Chapter 257: Do not think you have already won! (3)

Chapter 257: Do not think you have already won! (3)

Two masses of powerful Heavenly Energy began to flow into his body from his palms. However, this time, Zhou Weiqing did not feel the same sensation that he previously had when Devouring from Hui Yao, that of discomfort and being unable to withstand it. 

This purest Heavenly Energy, as it flowed into his body, it was immediately absorbed and divided by his thirty six Death Acupuncture Point energy whirlpools. As the energy was broken down, the thirty six Death Acupuncture Point whirlpools started acting like thirty six funnels, swiftly undergoing the transformation process respectively. 

This was the greatest benefit of his cultivation increase. Originally, when Zhou Weiqing was Devouring from the mighty dragon Hui Yao, it was just the one large, and one small personal Saint Energy whirlpool that was working the transformation. Currently, the thirty six Death Acupuncture Point energy whirlpools might not be as large as the one he formed with Tian’er, but the sheer numbers were just too great and the transformation speed was astonishing indeed. 

At the same time, the Astral Saint Energy that had been gathered in Zhou Weiqing’s Dantian began to circulate swiftly, quickly taking the freshly Devoured and transformed Saint Energy as its own, merging together without any hesitation. To Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, when this Astral Saint Energy began to spin, it seemed to form the thirty seventh energy whirlpool right smack in the middle of his Dantian. 

However, this Super Saint Energy Whirlpool was not merely absorbing, it actually began a second filtration process. 

Indeed. A second filtration process. The Saint Energy that had already been a product of the Heavenly Energy broken down, filtered, compressed and transformed… drop by drop they were going through another similar process. One by one, cleansed and condensed, and drop after drop of Astral Saint Energy began to appear from the bottom of the new whirlpool before fusing right into the whirlpool to become a true part of it. 

The Heavenly Energy of a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse was indeed immense and pure, but after the double filtration and transformative process within Zhou Weiqing’s body, the quantity had dropped obviously. 

The sensation of this process was just too miraculous for Zhou Weiqing. Every single second, he could actually feel his cultivation and power rising.

Furthermore, this rise in power was totally without any drawbacks or side effects, totally unlike the inherited legacies that Dongfang Hanyue had gotten from her father. 

This was once again the power of the Saint Energy! Without its existence, even if Zhou Weiqing was able to Devour from a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse to increase his own cultivation, it would leave a certain amount of latent problems within his body, just like Dongfang Hanyue’s case, or perhaps even worse. 

However, the Saint Energy could be considered the base, the absolute core of all energies in the world. It could be said that all attributes were transformed from Saint Energy. As such, when these external energies were absorbed and purified by it, there were no impurities left. As for Zhou Weiqing’s body, having been immersed by the Saint Energy for such a long time, his entire body had become like a massive smelting furnace for the Saint Energy. In such a circumstance, he naturally did not need to fear any problems occurring. 

Hui Yao had been observing Zhou Weiqing’s situation all the time. With his cultivation level, he could naturally sense all of the changes within Zhou Weiqing’s body, and his shock and surprise was not small at all. After all, the speed which Zhou Weiqing was Devouring was far beyond the time when he was Devouring from Hui Yao, yet when the massive amount of pure Heavenly Energy entered Zhou Weiqing’s body, the final transformed Saint Energy became such a small amount. Such a terrifying amount of Heavenly Energy could only become that little bit of Saint Energy! To what degree did it have to be purified and compressed for this to happen!

Although the current Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation was still far from Hui Yao, in that instant, Hui Yao could only think that in the future, when Zhou Weiqing entered the Heavenly God stage, what kind of power level would he reach? Perhaps, any Heavenly God Stage powerhouse of the same level… even ten of them, might not be a match for him. 

The truth might indeed be so. Simply put, Zhou Weiqing was currently at the nine-Jeweled stage. If ten Heavenly Jewel Masters of an equal level were in front of him now, what could they even do to him? Even if it were Heavenly King stage powerhouses, comparing to the current him, it was likely they would not be able to gain any advantage at all. With the power of the ‘Possession of the Demon God’, Zhou Weiqing even had the chance to challenge a low level Heavenly Emperor. 

As Zhou Weiqing continued Devouring, the grey illusory figure behind his back slowly grew more solid, more real. Although the face of the illusory grey figure was still not visible, as it continued consolidating, the aura it emitted was starting to give even the two dragons a strange pressure. 

Hui Yao and Duo Si exchanged startled looks, able to see the shock in each other’s eyes. It had to be known, they had barely parted from Zhou Weiqing a year ago! Yet, in this short year, Zhou Weiqing’s power had grown in such a massive leap, not just quantitatively, but also qualitatively! This was especially so for that grey aura… that pressure… not even a Heavenly God Tier should be able to have that. Although Zhou Weiqing could only be said to have activated a small portion of it, not able to wield it as his own, just the fact he was able to come up with such pressure was more than enough to show what kind of levels he would reach in the future. 

The Devouring continued. Zhou Weiqing was carefully controlling the Saint Energy within his body. Although this sensation of constantly improving so quickly was extremely comfortable, giving him much excitement, but this was still Devouring a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse. How could he afford to be careless? 

