starlight that was approximately a foot thick. A violent collision erupted between the Destruction Storm and the golden starlight. However, this did not affect Zhou Weiqing’s movements.

He aimed his fist at his chest; an extremely simple punch flew right towards Tian Yu.

According to Tian Yu’s initial judgment, even though Zhou Weiqing had grasped the Spatial Law, he would have to appear outside of the Destruction Storm, before he would think of a way to attack him, taking a risk-averse approach. However, Zhou Weiqing’s appearance was too strange - he had appeared directly in front of him. The Destruction Storm that he took pride in had absolutely no effect on Zhou Weiqing. This was what scared Tian Yu the most. 

As everything was too sudden, all Tian Yu could do was to defend himself. At this moment, he was not done equipping himself with the Legendary Set and the weapons had yet to appear.

Sensing that his life was in danger, Tian Yu made a prompt decision and went with what he thought was his best option. As a Heavenly Emperor, he had experienced hundreds of battles. He had immediately figured out that Zhou Weiqing must have relied on some ability in order to appear within his Destruction Storm. Hence, instead of resisting Zhou Weiqing’s fist, he struck Zhou Weiqing’s neck with both his hands.

Attacking the enemy to save oneself - it was a move that resulted in losses on both sides. At this moment, at least Tian Yu’s armor was almost fully equipped on his body, whereas Zhou Weiqing had not equipped himself with any Consolidated Equipment Set. Tian Yu had assumed that he definitely had the upper hand.

However, in the next moment, shock had filled Tian Yu’s eyes. That was because Zhou Weiqing did not dodge his attack.

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing did not dodge or resist his attack. His fist continued to approach Tian Yu. 

Bam ——

Zhou Weiqing’s fist had landed on Tian Yu’s chest first, while Tian Yu’s hands landed on each side of Zhou Weiqing’s neck in the next moment. 

Every single person down below was stunned. The two people in the sky did not seem like they were taking part in the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands - they practically looked like two children fighting with each other.

However, what happened next caused them to be dumbstruck. 

Bang ——

Zhou Weiqing’s fist pounded against Tian Yu’s chest, but the latter did not fly upon impact. Instead, his fist was adhered to his body. The Legendary Set that Tian Yu just equipped himself with shattered to pieces immediately, letting out a violent ‘boom’ sound. Even the black wings on his back had vanished. On the other hand, when his hands struck Zhou Weiqing’s neck, there were only two soft thuds. Nothing else happened. 

A splat sound was heard and a sharp claw broke out of Tian Yu’s back as blood spurted out. The sharp claw hid itself and Tian Yu’s body fell to the ground.

The sharp claw was Zhou Weiqing’s right hand. Nobody knew exactly when his hand had transformed into a sharp claw. He clenched his claw and a ball of light could be seen flashing within it, albeit faintly.

Heavenly Core Nucleus - it was clearly Tian Yu’s Heavenly Core Nucleus. Zhou Weiqing had actually directly broken through his chest and dug out his Heavenly Core Nucleus. Even if the fatal blow that he suffered did not end his life, he was rendered useless after Zhou Weiqing had taken his Heavenly Core Nucleus.

Tian Yu’s body had landed directly in front of Fen Tian. Fen Tian’s face immediately reddened with anger, as his body trembled. People who knew Fen Tian well knew that it was his way of showing rage. 

Apart from the battles where one of the parties had chosen to forfeit, this battle had ended the quickest. From the time when Tian Yu soared to the sky to Zhou Weiqing’s fatal attack, only three seconds had passed. The fate of a Heavenly Emperor was decided during that three seconds itself. Even his Heavenly Core Nucleus was taken away.

Zhou Weiqing, who was in mid-air, moved his neck from side to side, keeping a smile on his face. Clearly, he was fine. However, he had a sinister look on his face. 

What kind of defensive power could achieve that? Even though Tian Yu had no weapon then, he was still a full-fledged Heavenly Emperor! Attacking the enemy to save oneself - naturally, it was a full-force attack on his part. Furthermore, the neck was a lot more vulnerable compared to the chest - it was not protected by any bones. Even so, Zhou Weiqing was fine. He was being attacked with full force by a Heavenly Emperor without the protection of any Legendary Set, yet he was not injured. His body was too powerful to the point it was abnormal.

In truth, what the shocked people did not know was that apart from Zhou Weiqing’s overbearing self-defense abilities, the neutralizing effect that the Saint Energy had on the Destruction Attribute was more vital.

Destruction Attribute coming into contact with Saint Energy was akin to snow coming into contact with fire. The Saint Energy’s creative powers were the complete opposite of the Destruction Attribute’s destructive powers. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy was a lot purer and denser than Tian Yu’s Destruction Energy. Under such circumstance, under the protection of his Saint Energy, coupled with his Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation, nobody present could match up to his terrifying defense power. 

One must not assume that Zhou Weiqing did not do anything. When he was engaging in Spatial Law, he had already started activating the Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation.

Upon the completion of the Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation, it was a lot more discreet than before. There was no way of telling solely based on appearance - only the sinister vibe he gave off was more apparent. He also did not reveal his wings, hence, it seemed as though he resisted the Heavenly Emperor’s attack with his actual flesh and body.

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