Chapter 287 - Grand Tournament of Saint Lands (1)

Originally, his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was purely meant for boosting power and some technical skills. However, this time, he realized that his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set had already become a part of his Saint Energy - there was no distinction at all between it and the rest of his abilities. He could sense the presence of the specks of starlight hidden within the dark golden shade, as though the entire armor was fully condensed by his Nebula Saint Energy. 

At the same time he was sure that once he had made a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage, the eleventh piece of the Legendary Set that just got completed would finish up the final amalgamation, allowing him to completely possess the brand new Legendary Set that could even be said to be worthy of the title ‘World’s Number One Legendary Set’. 

Unfortunately, at this moment, Zhou Weiqing had absolutely no time to comprehend and test out the changes that the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set would bring for him. He could only look in the direction of where the Sidhe Queen was and nodded his head slightly towards her. In the next moment, He fell backwards, head first, landing into Long Shiya’s embrace, losing consciousness. 

The whole process that lasted more than 20 days had taken too much of a toll on Zhou Weiqing. He was completely overworked and drained be it in terms of his physical body, Saint Energy or his will. If not for the nourishment of the Sidhe Queen’s massive Life Energy, allowing his body to go through and complete another round of Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation, his body would have collapsed a long time ago. It was not an easy feat to control atmospheric energy to create a miracle.

When the Sidhe Queen had arrived, she had reached a conclusion that it would have been impossible for her to achieve what Zhou Weiqing did, even though she was a Max Level Heavenly God, instead of a Max Level Heavenly Emperor! 

She stared at Zhou Weiqing hard. The Sidhe Queen did not utter a single word; she took a step in the air and vanished without a trace.

Even though the damage done on Zhou Weiqing’s body was significant, the returns he gained were equally massive too, be it his confidence or control over his Saint Energy, as well as upgrade after overworking his body, were extremely beneficial in his breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage.

Long Shiya held onto Zhou Weiqing’s body and descended from the sky. The strange phenomenon that had happened continuously for almost a month in the Heavenly Bow City had finally come to an end. 

After Zhou Weiqing had completed one of his most important tasks, the entire Boundless Mainland had strangely quieted down too.

Be it the Dan Dun Empire or the Bai Da Empire, they had both retreated and entirely vanished - it was as though nothing had happened at all. The three Shangguan sisters, as well as Tian’er, had quietly left the Heavenly Bow City for the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and the Heavenly Snow Mountain respectively, while Zhou Weiqing was still in a coma.

Discerning individuals would be able to tell that the peace within the Mainland was only temporary - there was no way that the Dan Dun Empire would give up that easily. Furthermore, it would be hard for the Zhong Tian Empire to get any news and information from the Dan Dun Empire. The Dan Dun Empire and the Bai Da Empire had been sealing their intelligence under strict surveillance. Additionally, every major empire was busy preparing to mobilize their armed forces. The civilians had no idea when the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands would start but all the top officials from every empire were very clear with regards to when it would begin. The most crucial thing was the lineup of the tournament.

The Grand Tournament of Saint Lands used to be held once every five years. However, it was later held once every ten years instead. In the previous tournaments, it was the time for the Great Saint Lands to display their powers and strength. The Saint Land with the highest ranking would have the greatest influence in the Mainland.

For example, in the previous tournament, the moment the Heavenly Demon Sect lowered its ranking and became last, coupled with the fact that they possessed the Evil Attribute, the other four Great Saint Lands joined forces and suppressed them, decreasing their influence significantly. At the same time, they were rejected by all the empires within the Mainland. If that was not the case, they would not have landed in such a pitiful plight. Without Zhou Weiqing’s help, they might have been utterly exterminated.

This time, the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands would be held in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. A huge number of people were looking forward to the results of it, be it openly or secretly. 

In the eyes of everyone, the Heavenly Demon Sect was clearly unqualified to take part in the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. Additionally, the Blood Red Hell’s power would inevitably be quashed by the other three Great Saint Lands. However, no one was able to tell the final results. If the Blood Red Hell was successfully crushed by the other three Great Saint Lands, then the alliance between the Dan Dun and Bai Da Empire would definitely be suppressed too. On the other hand, it was the perfect opportunity for another great empire to rise above. By then, it would be uncertain if ZhongTian Empire would be able to resist against the joined forces of the Dan Dun and Bai Da empires. 

Of course, nobody knew the present situation within the Saint Lands. However, the atmosphere within the Mainland was very tense - all the top officials of the empires were focused on the Heavenly Snow Mountain, quietly waiting for the final results. 

Heavenly Jewel Island, Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Tianyang was deep in thoughts as he sat on his throne. Shangguan Tianyue was standing next to him, with a calm look on his face.

“Have the three girls left?” asked Shangguan Tianyue plainly.

Shangguan Tianyue nodded, looking somewhat helpless, “Daughters are hard to keep.”

Shangguan Tianyang smiled and nodded his head gently, “Perhaps, this is the best outcome.”

