Chapter 274: Do 'It' With Me For a Breakthrough! (2)

Zhou Weiqing laughed, “That is because the two of you underestimate your husband’s abilities. Do you have any idea how many powerhouses from the Blood Red Hell we dealt with the other day?”

With regards to the head-on confrontation with the people from the Blood Red Hell the other day, although he had described the matter to everyone he hadn’t given a specific headcount. Of course, at that time he himself didn’t know the exact numbers either, but he was able to guess. He was afraid that his significant others would worry, hence he did not say anything. After the battle began, the Heavenly Jewel Masters below the Heavenly King Stage hadn’t been able to get close to the intimidating energy ripples.

“There were four Heavenly Emperors that came from Blood Red Hell, with the lowest ranked among them a Mid Level Heaven Emperor. The other two were Peak Heavenly Emperors. Apart from them, there were also eight Heavenly Kings and a few Heavenly Zong opponents.”

“You saw the end result too - we won a complete victory, and the key to the success was your husband, me."

Upon hearing the headcount of the Blood Red Hell opponents, the two...

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