Chapter 269: The true meaning of being crafty (2)

Two Blood Red Hell powerhouses rushed to carry Tianlei’s body back to their side. There was a large hole in his chest, and his heart had already been shattered, blood staining his entire body. There were no signs of life left in the corpse. 

Rage flashed in the eyes of the four Blood Red Hell Grand Elder. Naturally, they could tell that Tianlei had been careless from the beginning. Although they still did not understand how Zhou Weiqing had won, it was ‘without question’ that if Tianlei hadn’t been so arrogant and careless, this current result would not have occurred. 

The Third Grand Elder’s actions were the most direct. With a swift kick, he sent Tianlei’s corpse flying away. “Trash! Why would we even need you?!” 

The First Grand Elder gave a cold humph, before the Third Grand Elder finally gave up the notion of continuing to desecrate the corpse. 

At this point, Zhou Weiqing seemed to come to his senses. Turning around, he said with a helpless look on his face: “I… I also don’t know what happened? Seniors, you can’t blame me for this. This Senior’s power was too strong, and I had no choice but to use my full power in reaction. Who could have imagined that his defenses were so weak. Ahh, I understand… perhaps it is because I am born with a natural immunity to fire. As a result, this Senior’s Fire Attribute energies did not have any use on me. Furthermore, he did not use any Consolidated Equipment… This is just luck… too much luck...” 

Natural Immunity to fire? Right! Wasn’t this immunity to fire already proven previously?!

Previously, in the northern borders, Zhou Weiqing had once faced off against a Heavenly King of the Blood Red Hell. It was exactly because of his Fire Attribute immunity that he had managed to escape. This news was well known to all the Blood Red Hell members, just that none of them had actually thought of it earlier. 

The Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder’s face muscles twitched uncontrollably. Although the death of a Heavenly King was not a huge deal to the Blood Red Hell, it had still taken a lot of resources to groom such a powerhouse. Yet, this fool had gifted his own life away without even using a single piece of Consolidated Equipment. The rage in the First Grand Elder’s heart was no lesser than the Third Grand Elder. If this Tianlei had fought with all his might at the start of the fight, with his powerful Heavenly Energy, even if Zhou Weiqing was immune to fire, he would not be able to escape death.

Zhou Weiqing said embarrassedly: “In that case, this first round is considered our victory. For the next two rounds, Seniors, please send your fighters.” 

The Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder’s brow furrowed deeply. Losing this first round had caught him by surprise, and it had also added many variables to his calculations. Naturally, he could no longer afford to easily lose this second fight. Turning to the Second Grand Elder, he gave a signal as he said: “Second Brother, you go.” 

The Second Grand Elder nodded. Towards the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya or the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue, none of them would dare be careless. Amongst all the Heavenly Emperors, these two were famous for a long time, having reached the stage for many years. This was especially so for the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya, being known as the top Heavenly Emperor under the Heavenly God Tier, and that reputation was definitely not without justification. Amongst the four Grand Elders, in terms of cultivation, the First and Second Grand Elders were naturally the strongest. By sending out the Second Grand Elder, even if the other side sent out Long Shiya, even if the Second Grand Elder was not able to defeat Long Shiya, he should be able to force it to a stalemate with both sides injured. At least this would mean Long Shiya would not be able to continue fighting in the ‘tournament’. 

In the Grand Elder’s eyes, even if the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and Demonic Emperor both won their fights, that would only be a total of three losses. As long as they could critically injure them, the next four fights would undoubtedly be their victory. 

To be able to recruit and incorporate two Heavenly Emperors into their forces was definitely of great interest and attraction to the First Grand Elder. If they could succeed, the power of the Blood Red Hell would grow considerably. When that happened, would they even need to worry about the Heaven’s Expanse Palace any longer?

Seeing the Second Grand Elder slowly walk forward, Zhou Weiqing retreated back to his side instead. Walking to Long Shiya’s side, he whispered a few lines, before repeating the process to the Demonic Emperor Wu Yunyue. 

Just as everyone thought that Long Shiya would be the one to fight, Zhou Weiqing stepped up once more. With a smile on his face, he said: “The result of the previous fight was truly an accident, and since your side has lost a person, we have decided that we will forfeit this round as an apology.” 

Forfeit? When they heard Zhou Weiqing’s words, all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses started. None of them could understand what Zhou Weiqing was thinking, nor could they fathom the deeper meanings behind his actions. 

Could it be that they were really just acting out this competition as a formality? After all, do not forget that their current competition format was that anyone could fight repeatedly, so there was no such thing as using strategy to ‘use a weaker person to waste a stronger opponent’s turn’. This forfeit by Zhou Weiqing was tantamount to just gifting the Blood Red Hell a victory for nothing!

Zhou Weiqing scratched his head helplessly as he said: “Senior, then shall we dispatch our fighters for the third round?” 

The Second Grand Elder was clearly still slightly at a loss, and he could only nod subconsciously. 

Zhou Weiqing continued: “Since we are using a seven round match format, this third round should be a two versus two fight, the fourth round a single combat round, the fifth another two versus two, and the last two rounds will be decided by single combat as well. In this third round, our side will be my Master and myself fighting. As the saying goes, a father-son combination works best.”[1]

Long Shiya took a step forward to stand by Zhou Weiqing’s side. Passively, he said: “Which of you will be fighting?” 

