Chapter 287 - Grand Tournament of Saint Lands (2)

 Perhaps it was because he had been living on the Heavenly Snow Mountain for an extended period of time, Gu SiTe’s temper had toned down a lot - except that occasionally, he had a strange look in his eyes whenever he looked at Tian’er from time to time. 

Xue AoTian said plainly, “Has everything been put in place?”

 “Yes, Mountain Lord. The Heavenly Beasts within the Wan Shou Empire have been evacuated to the outskirts. The Beastmaster Armies have been stationed at the foot of the mountain, ready to be dispatched at anytime. The Tiger King has already went up the mountain. All the Heavenly Kings from every tribe had already been gathered. There is a total of two Heavenly Emperors and twenty one Heavenly Kings.”

Xue AoTian nodded, “Alright. Pass down my command that from now onwards, nobody is allowed to make any move without permission. They are also not allowed to perform any external explorations.”

 “Yes.” Gu SiTe did not question Xue AoTian’s words - he merely replied respectfully before taking his leave. 

A cold expression flashed across Xue AoTian’s face, “Bring it on, I want to see for myself how big of a storm you can stir up on my Heavenly Snow Mountain.”

Before Xue AoTian built up the Heavenly Snow Mountain, it used to rank far behind the other Saint Lands. At a period of time, it was even of a lower rank compared to the Heavenly Demon Sect. However, the difference between the Heavenly Snow Mountain and the Heavenly Demon Sect was that they had the Wan Shou Empire as their foundation. Even the Heaven’s Expanse Palace that had always been rich and powerful did not dare to push the Heavenly Snow Mountain into a corner.

After the rise of Xue AoTian, the Heavenly Snow Mountain started to rise through the ranks, with a Heavenly God as their leader. However, it was still ranked below the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. This was clearly due to the fact that they only had two Heavenly Emperors, which was only slightly more than the Heavenly Demon Sect. If not for Xue AoTian, the Heavenly Snow Mountain would have still be at the bottom in terms of ranking. Of course, the Heavenly Snow Mountain also had its qualities.

At this moment, the Wan Shou Empire was rather turbulent. All the powerhouses from every part of the world were making their way towards the same destination. The tournament that concerned the arrangement of the Mainland, including its safety, was about to begin.

Three days flew by in a blink of an eye.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain was normally shrouded in clouds and mist due to its high altitude. However, it was rather special today. There were no clouds in sight within the blue sky; the air surrounding the Heavenly Snow Mountain appeared to be extremely pure. The merciless sunlight had significantly increased the temperature of the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

On the summit, which was the actual entrance of the Heavenly Snow Mountain, there were twenty young disciples standing in a row on both sides. The newly appointed Lion King, Gu Yingbing, as well as the Tiger King, Xue AoYing, were standing right outside the entrance. Today, they were in-charge of welcoming the guests. 

Tiger King Xue Ao Ying looked calm, while Gu Yingbing looked slightly agitated. He had always been a person who became braver every time he received a setback. Losing to Zhou Weiqing was a big blow to him. However, it became the driving force for him to work harder. Within the short period of two years, under Xue AoTian’s constant guidance and efforts, he had made a breakthrough to the Heavenly King Stage, becoming the youngest Heavenly King in the history of Wan Shou Empire.

Even though Gu Yingbing had absolutely no idea how the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands would turn out to be, when he saw Tian’er’s return, he had a feeling that he would see Zhou Weiqing once again on the Heavenly Snow Mountain.

The moment he thought of Zhou Weiqing, Gu Yingbing could not help but clench his fists tightly. Having been promoted to the Heavenly King Stage, he had made up his mind to challenge Zhou Weiqing once again the moment he saw him. Even if it was not for Tian’er, he wanted to fight for his honor. 

Unfortunately, he was unaware that the title of being the youngest Heavenly King in the Wan Shou Empire had already been taken over by Tian’er not long ago.

The sun had already risen high up in the sky, the Tiger King Xue AoYing’s facial expression changed and he said in a deep voice, “They’re here. Let’s welcome them.” As he said, he took a big stride forward, with Gu Yingbing following closely behind, and walked to the entrance of the mountain.

The Heavenly Snow Mountain’s roads were extremely steep. Looking down from the summit would cause one to feel slightly dizzy. Gu Yingbing could clearly see a series of yellow figures ascending the mountain at an extremely fast speed. Visually estimating, there were at least 20 people. 

Very soon, the yellow figures were almost at the peak of the mountain.

Xue AoYing laughed and said, “Valley Master Huang, you are still as graceful as before. Welcome to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.”

A series of yellow figures flashed past, several powerhouses decked in yellow soared in the air, landing in front of Xue AoYing and Gu Yingbing.

Right in front were a man and a woman. They look as though they were 30 year-olds. The man’s figure was tall and slender with a set of straight eyebrows and sharp eyes. The air surrounding him was slightly distorted - it was not brought about by the Fire Attribute but Time. The woman next to him looked extremely delicate and gentle. She was standing slightly behind the man and she had a gentle look in her eyes. They clearly looked like a very loving pair of husband and wife.

However, if one looked closely into the abyss of their eyes, one would be able to notice the vicissitude in them. Clearly, they were much older than how they looked. 

 “Tiger Kinng, you are still as robust and healthy as ever. You must be Yingbing. I heard that you have taken over the place of the Lion King. Congratulations,” said the man as he smiled. The tone of his voice was very gentle, and his voice was bright and crisp - soothing to the ears. 

Gu Yingbing was observing the guests that had just arrived. He knew that the couple in front was the Valley Masters of Passion Valley, Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu. As the rulers of a Great Saint Land, they were very powerful. During the previous tournament, he had seen them before. At that time, the Demonic Emperor Wu Yueyun was defeated by them. This couple had always attacked together. It was the tradition of Passion Valley.

 “Nice to meet you, Valley Master Huang and Valley Master Yun.” Gu Yingbing bowed slightly. His status was different - he was now the tribe leader of Heavenly Divine Earth Spirit Lion, as well as the King of the Wan Shou Empire. His status did not allow him to be overly courteous with them. 

Behind Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu were thirty six people from the Passion Valley. Every single one of them were at least of the Heavenly King Stage. The reason why they climbed up the mountain instead of ascending by flight was out of respect for the Heavenly Snow Mountain. This was an unwritten rule of the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands.

What grabbed the attention of Gu Yingbing the most was the two pairs of couple behind Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu. They appeared to be in their forties, but their aura was too complicated for Gu Yingbing to comprehend. Even though he had a Heavenly King Stage cultivation base, Gu Yingbing was still unable to comprehend. Clearly, the two couples were of the Heavenly Emperor Stage. Together with Huang Xingyun and his wife, they had a total of six Heavenly Emperors!

Six Heavenly Emperors and thirty Heavenly Kings - the Passion Valley was clearly sending all its elites out. Based on the overall power and strength, if not for Xue AoTian, it was impossible for the Heavenly Snow Mountain to compete against them. After all, the Passion Valley had always had strong combat powers. They specialized in joint attacks of husbands and wives, coupled with the fact that they possessed the Time Attribute. In the previous tournament, the Passion Valley was third in place, above the Blood Red Hell.

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