Chapter 284 - The Eleventh Piece of the ‘Hate Ground No Handle’ (3)

A mouthful of blood spurted out of Duan Tianlang’s mouth and landed onto the Jade Tide. Zhou Weiqing, who was observing at the side, immediately clenched both fists tightly, resisting the urge to rush over to stop his Senior Uncle. 

After getting splattered on by Duan Tianlang’s blood, the Jade Tide glowed with emerald green light immediately as it slowly started spinning once again. However, the cracks on its body continued multiplying more rapidly, looking as though it was going to shatter at any moment.

However, at this time, Zhou Weiqing caught a glimpse of a smile on Duan Tianlang’s face. Indeed, he was smiling, albeit a faint one. He was surprisingly satisfied with the outcome. 

Duan Tianlang took out a small emerald green bottle with his trembling hands. The lid opened and three drops of brightly colored blood that was rich in life aura trickled into the Jade Tide. It was indeed the Sidhe Empress’ blood that Zhou Weiqing brought back with him.

Upon receiving the Sidhe Empress’ blood, cracks that were rapidly multiplying stopped forming immediately on the Jade Tide’s body. Seconds later, the entire room had become a shade of emerald green. As though boiling oil was channeled into the Jade Tide, pure energy of all the different attributes hissed loudly. Thereafter, an intense emerald green light shot up into the sky like an enormous dragon, smashing through the roof of the house.

Zhou Weiqing deactivated his will almost immediately as he could clearly sense that the ray of light was not something that could be blocked by his will. If they collided, his will would be shattered. One could well imagine how powerful the Consolidating Ink was. 

“Weiqing, restrict it, it wants to escape!” shouted Duan Tianlang as loud as he could. At the same time, his Jade Tide had lost all its luster and fell to the ground. 

Zhou Weiqing’s reaction was fast - the moment he heard Duan Tianlang, he dashed out immediately.

When the emerald green light shot up to the sky, Zhou Weiqing could sense a sudden burst of aura that was on the same level as a Heavenly God. After the emerald green light had entered the air, it started absorbing energy ripples of all types of attributes that were present in a frenzy like an enormous devouring vortex. It was a lot more savage compared to Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill. The attributes present in the air had absolutely no way of resisting it. 

His figure flashed and Zhou Weiqing appeared outside of the house. The moment he saw the emerald green light, he was shocked. The emerald green light had transformed into an enormous dragon that was approximately a hundred meters long. It soared into the sky, displaying its fangs and claws. 

However, it was different from the other enormous dragons that Zhou Weiqing had seen before. This jade dragon’s entire being was crystal clear, as though it was carved from a piece of jade. Its body continuously released circles of emerald green halos that were absorbing energy of all kinds of attributes to enhance its body. It had nine claws under its abdomen and a pair of horns on its head. Whenever it moved, a series of cracks would appear in the surrounding space. From the looks of it, it was a lot more intimidating compared to the Terror Sea Dragon that Zhou Weiqing had encountered from before.

Zhou Weiqing snorted coldly. He gestured with his right hand and a ray of brilliant astral light erupted from his body. In an instant, the entire sky within the Heavenly Bow Empire was pitch black, and specks of starlight appeared. It only took a second for him to isolate every single attribute energy in the air.

What was his current cultivation base? Nearly Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage! Furthermore, he shared a life with the Sidhe Empress. He was extremely powerful - if he was pitted against the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, he would not lose to him in any way. His Saint Energy had been purified to the point where it was almost reaching the white gold level. Even though it was not on par with Creation Saint Energy, it was continuously getting closer. It could be considered as the purest Saint Energy in the world - even much stronger than the Sidhe Empress’ Life Saint Energy. This was also the reason why the Sidhe Empress was rather afraid of Zhou Weiqing, as well as one of the reasons why she would rather continue living in seclusion with her entire tribe. 

The sky abruptly darkened, and all the energy of the different attributes vanished in an instant, causing the jade dragon to be stunned for a moment. Immediately after, it panicked. Its enormous body swayed in the sky, and a silver light abruptly appeared. A layer of intense silver light erupted from its body, covering it entirely. Seconds later, a gigantic black hole appeared in front of it.

“Trying to escape?” Without a doubt, the jade dragon felt threatened and wanted to tear space apart and escape using the Spatial Attribute - one of the attributes he possessed. 

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing would not let it get what it wanted. Based on his current cultivation base, after being shocked for a brief moment, he had understood how the jade dragon appeared. 

