Chapter 288 - The Saint Land - The Peerless Sect (2)

A ‘pop’ sound was heard. After the white light had dispersed in all directions, a bout of golden light soared up into the sky. The entire Heavenly Snow Mountain seemed to sway slightly as a result of that attack.

Huang Xingyun could only helplessly retreat to the side with his wife. He had an extremely helpless look on his face, but a ray of light flashed in the depth of his eyes. However, nobody noticed it. 

As a result of the exchange between the two powerhouses of the two Great Saint Lands, the atmosphere on both sides immediately intensified. The 108 Heavenly Kings of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace immediately dispersed and stood firmly in their respective positions. Strong Heavenly Energy ripples constantly came erupting from each and every one of them. Coupled with Shangguan Tianyang, their combined forces had overpowered Xue Aotian in an instant.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain was not vulnerable either. The twenty odd Heavenly Kings immediately came forward and gathered behind Xue Aotian. The Tiger King Xue Aoying, the former Lion King Gu Site, as well as Gu Yingbing, gathered behind him as well. 

At this moment, suddenly, a sharp whistle sounded from below the mountain, causing Xue Aotian and Shangguan Tianyang, who were about to attack again, to pause for a moment. They looked down at the same time. 

Rays of red light started soaring up from below, heading towards the peak of the mountain. Upon seeing those red rays of light, Xue Aotian could not help but furrowed his brows. He looked rather displeased. That was because the rays of red light did not fly over. Instead, they were leaping high up each time they jumped towards the summit. The aggressive flames even surpassed that of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Huang Xingyun held his wife’s hand and had already retreated back to his people. At this moment, the powerhouses of the Passion Valley could no longer sit back and watch. Each one of them stood up and stood behind the two Valley Masters, while waiting silently. 

There were a huge number of red figures. In a short period of time, more than a hundred of them had gathered on the peak of the mountain.

The person who stood right in front was very tall - he was at least half a head taller than Xue Aotian. His shoulders were broad and he wore a long red robe with a black cloak on his back. He was dressed rather simply and gloomily. A cluster of dark red, fiery evil markings were faintly pulsating on his forehead. His appearance had caused the temperature of the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain to rise further. His lofty and disdainful aura seemed to be even stronger than that of Xue Aotian.

The group of people that he came along with were all decked in dark red. Half of them were dressed entirely in dark red, including the helmet on their heads. They lowered their heads slightly - nobody could clearly see how they looked like.

The Heaven’s Expanse Palace had already brought a large number of troops with them, 108 to be specific, but the total headcount of the people in red had reached nearly 150. Xue Aotian and Shangguan Tianyang’s faces fell slightly. Based on their cultivation base, they could sense that these people in red were at least of the Heavenly King stage.

If any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters were to be present, they would definitely be entirely taken aback by the present situation.

After all, if any Heavenly King in the Boundless Mainland was a figure that could cause the oceans to tremble just by stomping on the ground. And at this moment, there were more than three hundred of them gathered on the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

This was the power of the Saint Lands. All the powerhouses presently gathered could collectively destroy an empire easily.

The elder that stood right in front of the group of people in red scanned the people who were present on the peak of the mountain, “From the looks of it, I have arrived at the right time, Brother Xue.” 

As he spoke, he did not even bother to look at Shangguan Tianyang at all. Instead, he nodded his head slightly at Xue Aotian.

Xue Aotian stared blankly for a bit. He clearly did not expect the man in red to greet him first, “Fen Tian, what the hell are you doing?”

Indeed, the elder who was dressed simple and entirely decked in red was the Blood Red Hell Hell Lord, Fen Tian. The leader of a Saint Land as well.

Upon seeing that Fen Tian completely ignored his presence, Shangguan Tianyang looked very displeased.

Fen Tian waved and the powerhouses of the Blood Red Hell walked over to the west side of the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. They gathered and formed a neat formation. On the other hand, Fen Tian walked over to Xue Aotian and smiled, “Brother Xue, the only person who is worthy of my respect here is you. Naturally, I would greet you first.”

Xue Aotian snorted coldly, “Hasn’t the Blood Red Hell always been in cahoots with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace? Why? Did things change because of the conflict with the Zhongtian Empire?”

Fen Tian replied plainly, “In this world, only the virtuous will live. Alliances are always being broken apart and formed. The Zhongtian Empire had been dominating in the Central for too long. Doesn’t it infuriate the WanShou Empire to be forced to stay in the north where the winter is harsh and merciless?

Shangguan Tianyang could no longer control himself and said, “Fen Tian, you must have gone crazy. Just because the Blood Red Hell had acquired the Destructive Attribute, it doesn’t mean that you can do as you please! You think you can take over the Central with just the Dan Dun Empire alone?”

Huang Xingyun bellowed, “Fen Tian, don’t be too arrogant. We’ll talk after the Grand Tournament, if you are able to survive it, that is.”

