Chapter 271: No matter what flames, it is useless (2)

No one else could see the clash between Zhou Weiqing and the First Grand Elder as they were both covered by the terrifying flames. At this moment, Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers slammed savagely into the First Grand Elder’s shoulders. However, the strangest thing was that such a powerful strength did not seem to have any effect on the First Grand Elder as he burned with the Flames of Life, instead the Flames of Life seemed to cling onto the hammers, the terrifying fires flowing along the hammers to cover Zhou Weiqing’s body, covering him totally. 

The First Grand Elder’s face had already been burnt to a charred, black state, and all that could be seen were his venomous eyes. 

Watching Zhou Weiqing covered in his terrifying Flames of Life, his heart felt a thread of joy and ease. 

At this point, how could he not understand who was the true root cause of all these? From the beginning, they had all been tricked, led by the nose all this time by the youth. The First Grand Elder truly hated this young man to the core, and no matter what he wanted to bring him together in death. 

“Haiz…” A long, faint sigh emitted from Zhou Weiqing’s mouth, even as he was enveloped by the destructive flames. 

The First Grand Elder started momentarily, but in the next instant he heard a sudden massive explosion as a powerful energy reverberation traveled from below, pushing both him and Zhou Weiqing higher into the skies. 

Subconsciously, he looked down, and he couldn’t help but cry out in soulful pain: “Third Bro…!”

Alas, at this point, the Third Grand Elder could no longer reply him… as his entire body had been smashed into pulp. 

The Third Grand Elder could not have imagined that the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and the Demonic Emperor who had soared into the skies to assist Zhou Weiqing had abruptly turned around and launched their full powered attacks at him. 

Just like Zhou Weiqing had been worried about, the Third Grand Elder had been fully prepared to self-detonate all this time, as long as the control on him dropped. When the First Grand Elder began to ignite his Flames of Life, his eyes had turned red. Amongst all four Grand Elders, his temper had been the shortest, and seeing his three brothers die or dying in front of him, how could he care about anything else? As long as he could succeed in self-detonation, the other Blood Red Hell powerhouses could also successfully escape. He would wish to stay and die together with his brothers, and more importantly to kill Zhou Weiqing and the others here. 

As such, he had already been fully prepared. As soon as Zhou Weiqing’s control over him relaxed the slightest, he would not hesitate to self-detonate. 

Alas, the script did not play out as their wishes and plans. Originally, the two Heavenly Emperors who had been springing to Zhou Weiqing’s defense had abruptly turned around to launch a full powered attack at the Third Grand Elder. Let alone him being caught by surprise like that, even if he was fully prepared, how could he in his current status handle the full attacks of two Max Level Heavenly Emperors!

At this point, both the Demonic Emperor and Six Ultimate HEavenly Emperor had the boost from Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy, while the Third Grand Elder had been expending energy all this while, and more so he was still enveloped by the starlight from the Astral Cloud, tantamount to Zhou Weiqing restricting his Heavenly Core Nucleus. Under such a circumstance, how much of his original power could he even access and wield? 

Without a doubt, the Third Grand Elder did not manage to complete his self-detonation, ending up as meat paste under the powerful final blows of the two Heavenly Emperors. Of course, his dying blow had also caused Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue to be injured once more, spurting out blood. However, exchanging some injuries for the death of a Heavenly Emperor, that was definitely a price they were willing to pay. 

For Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue to stop their rescue attempt on Zhou Weiqing and choosing to kill off the Third Grand Elder, was it their own intent? The answer was a definite no. To them, Zhou Weiqing’s life was far more important than the Blood Red Hell Third Grand Elder. However, the reason they chose to do so was exactly because of Zhou Weiqing’s sudden voice transference!

In the skies, the brilliant star light burst out explosively, and the accompanying explosion was almost able to cover the First Grand Elder’s loud pained scream as the Flames of Life sprayed in all directions. 

