Chapter 277: The Sidhe Princess (2)

Immediately, the different colors representing the Nature Elemental Attributes could clearly be seen ascending to the skies. Nature Element Energy filled the entire world. From afar, the entire place looked like a gigantic colorful ball of light, and the six of them were right in the center of this light ball.

A strong suppressive force instantly overwhelmed Zhou Weiqing and company, causing them to feel suffocated.

When the sidhe had arrived, Zhou Weiqing had briefly scanned the crowd for their cultivation bases - none of them were above the Heavenly King Stage. However, when the sidhe joined forces, their combined power was incredibly intimidating. Even the suppressive power from a Heavenly God’s aura might not necessarily be stronger than theirs.

They made use of nature’s power to combine respective Attributes together - even if they were different, they were still somehow compatible with one another. Most likely, only the sidhe were capable of this. Additionally, Zhou Weiqing could faintly sense...

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