Chapter 286 - Luring the Dragon, Unparalleled in the World (3)

Looking at Zhou Weiqing who was on the verge of collapsing in mid-air, Duan Tianlang let out a long sigh. Ultimately, he stood up. As a God Tier Master, he knew best with regards to how long more Zhou Weiqing needed to complete the task. Even the final bit of the process could take as long as three days! With Zhou Weiqing’s current condition, his body might not be able to withstand it if he had to keep up with the process for another three days.

 “Senior Uncle.” The five women bowed as they saw Duan Tianlang stand up. In their eyes, even if Zhou Weiqing was unable to advance his cultivation base in the future, they would not mind at all. They only wanted their man to live! Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s weak condition in the sky, they could no longer suppress their inner feelings.

Taking a slow, deep breath, Duan Tianlang released his Heavenly Energy and flew up straight into the sky. Long Shiya, who was in mid-air, was also observing. He could not persuade Duan Tianlang as Duan had sacrificed way too much for Zhou Weiqing. There was absolutely nothing he could do, be it as Zhou Weiqing’s master or Duan Tianlang’s friend.

Looking at Duan Tianlang soaring into the sky, Long Shiya immediately heaved a sigh of relief. It’s finally ending? However, he felt terrible, as well as a sense of loss. Naturally, he felt terrible for Duan Tianlang. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. One could imagine how big of an impact it would make on Duan Tianlang if it were to fail. His best brother might leave the world with this huge regret. Similarly, he felt a sense of loss as he was hoping to see the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, as the owner of the ‘Hate Sky no Handle’ Set! From the looks of it, everything seemed bleak at this moment.

Duan Tianlang pursed his lips and slowly flew in the direction of where Zhou Weiqing was. The closer he got to him, the clearer Zhou Weiqing’s situation was. It could definitely be described as a ‘ghastly sight’.

In order to keep up with the process of consolidation, Zhou Weiqing’s blood vessels were clearly visible on the surface of his skin. He had put in his best efforts and did everything to the best of his abilities. He was burning his life force to complete the consolidation process! He could not afford to make even the slightest mistake. 

 “Weiqing, forget about it……” said Duan Tianlang softly, as his lips were trembling.  

However, at this time, nobody had expected Zhou Weiqing to completely ignore Duan Tianlang’s words. He had no intention to stop. 

Just as everyone was panicking and had no idea what to do, all of a sudden, a layer of faint emerald green light was emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s body.

A faint sigh was heard in the air, “Silly boy, why are you refusing to rely on my energy? Did you think that I’ll stay alive if you fully drain your energy and end up dying? You are really stupid!”

Immediately after, the layer of emerald green light that was gushing out of Zhou Weiqing’s body abruptly expanded. It had turned his body into a shade of translucent emerald green. The Life Energy that was being consumed was being replenished at a rapid speed. Furthermore, the Saint Energy that he was drawing, which refused to cooperate in the final amalgamation, eventually yielded like a kitten in the emerald green light, imprinting itself on the scroll.

High up in the sky, a beautiful figure appeared with six wings extended on her back. She had a gentle look in her eyes as she looked at the man below, whose face was full of determination. At the same time, there was an emerald green light flickering on her chest.

She muttered to herself, “Why am I experiencing such a painful emotion within my heart? Could this be what human beings call ‘like’ or ‘love’? However, I’m not a human.”

The Sidhe Queen’s appearance rendered a huge part of the sky emerald green. At the same time, a rich life aura came descending from the sky. Perhaps due the the fact that the Sidhe Queen’s blood was the most crucial ingredient in the Consolidating Ink. Hence, the Consolidating Ink became extremely yielding. The process originally would have taken another three days, but with the Sidhe Queen’s support, Zhou Weiqing was able to complete it easily. 

Piercing emerald light flickered in the sky. Dense energy ripples shook the entire space above the Heavenly Bow City. Even a powerful figure such as the Sidhe Queen had to temporarily back away, retreating slightly far away from it.

A couple of days ago, when Zhou Weiqing started to consume his Life Energy to continue consolidating, the Sidhe Queen who shared a life with him had felt it. Even though Zhou Weiqing had been restraining himself from borrowing the Sidhe Queen’s Life Energy, based on their close-knit relationship, it was only natural for the Sidhe Queen to find out what happened. 

Under such circumstances, the Sidhe Queen rushed over immediately without any hesitation - even she herself did not know if she did it because of her safety or out of her concern for Zhou Weiqing. 

After she had personally arrived and channeled the Life Energy directly into Zhou Weiqing’s body via their close relationship, protecting Zhou Weiqing’s physical body, she then found out that it seemed as though she would have an indescribable relationship with this man for the rest of her life. Perhaps this was because of the fact that they had absorbed each other’s energy. 