The starlight spun around in the skies as Zhou Weiqing returned to sight once more. From the looks of things, he was totally uninjured, the Dual Legendary Hammers still grasped in his hands, standing tall and strong as he hovered in midair. 

“No… that’s not possible… that’s not possible at all…” The First Grand Elder’s voice was filled with disbelief and unreconciled vexation. Currently, he was still looking like a ball of fire, and his body was quickly weakening in the flames. This was especially so after accepting this powerful blow from Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy, and he could no longer launch another powerful attack like that once more.” 

“I’ll let you die peacefully with understanding…” Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly. “If you had chosen any other means to launch a final attack on me… even if I could withstand your attack, I would likely be severely injured. After all, I still have not perfected my usage of the Astral Saint Energy. Alas! Didn’t you just blame that Tianlei earlier… but you once again forgot that I am immune to fire. A true immunity. As for the Destruction Attribute within your Flames of Life, how could it be comparable to my Saint Energy and the power of creation?” 

“Haiz, it is a shame though, a waste of a good Heavenly Core Nucleus like yours. Goodbye now, Grand Elder.” 

A thick Astral Saint Energy swirled around Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers, covering the remaining Flames of Life from the First Grand Elder. As the Astral Cloud spun, the First Grand Elder’s life force was soon extinguished in a short time. Alas, his Heavenly Core Nucleus had already been ignited and burned from within, and Zhou Weiqing was no longer able to perform the Astral Feedback on it, otherwise with the First Grand Elder’s cultivation base, his Heavenly Core Nucleus would definitely bring him another step further. 

Turning his gaze back to the battlefield below, Zhou Weiqing brandished his Dual Legendary Hammers by his side once more, and the Astral star light shone down once more, warping into seven pillars of light that seemed to move automatically to shine upon the seven remaining Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings. 

These fresh pillars of light were much dimmer than the one that he had used against the Third Grand Elder earlier, but for the purpose of dealing with these Heavenly Kings, it was more than sufficient. What Zhou Weiqing was doing was to ensure that none of them would have any opportunity to even self-detonate, and thus no chance at all of escape as well. When he had spoken those words to the First Grand Elder, he had already set his resolve that he would not allow any of these Blood Red Hell powerhouses to remain alive.

“Kill.” An ice cold voice rang out from Zhou Weiqing’s mouth. With the restriction of the Astral Saint Energy on their foes, the Heavenly Bow Empire side no longer had any worries, unleashing their strongest attacks immediately. 

Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue casually took care of a few who were attempting to run away, before joining the main fight. With the two Heavenly Emperors joining in, what other chance could these remaining Blood Red Hell Heavenly Kings have? 

Rays of starlight shot high up into the skies, directly headed to the dazzling Astral Clouds. At the same time, they signified the end of the battle. 

Looking at the disastrous scene around them which looked like a butchery, with crushed meat scattered all around, the Heavenly Demon Sect members felt as if they had been transported to another world. Amongst the six Heavenly Kings was Ming Wu, Ming Yu and Ming Hua’s father. 

Eventually, all of their gazes turned back to Zhou Weiqing, still in midair. Their eyes were now filled with a hint of flaming, crazed passion, an indescribable mix of respect, shock, envy and even jealousy, clearly showing their powerful fluctuating and unstable emotions currently. 

Originally when they had followed Zhou Weiqing, the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue and the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya to the battlefield, and they had first seen so many Blood Red Hell powerhouses, all of these Heavenly Demon Sect Heavenly Kings had been filled with the awareness that their deaths were likely, and were prepared for it. They did not know what Zhou Weiqing’s plans and calculations were, and naturally did not have any confidence at all. If not for their loyalty to the Heavenly Demon Sect, the Sect Master’s orders and their own dignity as Heavenly King powerhouses, perhaps some of them might have even tried to run away. 