“Huh?” Shangguan Tianyue looked at his Senior Brother in shock. That was because he had always known that Shangguan Tianyang had strong reservations about marrying the three Shangguan sisters off to Zhou Weiqing, especially Shangguan Xue’er. After all, even if he did not take into consideration the fact that Shangguan Xue’er was his daughter, he did groom her into the next leader of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace. She was also the most outstanding talent within the younger generation of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.

Shangguan Tianyang said helplessly, “I heard that the fella had already completed the consolidation of the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. Perhaps, we might have the ability to stop the rise of the Dan Dun Empire and the Blood Red Hell. However, nobody will be able to stop him from leading the Heavenly Bow Empire, bringing up its ranking. It’s worth celebrating that this child is not greedy, and will not become our enemy.”

Thinking of that brat, Shangguan Tianyue could not help but smile, “Brother, if you can do it all over again, how would you have dealt with him?”

A cold look flashed across Shangguan Tianyang’s eyes, “I will kill him without any hesitation, or forcefully bring him into the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

Shangguan Tianyue smiled, “You’re right. If we can do it all over again, I will marry Bing’er off to him immediately and help him rebuild the empire to the best of my abilities. In that way, he would have become a true blue member of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace.”

Shangguan Tianyang looked at him and said, “Unfortunately, there are no what ifs in this world. Is everything ready?”

Shangguan Tianyue’s facial expression became grave, “Everything has been prepared, we can set out anytime.”

Shangguan Tianyang stood up abruptly, and his eyes lit up, “Alright, let me see how strong the Blood Red Hell actually is, to the extent that they actually have the guts to provoke the entire Mainland. Let’s set out to the Heavenly Snow Mountain.”



Heavenly Snow Mountain.

Unlike the pleasant weather in the Wan Shou Empire all-year round, the strong winds and biting cold at the peak of the Heavenly Snow Mountain made it hard for weaker Heavenly Jewel Masters to stand firmly on the ground. 

At this moment, there were two people standing there - a man and a woman. The woman was in the man’s embrace. The man was gently stroking her hair.

“Silly girl, you’re about to be a mother, yet you’re still acting coquettishly.”

If the people of Wan Shou Empire heard the kind words of this man, their jaws would be opened so wide that they might have dropped to the ground. That was because the man was none other than the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord - the strongest man in the world who was in-charge of the lives and deaths of ten million people living in the Wan Shou Empire. Unless someone actually managed to defeat him, he would be considered the strongest man in the entire world.

 “Father, when can I see my mother again? If I officially get married to Zhou Weiqing, will mother return?” Tian’er softly muttered, while leaning against her father’s chest.

Xue AoTian’s eyes looked solemn. Even though he had several concubines, he only had one true wife. The only child he had was Tian’er, who was in his arms. Was it because he couldn’t have more children? Of course not. He chose to have only this daughter of his, because of his love for her. 

 “The only person who can make your mother return and never leave again is unfortunately none other than that brat. Who would have expected that within a short period of a few years, he had already made a breakthrough to the Heavenly God Stage. From the looks of it, your mother has a better foresight than me. However, I still want to beat that brat up. Before the two of you are officially married, he has already gotten you pregnant. Don’t you think he deserves a beating?”

 “Father……” Tian’er squirmed in her father’s embrace, blushing.  

Xue AoTian laughed, “A married daughter is like spilt water! I don’t care about anything else except for the fact that you have to be married in the Heavenly Snow Mountain. I believe that the other two fellas in the Heaven’s Expanse Palace have the same thoughts as I do. Zhou Weiqing is indeed a lucky bastard.”

Tian’er looked curiously at the smile on her father’s face, “Father, you don’t seem to be worried at all about the upcoming Grand Tournament of Saint Lands. Weiqing said that the Blood Red Hell is not easy to deal with. Additionally……” 

Xue AoTian waved his hand, stopping her from continuing her sentence, “They are just a bunch of clowns. The crux is the person behind them, controlling from behind the scenes. I had already seen the letters that Weiqing got you to bring to me. This time, I will join in the game. It will not cause the Mainland any problems.”

 “Alright.” Tian’er did not say anything else. She merely snuggled up to her father quietly. She knew that after she had officially become Zhou Weiqing’s wife, she would not have as much time to accompany her father. Hence, she was yearning for her father’s love at this moment more than ever. 

Xue AoTian looked far into the distance. Three days. Three more days before the Grand Tournament of Saint Lands began. Over the past several years, Xue AoTian’s heart had never once wavered. He was still greatly looking forward to the tournament.

 “Mountain Lord.” A respectful voice was heard from a distance not far away.

Xue AoTian furrowed his brows - he clearly looked displeased that the warm moment with his daughter was being interrupted.

Several dozen meters away, a sturdy and strong figure with somewhat messy hair stood quietly, waiting. It was the Lion King, Gu SiTe. No, he was no longer the Lion King. Because of the previous incident, his title had been stripped away by Xue AoTian. Currently, the person who took over him was his son, Gu Yingbing. 

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