Chapter 286 - Luring the Dragon, Unparalleled in the World (3)

Looking at Zhou Weiqing who was on the verge of collapsing in mid-air, Duan Tianlang let out a long sigh. Ultimately, he stood up. As a God Tier Master, he knew best with regards to how long more Zhou Weiqing needed to complete the task. Even the final bit of the process could take as long as three days! With Zhou Weiqing’s current condition, his body might not be able to withstand it if he had to keep up with the process for another three days.

 “Senior Uncle.” The five women bowed as they saw Duan Tianlang stand up. In their eyes, even if Zhou Weiqing was unable to advance his cultivation base in the future, they would not mind at all. They only wanted their man to live! Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s weak condition in the sky, they could no longer suppress their inner feelings.

Taking a slow, deep breath, Duan Tianlang released his Heavenly Energy and flew up straight into the sky. Long Shiya, who was in mid-air, was also observing. He could not persuade Duan Tianlang as Duan had sacrificed way too much for Zhou Weiqing. There was absolutely nothing he could do, be it as Zhou Weiqing’s...

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