All of this happened just so quickly, so much so that many of the Blood Red Hell elders were still unable to react properly. They had just won the second round just like that? Although they would need to face up against Long Shiya in the third round, this Zhou Weiqing that was teaming up with Long Shiya looked to be just a mere ‘extra’, an insignificant presence that would not be of any threat at all. 

However, just to be safe, the First Grand Elder still nodded towards the Fourth Grand Elder. 

To send two Heavenly Emperors to face up against Long Shiya and Zhou Weiqing, in his eyes, that was already to take into account Long Shiya. After all, no matter even if Long Shiya was more powerful than he was, facing up against two High Level Heavenly Emperors, he might not fare well at all. Furthermore, the Second Grand Elder was already a top powerhouse who had reached the Max Level Heavenly Emperor stage as well. 

The Fourth Grand Elder also stepped forward to stand abreast with the Second Grand Elder. Both Elders did not even look at Zhou Weiqing, focusing their gazes on Long Shiya. With a palm-fist greeting, they said: “Greetings, we have heard of your great reputation.” 

Long Shiya nodded in acceptance. After all, his age, hierarchy and status was indeed above the two of them. Passively, he said: “Enough nonsense, let us begin. If you all want this old man to submit to the Blood Red Hell, you will need to show some real abilities first.” As the saying goes, since they were acting, they had to go all out. In order to match Zhou Weiqing’s scenario, the proud Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was actually willing to say those words of submitting to others… Of course, it was all only based upon a possibility, not a guarantee!

Zhou Weiqing’s expression displayed extreme nervousness, as he lagged half a step behind his Master. Everyone present could clearly sense that Zhou Weiqing was afraid of the threat the two Heavenly Emperors posed. 

Long Shiya’s brow furrowed as he glared at Zhou Weiqing in exasperation, grumbling: “Can you not be so useless? What have I taught you all this time? I really don’t know how I could be so blind in the past to actually accept you as my disciple.” 

Zhou Weiqing said with a flattering, fawning look on his face: “Isn’t it because I am just like you, with my six Attribute Elemental Jewels?” 

Hearing his words, the First Grand Elder suddenly felt that this brat was a little slow witted. Previously, he had stated his unique quality of being immune to fire without thinking, and currently he was just spouting off about his Elemental Jewel Attributes. Although the Blood Red Hell powerhouses had already known news about this, they were all after all on opposing sides, yet he had just revealed his own powers like this. If this wasn’t slow witted or naive, then what was it? 

As Zhou Weiqing spoke to Long Shiya, he huffily released his Consolidated Equipment one after the other, the rays of dark gold light shining one after the other. In moments, the nine pieces of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set had coalesced around his body. All of this just further displayed the lack of self confidence in his heart. 

However, on the other side, the Second Grand Elder and Fourth Grand Elder did not dare be negligent. They might be disdainful of Zhou Weiqing, but Long Shiya was a totally different matter. The name of the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor was just too great, and these two Heavenly Emperors did not dare to underestimate him. Both of them moved back as well, releasing their own respective Legendary Sets. 

With their status in the Blood Red Hell, they naturally had the best Consolidated Equipment. However, outstanding Legendary Sets were just too few and far between. Both of their Legendary Sets were only eight-pieces. Of course, that was already extremely powerful, but it was still a distance from the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor’s ‘Hate Sky No Handle’ Legendary Set. 

Once Zhou Weiqing had released his Legendary Set, in a flash, he dodged behind his Master’s back. 

Facing two Heavenly Emperors, Long Shiya also did not dare to be careless. Similarly, he released his nine-piece Legendary Set. At the same time, he also summoned his Six Ultimate Skill Manipulation Formation.

Behind Long Shiya, Zhou Weiqing also summoned his own Six Ultimate Godly Light Formation. With master and disciple both releasing their respective formations, they were glowing with brilliant six-coloured lights. No matter how much the Blood Red Hell powerhouses disdained of Zhou Weiqing, they had to admit that when the master disciple pair released such brilliant lights together, it was truly a bedazzling sight. 

Six Attribute Elemental Jewels! Such outstanding talents… up until now in the Boundless Mainland, only this master disciple pair of Long Shiya and Zhou Weiqing had it!

The Blood Red Hell First Elder shook his head inwardly, thinking to himself: This Zhou Weiqing’s talent is truly not bad at all, no wonder the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor would select him. Alas, his character isn’t good enough. No matter how talented a person is, if he doesn’t have a strong character and resolute willpower, he will never amount to much. In any case, as long as we can achieve victory for this, and better still, critically injure Long Shiya, the entire situation in the west can be easily resolved today. 

At this point, he even breathed a sigh of relief. After all, Zhou Weiqing’s actions thus far had caused him to be unable to place any importance on the youth.

1. The Chinese have a saying that ‘One day as Master, forever like a Father’. There is a large difference in their case between a normal student/teacher relation and a Master/Disciple relation.

2. The Chinese have a saying that ‘One day as Master, forever like a Father’. There is a large difference in their case between a normal student/teacher relation and a Master/Disciple relation.

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