Chapter 265: Astral Feedback (2)

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes were glowing with that same strange light as he stared into the skies, silent. It was as if he had entered a state of unique comprehension. 

He lifted his right hand, beckoning into the heavens. The six Heavenly Core Nucleus of the Heavenly Kings he had just slain flew in from different directions. The Dark Demon God Lightning had blown up the three Heavenly Kings, but their Heavenly Core Nucleus still remained. Six Heavenly Core Nucleus, warping into six rays of light, shooting into the skies towards the light, as if six stars rising into the heavens. 

As the six stars soared up, from up above, six rays of faint gold astral light shone down upon Zhou Weiqing, staining his body, still wearing the dark gold ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, with a brilliant gold astral light. 

As Zhou Weiqing bathed in this astral light, in the distance, Long Shiya could sense the energies within his body growing rapidly. This could also be seen visually as the glow on his chest was growing brighter and purer. 

Soon after, another gold light was released from Zhou Weiqing’s hands. It was the Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui’s Heavenly Core Nucleus. This time, the speed of the gold light rising was far faster than the previous six lights. It was almost as if in a gold flash, it had reached the heavens, and the corresponding astral light shone upon the Zhou Weiqing in the next instant. 

This time, the gold light almost formed a pillar, with a half metre radius. Bathed in the astral light, Zhou Weiqing’s body shuddered, and the aura he was emitting underwent a qualitative transformation. 

Breakthrough… he had broken through just like that?!

Watching in shock, the fat on Long Shiya’s face almost fell off in disbelief. Since when could Heavenly Jewel Masters breakthrough just like that? Speed aside… wasn’t this entire process just too miraculous?!

How could he know that this was the true profound secrets of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus. Of course, this also had a strong connection to Zhou Weiqing’s Devour Skill. 

The Saint Energy held the Power of Creation. This was not as simple as humans creating something, but the greatest Power of Creation in the world. The entire world was constructed by this most purest and original of energies, and the stars in the skies were also formed from this. 

What Zhou Weiqing had said was indeed true. Every Heavenly Core Nucleus had the potential to become a star in the skies, however this required a incomparably long process of evolution and development. These Heavenly King and Heavenly Emperors’ Heavenly Core Nucleus were naturally not real stars, but they held the same attributes and auras as stars. 

Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Saint Core Nucleus was consolidated and formed from this core origin Saint Energy. The words Astral Core was not named for nothing. A Heavenly Core Nucleus was only the embryonic form of a star, but his Astral Core Nucleus was truly the core of the stars. Any true star had its own astral core!

As such, Zhou Weiqing’s Astral Core Nucleus was at a far higher level than even any Heavenly God’s Heavenly Core Nucleus. 

Of course, with his current cultivation, he was far from being able to wield the full power of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus. Limited by his own cultivation, the Astral Saint Core Nucleus would be limited in terms of its evolving for now. 

However, that would not stop him from borrowing the power of the Astral Saint Core Nucleus. What he had just done earlier was to use his Astral Saint Core Nucleus to activate the astral power of the stars in the skies, causing echo and resonance to feedback back into itself. After that, when he released the energy of the six Heavenly Kings and one Heavenly Emperor Heavenly Core Nucleus, it was tantamount to sending this purest Astral energies into the skies, before gaining the resonant Astral power in return. 

Perhaps the total power of this Astral power was far below that of the seven Heavenly Core Nucleus, but it was the purest Astral power without any impurities, able to be used directly and infused into his Astral Saint Core Nucleus. Added on to the fact that Zhou Weiqing had already Devoured such a large amount of Heavenly Energy just now, the two factors had combined to push him from the Mid Level Heavenly King stage to the High Level Heavenly King Stage. If the Devour Skill could be considered the top method of increasing one’s cultivation in the human realm, then this Resonance Method of the Astral powers could be considered the top method in the realm of gods, one that defied the heavens!

When Zhou Weiqing had first consolidated his Astral Saint Core Nucleus, he had gained some of this understand. However, at that time it had not been too deep and profound. However, after this entire process, he was slowly beginning to grasp the true meaning and understand of the Astral powers and the Resonance method. 

The final ending of the Heavenly Emperor Meng Gui could be said to be fully under Zhou Weiqing’s calculations. With the Possession of the Demon God, Zhou Weiqing had sealed Meng Gui’s senses towards the outside world. At that time, Long Shiya could actually clearly sense the atmospheric energies all around having a strange reverberation. 

Zhou Weiqing had continued speaking with Meng Gui, and that was all to delay for time. For the current him to use the Astral powers, it actually required a rather long build up time. It was thus extremely difficult to use while in actual combat. Originally, when he had consolidated the tenth set of Heavenly Jewels, his tenth Elemental Jewel was already filled with Astral powers. In this case, it was similar to the seventh Jewel, unable to Store any other Skills. However, it was the source of him being able to activate the Astral Resonance Method. 