Fen Tian turned around and sneered, “A sheep in wolf’s clothing. The two of you seemed to be afraid? Indeed, it is impossible for us to acquire the Central with just the Dan Dun Empire’s strength alone. However, if we were to combine forces with the WanShou Empire, what do you think will happen? The plight of the Geritimo Empire should serve as a lesson to you. Brother Xue, with your approval, the Zhongtian Empire will be split between you and me. The WanShou Empire no longer has to hunt for food in the harsh cold winter. It’s a win-win situation for the both of us, bringing us great advantages.

Shangguan Tianyang’s face clearly looked extremely gloomy. Even though in the Grand Tournament, the competition amongst the Saint Lands was fierce, but it was not as hostile and intense as this time. 

Even though Fen Tian was the last to arrive, he had already made an alliance with the Heavenly Snow Mountain with just a few words. Additionally, what he said was the truth - the terms he promised were very tempting to both the WanShou Empire, as well as the Heavenly Snow Mountain. If not for the extremely harsh winter and lack of food, the WanShou Empire would not start a war every winter.

Xue Aotian’s facial expressions kept changing - he seemed to be deep in thoughts.

Huang Xingyun impatiently bellowed, “Xue Aotian, are you really intending to face public disgrac[JR1]e and start a war in the Boundless Mainland? By then, when the people are in dire straits, you will be the biggest sinner in the world. Even if every single one of us from the Passion Valley dies here, I will do whatever it takes to stop you.”

Xue Aotian’s face darkened and said coldly, “Huang Xingyun, who do you think you are? You actually have the guts to speak to me in that manner on the Heavenly Snow Mountain. So what if I collaborate with the Blood Red Hell? You dare to threaten me with just the Passion Valley alone?”

Shangguan Tianyang glanced over at Huang Xingyun. He had an anxious look in his eyes. They knew that Xue Aotian had always been very stubborn and could not be convinced easily. Huang Xingyun’s impatient words had the unintended effect of pushing the Heavenly Snow Mountain towards collaborating with the Blood Red Hell.

It seemed as though Huang Xingyun did not catch Shangguan Tianyang’s signal, he said angrily: “Xue Aotian, how dare you insult me? Alright, alright, alright. Today, we shall see whether the Heavenly Snow Mountain and Blood Red Hell alliance or the Passion Valley and Heaven’s Expanse Palace alliance is stronger.”

Xue Aotian snorted coldly once again, “You seem to have forgotten that this is the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. The people of the Heavenly Demon Sect have not arrived. Do you think the Heavenly Demon Sect will be on your side or our side?”

Fen Tian stood next to Xue Aotian - his facial expression did not change, but a faint smile appeared on his face. Clearly, he was very satisfied with what Xue Aotian said. He added, “We don’t have to wait for the Heavenly Demon Sect, the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands can begin right away. Not too long ago, the Heavenly Demon Sect had been crushed under my forces.”

“Huh?” Huang Xingyun and Xue Aotian looked shocked. Only Shangguan Tianyang’s face became graver.

Fen Tian added plainly, “How can the Heavenly Demon Sect be considered as a Saint Land with their weak power? Brother Xue, didn’t the Valley Master Huang say that he wants to join forces with the Heaven’s Expanse Palace to go against us? I want to see how strong they actually are, to the extent that they dare to run their mouths like that.”

An intense murderous aura instantly filled the air on the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain. In terms of strength and power, the Passion Valley had six Heavenly Emperors, and the Heaven’s Expanse Palace had 108 Heavenly Kings. However, on the other side, the Blood Red Hell had many troops on their army. Just the Blood Red Hell alone was almost on par with their Heavenly Kings combined, excluding Xue Aotian, who was the strongest individual in the world. On the whole, the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Blood Red Hell clearly had the upperhand.

Just as both sides had drawn their swords, ready to launch a battle, all of a sudden, a relaxed voice was heard, “So this is the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands? Why does it look no different from a mob fight on the streets? This is such a huge disappointment.”

The facial expressions of the four leaders of the Great Saint Lands had changed, except that they were all different.

A young man idly sauntered up the Heavenly Snow Mountain. He was alone, but before he had arrived, not a single person present could sense his aura. 

This young man was decked in a long blue robe. Even though he was not very good-looking, his body was tall and upright. He had broad shoulders and a thick build. He looked like a man in his twenties, with a mischievous look on his face. Facing a large group of powerhouses, he did not seem overwhelmed by their presence at all. He casually walked over just like that, and stopped right next to Shangguan Tianyang.

“Zhou Weiqing, this is the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. What are you doing here?” bellowed Gu Yingbing, who was standing next to Xue Aotian. 

Indeed, the person who casually strolled over, whose aura was not detected by a single person, was none other than Zhou Weiqing. With a contented smile on his face, the vibe he gave off was clearly different from the people around him, who looked anxious.

Zhou Weiqing shot Gu Yingbing a glance and said, “Of course I came here to attend the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. Brother Yingbing, if you can come here, why can’t I? I am also from a Saint Land, so why can’t I take part?”

[JR1]It’s a big word. Thought to change it for the readers.

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