Chapter 286 - Luring the Dragon, Unparalleled in the World (1)

The white and black lights in the sky were exceptionally striking. Coupled with a piercing exploding sound, both parties collided hard. 

The black light flickered before shrinking, its initial charging speed stopped abruptly. However, Shangguan Xue’er groaned deeply as she was flung out. The layer of black light appeared around her, constantly taking in her Saint Energy. Despite her Heavenly King cultivation, it could not sustain her flight, causing her to plunge straight to the ground.

Shangguan Fei’er and Bing’er were the second to arrive. Even though they saw the strange situation their sister was in, for the sake of protecting Zhou Weiqing, they chose to forcefully launch an attack without hesitation.

A loud bang was heard and the two women similarly got flung out. The black light momentarily stopped for a moment, but did not seem to weaken at all. Zhou Weiqing was still its target.

Tian’er was the third to arrive, with the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set equipped. She hovered silently in the air. A golden ray of light shot out of the God Spirit Staff in her hand. 

Apart from Zhou Weiqing, her Saint Energy was the purest amongst them. She managed to shield herself from the black light and counteracted a small portion of it. However, the energy within the black light was way too massive. If it was not aiming directly at Zhou Weiqing, the three Shangguan sisters would have been fatally injured earlier. 

As the black light halted, Tian’er could feel a destructive and terrifying energy rushing into her body in an instant. Previously, she had also encountered enemies with the destructive attribute from the Blood Red Hell with Zhou Weiqing. However, this was different as the energy possessed by these enemies were a lot purer. Their extremely terrifying destructive energy was akin to a black hole source. Furthermore, the energy had far surpassed Tian’er’s Heavenly King powers. After the terrifying destructive energy entered Tian’er’s body, it immediately clashed violently with the Saint Energy in her body.

One was creative in nature, and the other was destructive. Under the circumstance where the purity of both energy was similar, they were competing based on quantity. Without a doubt, Tian’er was on the losing end. However, her Saint Energy was after all purer than the Shangguan sisters. She managed to shield herself from the attack of the black light, except for the fact that she was constantly retreating backwards from where Zhou Weiqing was located at. 

Judging from the direction of where the black light was attacking towards, Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue and Six Ultimate Heavenly God Long Shiya were located the furthest. Everything happened too fast - less than a second had passed, from when Shangguan Xue’er took the hit to Tian’er blocking the black light. They had attacked at almost the same time.

Long Shiya’s figure flashed almost instantly and appeared in the sky. Just as he was about to take over Tian’er to resist the black light, all of a sudden, a miracle happened. 

A layer of pure white light erupted from Tian’er’s body immediately - Long Shiya had never seen such a pure light before in his life. At the same time, the black hole-like black light, that flung the three Shangguan sisters and destroyed Tian’er’s defense, actually fell back like melting snow. It seemed like the tentacles of an octopus shrinking upon contact with fire. The destructive energy that previously rushed into Tian’er’s body vanished instantly as well. Tian’er looked completely shocked when she found out that the Saint Energy within her body had increased significantly - from a Low Level Heavenly King to a High Level Heavenly King Stage. It was as though she had engulfed all the the destructive energy and converted it into Saint Energy. The speed of that growth was comparable to Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Feedback.

Who exactly was Long Shiya? Even though he was utterly shocked by everything that was happening before his eyes, he had made his choice immediately. He pushed his right hand against the air, compressing it in a instant. A strong six-colored light transformed into a stream of light that shone down from above, directly onto the source of the black light. At the same time, his body had appeared in mid-air above the city wall.

Wu Yunyue did not participate in the attack. Instead, he silently stood next to Zhou Weiqing, keeping guard. That was because nobody could say for sure that the enemy had no other tricks up their sleeves. Additionally, his Heavenly King subordinates had already been despatched to support the three Shangguan sisters.  

When Zhou Weiqing had started consolidating in the void, Wu Yunyue was completely sure that as the leader of the Heavenly Demon Sect, he had sought the right person. The future of Peerless Sect was bright. Zhou Weiqing was the core of the Peerless Sect, as well as his son-in-law. No matter what, he was going to protect the incredible fella.

Tian’er and company did not see the seven men in black outside the city walls tremble violently, spurting out black gas, the moment the pure white light from Tian’er had purified the destructive energy.  

No. 1 and 2 were extremely aghast - they completely did not understand why their destructive attribute backfired on them. 

