Chapter 278: The Sword of the Demon God (3)

Even though her hand was being held by Zhou Weiqing and she was able to experience his masculinity at such close proximity, the Sidhe Queen naturally did not harbor any inappropriate thoughts. However, such an experience was a first for her. The novelty did bring about some excitement.

Additionally, after entering the space, the Sidhe Queen could only feel a soft yet supreme and dignified aura engulfing her body. That energy was more superior than her Nature Energy. Both Zhou Weiqing and her were surrounded by reddish golden light - without a doubt, Zhou Weiqing was using his Saint Energy to protect the both of them as they were in the midst of Spatial Shuttle.

Zhou Weiqing grasped Spatial Shuttle via his Blink Skill - one of the most important takeaways was locking onto the target, which was what he did when he was using the Blink Skill to travel through space collectively with the women. As long as the target’s location was in his field of vision, he would be successful. This was the power and might of Saint Energy. Of course, his high cultivation base was also one of the factors for his success. 

However, it was different right now. It was also Zhou Weiqing’s first time traveling through space like that - he used the trace of his will that he left on the princess as his locked target. If he succeeded, not only could they directly shuttle out of the sidhe’s sealed grounds and return back to the Boundless Mainland, they could also directly appear right in front of the Sidhe Princess. This was clearly the most efficient way. 

Additionally, Zhou Weiqing was not afraid that the trace of his will on the princess would disappear. Reason being that he had full confidence in his will, and also, he had already locked their previous location as well. Thus, even if they lost the coordinates of the Sidhe Princess, he would still be able to bring the Sidhe Queen back to where they came from. Hence, he was full of confidence. 

Traveling through space felt extremely bizarre. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense his Saint Energy getting exhausted rapidly. The speed at which the consumption was going at was a lot faster than if he were to fly. He felt that the consumption of his Saint Energy was the greatest when he used Spatial Shuttle to travel from the sealed grounds back to Boundless Mainland - a tenth of his Saint Energy was exhausted almost immediately. 

At this moment, Zhou Weiqing was unaware that the Sidhe Queen was very shocked. The Sidhe Queen did not have Spatial Attribute within her body, hence she was not able to carry out Spatial Shuttle. However, that did not mean that she had no knowledge of it. 

The Sidhe Queen had lived for nearly a thousand years, she was definitely very knowledgeable and experienced. Even though she could not perform Spatial Shuttle, she knew powerhouses with that ability. However, based on what she knew, even Heavenly God Stage powerhouses would not be able to carry out Spatial Shuttle for more than five seconds. Or else, their energy would be entirely exhausted to the point where they would get lost within space and would be stuck there forever, despite being powerful Heavenly God Stage powerhouses. 

In Zhou Weiqing’s case, even though she did not make detailed calculations, she was positive that it had been more than five seconds since he started performing Spatial Shuttle. 

So this is the wonder of Saint Energy. The Sidhe Queen couldn’t help but exclaim to herself. 

In fact, the purity of Saint Energy allowed Zhou Weiqing’s consumption of his energy to be much lower compared to ordinary Heavenly Jewel Masters. Furthermore, under any circumstances, the Saint Energy would voluntarily absorb all kinds of Attributes in the surroundings to replenish his body. During the process of traveling through the other dimension, it naturally absorbed Spatial Energy, which in turn helped Zhou Weiqing consume less energy. Otherwise, Zhou Weiqing would have long been unable to withstand the massive consumption.

However, even so, after a short period of Spatial Shuttle, Zhou Weiqing still had to release his Dragon-Tiger wings. With the wings spread wide open, it allowed him to better absorb the Spatial Energy, which helped him last a bit longer in the other dimension.

Even though the Sidhe Princess was taken away not too long ago, the other party had already brought her somewhere far away from the sidhe’s sealed grounds. Of course, it was possible for Zhou Weiqing to break out of the space to take a rest before starting the second round of Spatial Shuttle, except that it would be very embarrassing! His intention was to display his power and strength in front of the Sidhe Queen. If he wanted to form an alliance with the sidhe, he had to show her how strong and powerful he was. However, he had absolutely no idea that his performance had already exceeded the Sidhe Queen’s expectations that were formed based on his cultivation base. She had already considered him to be a lot stronger than her - she overestimated him!

“Found it,” Zhou Weiqing exclaimed softly in excitement. Just as the Sidhe Queen was taken aback by that fella’s ability to speak while traveling through space, a light flashed - the both of them had broken out of the other dimension and were back in the normal world. 

In the air, a crevice appeared without any prior indication. Immediately after, the two figures emerged. They happened to be in the way of a man in black flying speedily in the sky.  