The final result had proved that Zhou Weiqing had succeeded. When the Astral powers were really activated by him, let alone the already injured Meng Gui; in such a situation, an uninjured Heavenly Emperor would not be able to withstand the power of the Astral powers, and even a Heavenly God might have to escape instead of taking it head on. 

The greatest weakness of the Astral power was its extremely long build up time. Of course, that was also because of Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation, and at least currently it wasn’t pragmatic in function. 

“Master, please move back a little.” Zhou Weiqing said respectfully to Long Shiya. 

Currently, Long Shiya still felt as if this was all a dream. Subconsciously, he back off, opening the space above the palace hall. 

Zhou Weiqing withdrew his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Set, his hands crossing in front of his chest. His entire body once again turned transparent, lighting up as the gentle astral light shone down from above slowly covering the Fate Denying Seal. 

A miraculous sight occurred, under the effect of the Astral powers, the Fate Denying Seal was slowly breaking down and dissolving. Indeed, dissolving, just like ice meeting water, the speed of the dissolving was not too fast, but it was steady indeed. 

At the same time, the diamond locket at Zhou Weiqing’s chest was glowing with a brilliant silver light, bursting forth to land right down below, forming a giant formation. 

Human figures after human figures began to slowly rise from the formation; slowly several thousand had appeared. 

Zhou Weiqing’s hand slashed downwards, and a ray of astral power swept through the large patch of figures. A young lady of absolute beauty, in a white dress, rose up into the air to hover by his side. It was Tian’er. 

At this point, even as he was circulating the Astral powers with all his might, Zhou Weiqing’s face revealed a nervousness. Looking at Tian’er, he nodded solemnly. 

Those years ago, he had ran away from home with Shangguan Bing’er to join the Heavenly Bow Empire army. After that, he had entered the Heavenly Bow Unit, and then to the Fei Li Royal Family Military Academy. When he had led the Fei Li Battle Team to win the Heavenly Jewel Tournament championship, his first grand achievement in his life, he had suddenly learnt of the bad news of his homeland falling. To Zhou Weiqing, that blow had been just too huge. 

However, he did not fall into despair. Instead, he braced himself and began working to revive the Heavenly Bow Empire. With his own hard work and power, he had brought the Heavenly Bow Empire back in a rise, to heights far beyond its original strength. 

This day, this moment… he had finally returned. Returning to this beloved homeland that he had been away for too long. Returning to the skies above the Heavenly Bow City. 

This was the time to undo the Seal. Once they reoccupied the Heavenly Bow City, it would also mean the final revival of the Heavenly Bow Empire had succeeded. 

The three thousand figures below were naturally the finest warriors of the Heavenly Bow Empire, the elites of the Peerless Regiment. One thousand Heavenly Cavalry soldiers, two thousand Peerless Archers. After they had been teleported here, they began to find the most suitable position for themselves. 

Within the Heavenly Bow City Royal Palace, there were no Kalise armies stationed. After all, the top powerhouses of the Blood Red Hell were guarding it, and the aura of the Fate Denying Seal would have some detrimental effects on ordinary humans. 

Currently, the Kalise Empire armies outside had already heard the commotion in the palace, but they did not launch any attacks as the powerhouses had been stationed there. As such, these three thousand men that Zhou Weiqing brought in were able to station themselves properly in the Royal Palace, ready to protect Zhou Weiqing while he spent all his efforts in saving his family. 

With the illumination of the astral power, the Darkness brought by the Fate Denying Seal was slowly being eaten away. However, in the process, Zhou Weiqing’s expression showed his constant emotional fluctuations. 

As he continued breaking down the Fate Denying Seal, he was able to sense the auras within the Seal. It was filled with despair, vexation, anger, killing intent, bloodlust… all sorts of negative emotions, even fear and terror. It was no wonder that even a Darkness Attribute Heavenly Emperor like Meng Gui did not dare to easily try to break down the Seal. Once he attempted doing so, these negative emotions would swell up and counterattack him at once. Even if he could withstand it, it would leave a mark on his soul, possibly causing future harm to his cultivation. This was the truly terrifying part of the Fate Denying Seal. 

Of course, Zhou Weiqing would not be influenced by these negative emotions. Let alone the Astral powers he had summoned along with his Astral Saint Core Nucleus allowing him to be unafraid of the counterattack of the Fate Denying Seal, just his resolute willpower alone could withstand these negative emotions! This was his father’s final move, and despite all of those external emotions, he could only feel a deep sorrow.

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