Chapter 281 - The Sidhe Heart (1)

Zhou Weiqing’s body started gradually emitting layers of terrifying energy. Upon entering the Dragon-Tiger Demon God Transformation state, the scales on his body slowly disappeared, and the color of his skin alternated between black and gray. His hair had also gradually become gray, and his body was releasing an indescribably powerful aura that was on the same level as a Heavenly God. 

However, this did not mean that Zhou Weiqing had ascended to the Heavenly God Stage, but rather, his bloodline’s aura had reached the Heavenly God Stage. As one could well imagine, if he were to reach a breakthrough, could his body still be confined to the Heavenly God Stage? 

It could be said that the combination of the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline, the Dragon Emperor Bloodline, coupled with the Sidhe Queen’s help, created the strongest and most powerful bloodline there had ever been. His cultivation base did not increase, but his body was intimidatingly strong to the point where even the great dragons could not be compared to him.

With a soft ‘pop’ sound, Zhou Weiqing’s body released a ball of bluish green light, which got magnified almost immediately,...

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