The man in black was flying relatively fast, but his senses were very keen - he immediately sensed something amiss. The crevice appeared right in front of him abruptly before the two figures appeared out of nowhere, catching him off guard. Instinctively, he dodged, in a bid to get out of their way and resume his flight. Unfortunately, he was their target. 

“Trying to escape?” Zhou Weiqing hated that fella to the core - he was made a scapegoat by that bastard and almost went to war with the sidhe as a result. Dark golden wave-like light lit up on his body; he had equipped himself with the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set. His figure flashed, executing the Spatial Shuttle once again. As his body re-appeared, the Dual Legendary Hammers struck at the same time. Zhou Weiqing had used all his strength in that attack. 

The man in black was no ordinary person either. His facial expression changed in the face of Zhou Weiqing’s attack. He raised both hands up at the same time and gestured. A layer of strange distorted invisible halo appeared, blocking Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers.

It was Time Attribute - Zhou Weiqing had already known that the fella possessed Time Attribute abilities. The moment he saw the opponent use a technique similar to Time Rift to block his hammers, he couldn’t help but smile grimly. 

Indeed, Time Attribute was one of the four Saint Attributes. With such power and might, generally speaking, physical attacks could not be pitted against Time Rift. They would definitely fail without a doubt. However, Zhou Weiqing’s  Dual Legendary Hammers were not that easy to be dealt with.

After the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was fully assembled, Zhou Weiqing’s Legendary Set had boosted some of his abilities. For example, it eliminated all energy present. That was to say that the supplementary power of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set could go against any Energy Attributes with sheer brute force, and it also rendered the opponent’s energy-related skills to be ineffective.

Amidst the loud sounds, the black figure grunted. It was as though he was being bombarded by cannonballs – even the sound of his arms breaking into pieces could be heard clearly. 

The supplementary power of the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set was indeed terrifying - even Heavenly God Stage powerhouses would definitely be unwilling to face Zhou Weiqing head-on. It was the Legendary Set’s first appearance in a battle; no one had seen it before. The bright golden armor was not only dazzling and aesthetically pleasing, it was also ranked first or second amongst all the other Legendary Sets, in terms of power.

The man in black was astonished. His body twisted continuously in the sky, when suddenly, he retreated a kilometer away. His broken arms had returned to their normal state.

“Eh, Time Reversal?” said Zhou Weiqing in shock. Indeed, his opponent had just executed Time Reversal. From the looks of it, the opponent had mastered Time Reversal - he could proficiently control time, allowing himself to return to a few seconds before. Not only did he dodge Zhou Weiqing’s attack, both his arms had also recovered. 

As someone with the Saint Attribute, he knew that a person with the Time Attribute would definitely possess a few unique skills like himself. 

Unfortunately, his opponent was Zhou Weiqing, who also possessed Time Attribute. Hence, he knew exactly how to deal with Time Reversal. His opponent was able to effectively use Time Reversal once, but if he were to continue using it, it would lose its efficacy. 

As Zhou Weiqing was about to launch an attack, the Sidhe Queen on the other side had already taken action; the two of them appeared in the air. Standing before the man in black, the Sidhe Queen knew for a fact that he was the one who kidnapped her daughter. After Zhou Weiqing had launched his first attack, in the next moment, a layer of light in a soothing shade of green was released from the Sidhe Queen’s body.

The green light did not target the enemy directly - it dispersed in all directions. In an instant, the surroundings had completely become a shade of green, giving off exuberant vitality vibes.

However, it provided the man in black with a pleasant feeling as such. Indeed, it was full of vitality, but apart from the six Nature Elemental Attributes, all the other Attributes were dispelled, including Time. Additionally, the Nature Attributes within the green space could only be controlled by the Sidhe Queen alone. There was no way of enhancing any of his abilities.

This was the Sidhe Queen’s Nature Celestial Territory. The difference between a Heavenly God and a Heavenly Emperor was that the former was able to solidify the effects of the external surroundings. The special ability that came from this solidification was called ‘Celestial Territory’. Every Heavenly God Stage powerhouse had their own exclusive Celestial Territory.

Within the Sidhe Queen’s Celestial Territory, in order to put up a fight against her, you must either also possess a Celestial Territory or use sheer brute force. Otherwise, there was no chance of winning, unless you could defeat the Sidhe Queen herself within her Celestial Territory. 

Previously, when the Sidhe Queen was fighting against Zhou Weiqing, the Demon God’s overwhelming menacing aura was so powerful that it vaguely created something similar to a Celestial Territory. Hence, the Sidhe Queen did not release her own Celestial Territory, as she knew that it would have been ineffective. However, at this moment, it was effective against the man in black. This was because both Zhou Weiqing and the Sidhe Queen had clearly seen that the man in black only had eleven Personal Jewels. He was only a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse.

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