Chapter 259: Beating Up Father-In-Law? (1)

When Tang Xian realized that Zhou Weixing was actually about to marry all three of her precious darlings, she was instantly enraged. She had caused a huge ruckus at Heavenly Jewel Island, cursing Shangguan Tianyue senseless. This was the reason why she was standing apart from him just now.

Although Shangguan Tianyue had an exalted status, Tang Xian was the woman he had loved the most in all his life, and he had always felt rather guilty towards her. Thus, although Tang Xian caused a huge ruckus, there was nothing he could really do.

When Zhou Weiqing ascended the island, Tang Xian and Shangguan Tianyue had immediately received word and so they had both come out. She missed her daughter, but she was also enraged by the fact that the little bastard Zhou Weiqing was going to take advantage of all three of her baby girls. Whenever she thought of this, she was so angry...

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