Chapter 287 - Grand Tournament of Saint Lands (2)

 Perhaps it was because he had been living on the Heavenly Snow Mountain for an extended period of time, Gu SiTe’s temper had toned down a lot - except that occasionally, he had a strange look in his eyes whenever he looked at Tian’er from time to time. 

Xue AoTian said plainly, “Has everything been put in place?”

 “Yes, Mountain Lord. The Heavenly Beasts within the Wan Shou Empire have been evacuated to the outskirts. The Beastmaster Armies have been stationed at the foot of the mountain, ready to be dispatched at anytime. The Tiger King has already went up the mountain. All the Heavenly Kings from every tribe had already been gathered. There is a total of two Heavenly Emperors and twenty one Heavenly Kings.”

Xue AoTian nodded, “Alright. Pass down my command that from now onwards, nobody is allowed to make any move without...

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