The emerald green light in the sky gradually changed its form. Its originally complicated patterns had immediately vanished, transforming into a strong emerald green light before extending over a kilometer in an instant. It was wandering around the sky, as though celebrating a new lease of life. 

When the emerald green light started to move, it slightly resembled the form of the jade dragon earlier, except for the fact that it was a lot stronger than the jade dragon. Slowly, rich flickering starlight started appearing on his body. The original green shade had gradually faded with the appearance of the starlight, slowly transforming into white, a crystal clear shade of white.

Looking at the shade of white, the Sidhe Queen couldn’t help but widen her eyes. She could clearly sense what it contained. 

Zhou Weiqing had succeeded. He had successfully crafted the eleventh piece of the Legendary Set. However, this was not as simple as a Legendary Set created by a first timer. 

Indeed, in the eyes of God Tier Masters, Zhou Weiqing was indeed a newbie. Without Time Reversal, it was practically impossible for him to complete the consolidation. However, one should not forget that even when was having a hard time consolidating, he was not using Heavenly Energy!

When it came to the level of creating a Legendary Set, it required the creator to constantly merge his Heavenly Energy with the scroll, in order to gradually complete it. Zhou Weiqing did not merge his Heavenly Energy. Instead, he used his Saint Energy. He had already reached the Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage and had possessed the Astral Saint Core Nucleus’ Saint Energy.

That was also the reason why it was difficult for him to create this scroll, as well as causing Zhou Weiqing to spend so much time on it. After all Zhou Weiqing’s current strength was not inferior to a Heavenly God. He even needed support from the Sidhe Queen in order to complete the crafting process. One could well imagine how much Saint Energy was needed to consolidate a scroll in the void, not forgetting the massive amount of Saint Energy supplied within the Astral Celestial Territory too. 

Hovering in mid-air, Duan Tianlang, who was not far from Zhou Weiqing, had no intention to retreat. Long Shiya had went over to him, protecting him, so that he would not get pounded against by the overwhelming energy fallout in the sky. 

 “ Luring the dragon, unparalleled in the world. This is a miracle that cannot be repeated. It’s done, we have succeeded! I have finally seen the completed eleventh piece of the Legendary Set. Additionally, it was not a Legendary Set that I had completely designed. The Saint Energy had refined it. We have really succeeded!”

In the void, the massive white light suddenly soared thousands of meters up into the sky. All that could be seen was a small tiny white dot. However, this time, Zhou Weiqing was not anxious at all because he could clearly feel the relationship between himself and the white light.

The Consolidating Equipment Scroll of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set had finally been completed. The moment this scroll, that was consolidated in the void, was completed, it had become a part of his body. 

In the next moment, the white light had descended from above. When it was hundred meters above Zhou Weiqing’s head, it suddenly spread out, transforming into an enormous white halo. 

Zhou Weiqing had raised his right hand entirely by instinct. There were eleven Ice Jade Physical Jewels emitting a gentle white light. It seemed to be echoing with the white halo in the sky. 

Next, the enormous white halo had already descended from the sky. A deafening growl of the dragon, coupled with a strange fluctuation of a type of heaven and earth wisdom, headed towards Zhou Weiqing’s right hand, gathering from every direction.

Buzz ——

In the moment when the white light met the Ice Jade Physical Jewels, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body began trembling. The Saint Energy that he consumed seemed to have completely flowed back to him. Additionally, the ten pieces of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set that he already possessed seemed to violently fluctuate and constantly released strange energy ripples, as a result of the milky white light. They seemed to be rejecting the addition of the latest eleventh piece. 

Something strange happened after. Another Physical Jewel was condensed, excluding the eleven Physical Jewels that Zhou Weiqing possessed. The only difference was that even though it was also white, it was crystal clear, unlike the rest. Furthermore, it possessed the wisdom of heaven and earth, becoming the leader of the other eleven Ice Jade Physical Jewels. Besides, it somewhat gave off a feeling of nothingness, unlike the other eleven. Albeit vaguely, a small dragon that was pacing to and fro could be seen within the white jewel. 

The original pieces of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set had quickly quieted down. The time taken to subdue them was shorter than what Zhou Weiqing had expected. In the next moment, ten wave-like rays of dark golden light lit up on Zhou Weiqing’s body in succession. The ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was equipped on his body.

It was still ten pieces, however, it was not in the shade of bright gold anymore. It had reverted to the shade of dark gold in its early stages. Nonetheless, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that the dark golden ten-piece Legendary Set was completely different from how it was before. 

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