The treasures from before had formed its body and the Sidhe Empress’ blood gave it life. This dragon could be said to be an intimidating existence that was formed from atmospheric energy. If it freely absorbed the atmospheric energy present, it could possibly possess its own intellect within a specific period of time. By then, nobody would be able to subdue it. A Heavenly God possessing every single attribute - how intimidating would that be? It could even cultivate Saint Energy on its own and leave this world. 

Not all the Consolidating Ink of the eleventh piece of every Legendary Set would result in such a situation. However, almost all of them could develop intelligence as a result of a myriad of precious treasures used. 

Even though Duan Tianlang knew the method to create such Consolidating Inks, he had no experience after all. Even the founders of The Legacy of Strength lineage did not impart their knowledge of it in any ancient books or records. If it were the Heavenly Jewel Island’s Heaven’s Expanse Palace, they would definitely set up a huge formation, as well as dispatch a massive army to keep guard, when creating a Consolidating Ink of that level. Clearly, Duan Tianlang was unaware. If not for Zhou Weiqing’s high cultivation base, all the effort he put in earlier would have gone to waste.

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was excited, instead of angry. Considering the fact that the Consolidating Ink itself was already that formidable, how much more intimidating would the Consolidating Equipment Scroll be? He could not speculate based on imagination alone. What he wanted to do right now was to capture the jade dragon before starting the process to create the Consolidating Equipment Scroll.

Zhou Weiqing took a step forward in the air. Just before the jade dragon entered the black hole, he appeared right in front of it. Zhou Weiqing waved his right hand and the black hole behind him was obliterated by a layer of bright golden light from his palm, as though it had never appeared. He threw a punch with his left fist directly onto the jade dragon’s head.

Only Zhou Weiqing had the guts to pull off something like that. If it were some other Heavenly Emperor, they would probably worry about getting sucked into the black hole first. Zhou Weiqing was absolutely not afraid - he was able to perform Spatial Shuttle and he had grasped Astral Saint Energy. Space was not intimidating to him at all. 

A dull thud was heard and the jade dragon flew upon impact from Zhou Weiqing’s blow. Its massive body tumbled continuously in the sky. After all, it barely developed intelligence moments ago - it had absolutely no idea how to utilize it in a battle. Despite possessing massive strength, it could only rely on instincts to carry out certain tasks. 

With Zhou Weiqing as an opponent, even actual Heavenly God Stage powerhouses might not be able to win, let alone a bogus Heavenly God.

Pointing his right hand towards the sky, Zhou Weiqing’s eyes suddenly lit up. All the stars in the sky were glistening brightly like his eyes, and hundreds of starlight shone down, forming a gigantic cage that was made up of hundreds of light beams, trapping the jade dragon within it. Regardless of how hard it tried to break out of it, it was useless.

Zhou Weiqing hovered in the air with his hands behind his back. His eyes sparkled. Akin to a deity descending from the heavens, his body was surrounded by a belt of Astral light. 

At this moment, the people within Heavenly Bow City had already sensed the changes going on in the sky. When they saw Zhou Weiqing and the entrapped jade dragon in the sky, they were completely astonished to the extreme. One by one, they fell to their knees, bowing to them.

At the same time, a sharp whistle suddenly resonated within Heavenly Bow City. It had caused violent energy ripples even within Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Celestial Territory. Six-colored light rays rushed into the sky, ripping a small area of his Astral Celestial Territory, shooting up directly into the horizon. Immediately after, a figure appeared out of nowhere, walking out of the six-colored light. 

“Hahahaha, goddammit. I finally made a breakthrough after slogging for so many years.”

Looking at the round figure, it was clearly Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya.

All this time, Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor had been making use of the Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing channeled into body to find a way to breakthrough. He had been stagnant at the Max Level Heavenly Emperor Stage for too many years - he was so close to breaking through. Even though he was that close, Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy provided him the final boost. 

Moments ago, he had sensed the Heavenly God grade energy ripples coming from the jade dragon, coupled with the Saint Energy in his body coinciding with the aura within Zhou Weiqing’s Stars Celestial Territory. Luck was on his side, and since he already possessed the strength, all the requirements had been met, allowing him to break through at long last, advancing into a Heavenly God.

Long Shiya had never been one to hide his emotions. Moreover, in his eyes, making a breakthrough was similar to Duan Tianlang completing the eleventh piece of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set - it was his lifelong dream! One could imagine how happy he was at this moment. As he was laughing heartily, his gaze shifted to the jade dragon who was now trapped in the sky.

“Congratulations Master, on your great achievement.”

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