Chapter 269: The true meaning of being crafty (3)

The Legendary Sets of the Second and Fourth Grand Elder of the Blood Red Hell were both a crimson blood red in colour. This was the unique quality that would appear when an entire Legendary Set was complete. 

Their Legendary Set was exactly the same. After all, the designs for Legendary Sets were extremely limited, even for a Great Saint Land. 

The eight pieces were still insufficient to cover their entire bodies, but at least the majority of it was covered. In truth, their Legendary Set seemed to be rather similar in terms of looks to the Terror Sea Dragon that Zhou Weiqing had seen previously, full of spikes all around. However, these spikes were all fiery red instead. The weapons in their hands was both long blood-red spears. As soon as their Consolidated Equipment gathered around them, they lifted their spears, pointing towards the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor. The unique pressure of the Heavenly Emperor powerhouses burst forth, focusing fully on Long Shiya. 

A terrifying energy reverberation spread throughout the battleground. The contrast between the previous fight between Zhou Weiqing and Tianlei, and this current match, was like the difference between heaven and earth. 

The two Blood Red Hell Heavenly Emperors’ pressure exploded forth, it was as if their presence had almost solidified. Shockingly, the entire space behind them had turned red, with their bodies as the focal point. 

A thick Destruction Aura mixed with the terrifying Darkness Attribute energies was rising even under the cover of flames. Through the spears in their hands, they were able to focus their pressure...

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