Without any hesitation, they promptly decided to retreat with all their might. Like what No. 1 had said before - they only had one chance to attack. The seven men were Heavenly Kings, they had not even reached the Heavenly Emperor Stage - all they could depend on was their pure destructive attribute and techniques that combined their attacks, not forgetting assassination methods. 

Zhou Weiqing was in the midst of consolidating in the sky, giving them the perfect opportunity to launch a sneak attack. However, they had never expected that there were that many people with Saint Energy or that they would take immediate action. Particularly Tian’er’s defense, which had caused their attack to fail.

The seven men in black retreated immediately - their figures were akin to seven black lightning. They managed to dodge Long Shiya’s six-colored light, but unfortunately, the Six Ultimate Heavenly God was already hovering above them.

No. 1 and 2 looked at each other; without any hesitation, they decided to escape to save themselves, abandoning the rest. The five men in black behind them flew up into the sky at the same time, heading towards Long Shiya, while no. 1 and 2 used all their might to escape as fast as they could.

They might have been able to escape, if their opponent was the old Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya. Unfortunately, the current Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had already advanced and evolved into the Six Ultimate Heavenly God. Those men in black had made the biggest mistake in their judgment.

At this moment, Long Shiya was boiling with anger. How could he not rage at the men who tried to launch a sneak attack on his most precious disciple right before his eyes? He was initially protecting behind the scenes, but at this moment, he was not going to let them go. 

Dealing with the five men in black who were pouncing towards him, there was a cold look in Long Shiya’s eyes. He waved both hands at the same time and his body that was in mid-air became distorted. Immediately after, five Long Shiyas came out of his actual body, greeting the five men in black. 

At the same time, both Long Shiya’s head and feet had merged with the Dual Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation in an instant. The rich six-colored light immediately engulfed heaven and earth, complementing Zhou Weiqing’s dazzling Astral Celestial Territory, which was not far away.

The Six Ultimate Heavenly God had vanished within the distorted six-colored light. When he appeared again, he stood in front of no. 1 and 2, blocking them. The black rays of light of the other five men in black had already transformed into five six-colored fireworks before disappearing. 

No. 1 and 2 were enveloped within the Six Ultimate Celestial Territory. They felt their bodies being constricted. The Six Elemental Attributes - Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Light and Darkness had become their binding force. 

A Heavenly King had absolutely no way of resisting against a Heavenly God - even if they possessed pure destructive energy. Moreover, the Six Ultimate Heavenly God Long Shiya was an unconventional existence amongst the Heavenly Gods. He possessed the Six Elemental Attributes, coupled with Saint Energy. They had absolutely no chance against him within the Six Ultimate Celestial Territory.

Despair could be seen radiating from no. 1 and 2’s eyes. However, there was nothing they could do. Long Shiya had just comprehended the Six Ultimate Celestial Territory, and Sixfold Binding is one of its biggest properties. Within the Six Ultimate Celestial Territory, Long Shiya was the ruler. Without a Celestial Territory, one would not be able to resist against the binding force of the Six Elemental Attributes. 

Terrifying energy ripples circulated the air. Long Shiya stood right in front of no. 1 and 2 with a gloomy expression on his face, and said coldly, “You’re from the Blood Red Hell, huh? Such audacity - you actually had the guts to attack my disciple.”

No. 1 and 2’s movements, as well as their will, were completely suppressed. However, they still had the ability to speak. They also knew for a fact that they were unable to escape. No. 1 spoke coldly, “Regardless of what you do, you will only be digging your own grave. Long Shiya, quit trying to act like an elder in front of me. When I was ruling the Mainland 300 years ago, you weren’t even born.”

 “Huh?” Long Shiya stared blankly for a moment. 300 years ago? Although a Heavenly Jewel Master was able to lengthen their lifespan, he had never heard of anyone living for more than 300 years.

Instinctively, he moved his finger. Two rays of six-colored light engulfed the two men in black, head down. Their black clothes that covered them were entirely torn apart. When Long Shiya saw how no. 1 and 2 looked, even if he was composed and well-prepared, he couldn’t help but let out a gasp. 

The “men” that stood before him were not human beings at all - what he saw were two skulls. However, there were two fiery black light rays emitting from their sockets. 

Long Shiya’s right hand waved once again, ripping their clothes apart. As expected, there were two sets of black skeletons. What was most frightening was that they were still sentient and had the ability to fight, as well as speak. This was way beyond Long Shiya’s field of knowledge.

 “What are you?” 

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