Chapter 281 - The Sidhe Heart (2)

At that moment, Zhou Weiqing knew for a fact that nothing would happen to him as his Saint Energy would restore his body on its own. Furthermore, with a Heavenly God Stage Sidhe Queen by his side, he had nothing to fear - safety-wise. 

However, the situation before his eyes had left him entirely stunned. Apart from the fact that the Sidhe Queen was lying on top of him without any clothes, just his physical changes alone were enough to give him a big shock.

Although it was indeed a huge battle, it seemed impossible for his cultivation base to make that big a leap within such a short period of time! This could only prove one thing - his body and cultivation base made great improvements because of the Sidhe Queen’s help.

Zhou Weiqing was not too bothered with advancing his cultivation base; by relying on the Saint Energy, he did not have much bottlenecks, so to speak. As long as he continued cultivating or using the Astral Feedback to advance, it was only a matter of time before he entered the Heavenly God Stage. However, it was different when it came to the evolution of the body.

He knew his own body best - naturally, Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that...

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