Furthermore, before the fight had even began, the series of actions by Zhou Weiqing, the flattery, fawning, bargaining, betting… all of it only served to confuse these Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses even more. They totally did not understand what this young man was trying to do. In the first place, they did not even know what cultivation base Zhou Weiqing had, as the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue did not tell them anything. 

Wu Yunyue’s thinking had been rather clear. If they could survive this battle, or even win it, then no matter what conditions Zhou Weiqing had, he could agree to them. If they could not survive the battle, then everything else would be moot. 

Of course, in the subsequent series of performances of Zhou Weiqing’s, the rest of the Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses could only watch in astonishment. They could not imagine how this young man of only twenty odd years could display such disposition, intelligence, cunning, power and calculation, all various types of powerful abilities. Not only did he succeed in running circles around their enemies, pulling the wool over their eyes, even the two Heavenly Emperors on their side were fully listening to his instructions. More importantly, these instructions and directions had actually brought such an unbelievable victory to their side!

They had won. They had actually won! More so, it had been a complete victory. Although their side were all injured, but they did not have a single death or debilitating injury.

After all, the enemies they had faced were the four Heavenly Emperors and eight Heavenly Kings from the Blood Red Hell, armed with the powerful Destruction Attribute! That was also without including the large numbers of Zong Stage and other powerhouses. In total, this entire force was perhaps equal or stronger than the one that had launched the sneak attack on their own Heavenly Demon Sect previously. Yet, the critical reason for this absolute victory was singularly Zhou Weiqing. The bright glow that Zhou Weiqing had blazed with had even covered that of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya. 

Everything else aside, just the fact that Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy was able to suppress the Destruction Attribute gave these Heavenly Demon Sect powerhouses a great enjoyment. Without the suppression of the Destruction Attribute, as well as the merging fusion capabilities, they could now unleash their own full powers, and they no longer needed to fear the Blood Red Hell powerhouses! The last fight had indeed proven this once more. 

Zhou Weiqing remained hovering in the skies, as ray after ray of gold light shone onto his body from the Astral Feedback. However, the watching allies could vaguely see a strand of blood flowing from the side of his mouth, and they couldn’t help but start to feel worried. 

Facing the Blood Red Hell and their Destruction Attribute, only Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Energy could face off against it! If something happened to him, what would they do against other Blood Red Hell powerhouses in the future? The Dan Dun Empire’s sudden meteoric rise naturally had an extremely close connection with the Blood Red Hell; and they knew that the power of the Blood Red Hell was definitely not just these few. Of course, the loss of these powerhouses would definitely hurt the Blood Red Hell deeply, but no one could guarantee how many powerhouses they still had remaining. 

Indeed, Zhou Weiqing was injured; he had been injured by the First Grand Elder’s core Flames of Life. Indeed, no matter how strong the First Grand Elder’s flames were, as long as they did not exceed the Heavenly God Tier stage, they would not be able to break Zhou Weiqing’s fire immunity, and the Destruction Attribute had been restricted and suppressed by the Astral Saint Energy’s power of creation. However, do not forget that the unparalleled overbearing Flames of Life that had been unleashed with the faith and conviction of death, it would still be able to attack 

Zhou Weiqing’s major injuries were from his soul, but previously he was afraid of affecting morale on their side and had just forcefully endured it. Now that the fight was finally over, as he released the Astral Cloud and Feedback, he couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of fresh blood. 

His vision blacked out, a sudden spinning sensation overcoming him, causing his hovering body to become unstable. 

Luckily, Zhou Weiqing’s soul had already reached the Heavenly Emperor state previous, perhaps even higher. He did not even know to what level and strength his soul had reached, with the boost from the dragon Hui Yao as well as the improvement when he had consolidated his Saint Core Nucleus had continuously improved and strengthened his soul. Furthermore, he had managed to finish off the First Grand Elder in a short period of time, and thus even if he had sustained injuries, it was not too critical. 

However, in the next instant, Zhou Weiqing’s body began to tremble violently as an unstable gold light sprang forth from his body.

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