Chapter 287 - Grand Tournament of Saint Lands (1)

Originally, his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was purely meant for boosting power and some technical skills. However, this time, he realized that his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set had already become a part of his Saint Energy - there was no distinction at all between it and the rest of his abilities. He could sense the presence of the specks of starlight hidden within the dark golden shade, as though the entire armor was fully condensed by his Nebula Saint Energy. 

At the same time he was sure that once he had made a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage, the eleventh piece of the Legendary Set that just got completed would finish up the final amalgamation, allowing him to completely possess the brand new Legendary Set that could even be said to be worthy of the title ‘World’s Number One Legendary Set’. 

Unfortunately, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing had absolutely no time to comprehend and test out the changes that the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set would bring for him. He could only look in the direction of where the Sidhe Queen was and nodded his head slightly towards her. In the next moment, He fell backwards, head first, landing into Long Shiya’s embrace, losing consciousness. 

The whole process...

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