In the continued non-stop Devouring process, he slowly began to separate the freshly transformed Astral Saint Energy, infusing it into the other thirty six energy whirlpools. In this way, he could maintain the thirty seven whirlpools in a delicate balance. The output of the thirty six Death Acupuncture energy whirlpools would perfectly match the transformation speed of the thirty seventh whirlpool. 

Below Zhou Weiqing, the Terror Sea Dragon’s body was trembling. When the Devour Skill had begun, its eyes were already filled with terror. 

What kind of power was that? To actually be able to forcefully draw out his own Heavenly Energy. Zhou Weiqing’s current Devour speed, even for a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, it was still considered quite fast. Although the Terror Sea Dragon’s body would automatically try to replenish itself by drawing from atmospheric energies, its recovery rate could not possibly keep up with Zhou Weiqing’s Devouring speed. 

The silver-white light around Zhou Weiqing’s body was growing stronger and stronger. At the same time, the grey illusory figure behind his back was also growing clearer and more solid. By this point, the Terror Sea Dragon had lapsed into a sort of deep sleep. Facing the pressure from the Demon God, it did not even have a chance to withstand it, especially since its Heavenly Energy was being lowered steadily. In this process, its own life force was also weakening dramatically. 

The Devour Skill had never been just as simple as Devouring Heavenly Energy, even life force was not given up on! All energies were fair game to this terrifying Devour Skill. 

This was especially so since Zhou Weiqing had no qualms in this Devouring, not holding back anything at all. In such a circumstance, there could only be one final ending for the Terror Sea Dragon… being drained to death. 

Day passed, slowly entering the dark of the night… then back into the day. 

Zhou Weiqing was still continuing his Devouring. 

The Terror Sea Dragon truly lived up to its name as a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, especially since it had just recently swallowed its brother’s remnant Heavenly Core to become its own energy. As such, the sheer quantity of dragon Heavenly Energy it had was just too massive. 

Time passed in a non stop flow, and before long, three days had just passed like that. 

In these three days, Zhou Weiqing was not interrupted in the slightest. With the two mighty dragons holding the fort, even the world around them was fully under their control. 

Shangguan Bing’er had been watching to the side nervously. Although she was unable to directly Devour, just the powerful Saint Energy that Zhou Weiqing gave out subconsciously while he was Devouring was quite a big aid to her already. She did not even need to do anything, and the Saint Energy within her body would automatically circulate, at a faster speed than even her normal cultivation! This was also the reason why she was able to sustain the Wings of the Wind God for such a long period of time without feeling too tired. 


Three days, and another three. Zhou Weiqing had already been Devouring the Terror Sea Dragon for a total of nine days!

As the ninth day arrived, the Terror Sea Dragon’s body had already lost all of its lustre. Its Heavenly Energy had almost been drained dry. 

Currently, Zhou Weiqing seemed to have undergone a total overwhelming change compared to nine days ago. This was perhaps the clearest to Shangguan Bing’er who had been watching from the side all the while. She was surprised to find that her Little Fatty seemed to have become more handsome and suave. The original bronzed skin had become a healthy, glowing white, a faint light swirling beneath his skin. Even though he was still in the Dragon-Tiger Transformation, his skin no longer had the original scale patterns. 

Of course, that was not the only change. The most obvious change was the illusory figure behind his back and the Saint Energy surrounding him. 

His Saint Energy had all been transformed into Astral Saint Energy, forming lines of light spinning around his body. Currently, Zhou Weiqing seemed to have become the heart of a galaxy, with everything revolving around him. 

As for the grey illusory figure behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, it had currently hidden subtly. It had not actually vanished, but had soared higher into the sky. At the same time, it had reached the height of a hundred zhang!

Although Hui Yao and Duo Si could sense there was no enmity in the illusory figure, but they still felt an unparalleled pressure from it. Luckily, they were linked to Zhou Weiqing, and the illusory grey figure did not show any signs of animosity towards them. Otherwise, they truly suspected if they would be influenced and affected. 

Zhou Weiqing’s eyes had been closed all this time. However, the Astral Saint Energy around him was glowing brighter and brighter. Vaguely, they could see that around his chest there was a cluster of stars circling around, as if echoing with the Astral light around his body. As he breathed, his entire body seemed to follow the rhythm, glowing with a faint and indistinct light. 

At this point, Shangguan Bing’er did not even dare to breathe loudly. Although she was not clear what level Zhou Weiqing had reached, she could still sense that he had reached a critical point. 

The Terror Sea Dragon’s Heavenly Energy was almost drained dry. Currently, Zhou Weiqing was actually drawing out its primordial core from its Heavenly Core. 

Devour. Perhaps, this would be the final day. And to Zhou Weiqing, this was also the most important day. 

As his cultivation level increased constantly, his body constantly undergoing improvement and evolving… Devouring for nine entire days. However, it was only yesterday when his body started to feel an overly ‘full’ sensation. 

Just like what Shangguan Bing’er had seen, all of Zhou Weiqing’s Saint Energy had actually transformed into Astral Saint Energy. When all of the Saint Energy had completed this transformative process, Zhou Weiqing began to feel like his body was already too full of energy. 

Once he was full to the brim, the first to change was the ‘new’ thirty seventh energy whirlpool. 

This energy whirlpool no longer continued its energy transformation. It was no longer necessary. After all the assimilation, the thirty six Death Acupuncture energy whirlpools were already able to directly transform the Devoured Heavenly Energy into Astral Saint Energy!

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