Chapter 254: Possession of the Demon God (1)

Facing the severe pressure from the controlled water of the Terror Sea Dragon, Zhou Weiqing was left with no choice but to withstand it with his Saint Energy, holding out against the external pressure. With the assimilation effect of the Saint Energy, he was just barely able to hold on.

If not for the fact that the Terror Sea Dragon hated him so much and wanted to torture him slowly, perhaps it would have activated a far stronger, far more terrifying Skill now.

It was in no rush to kill Zhou Weiqing. It wanted to torture him, to see him suffer, and be lost bit by bit to endless terror.

The pressure that a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse could emit was just too horrifying. It was not just on the body, but right deep into the soul as well.

Zhou Weqiing could only feel that if he let up for even just a split second, he would instantly be smashed into smithereens by the massive Water Attribute energies pressing up against him. Not even the slightest fragment of his soul would remain.

All he could do now was just hold on… endure...

If he used the Saint Energy to activate the Ward of the Demon God, perhaps he could solve the current problem, but that was a method of last resort. Even with his cultivation stage, he would have to pay a severe price in terms of Saint Energy to summon the Image of the Demon God to descend upon the world. More importantly, he was not able to control it.

If things happened the way it happened last time, where the Demon God looked impressive and caused all of the atmospheric attribute energies around to be suppressed, but in the end was unable to withstand any attacks… then it was of no meaning to him at all. Once the Terror Sea Dragon destroyed the Image of the Demon God and focused its pressure back on him, he would no longer have any chance.

As such, Zhou Weiqing was waiting. Waiting for the moment that the Terror Sea Dragon launched its final finishing blow. In that moment, if he summoned the Image of the Demon God, perhaps there would still be a chance for him to escape.

Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing still had a few follow-up unique aces up his sleeves, to be used only if he really had no other choices. As such, although he was facing such a terrifying pressure, he did not panic. A chance might show itself at any time.

As the external pressure continued rising, Zhou Weiqing did not even need to control the Saint Energy in his body, which was circulating and accelerating throughout his own body under the pressure.

The thirty six energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points had linked up as one, spinning crazily at an astonishing rate.

Such immense external pressure was not without its benefits. Zhou Weiqing could at least clearly sense that as he continued facing such pressure and held out against it, he was slowly beginning to reach that threshold of the thirty-eighth stage of Saint Energy. He was about to reach the state of breakthrough at any moment.

Of course, given the immense gap in power between him and the Terror Sea Dragon, even if he broke through the thirty eighth stage, it would not be of much use.

It was also at this moment that this locked-out space was shaken by a violent explosion. This explosion obviously didn’t come from the Terror Sea Dragon, and the only function it served was to instantly double the pressure from the Water Attribute energies which were squeezing around Zhou Weiqing.

The Terror Sea Dragon wanted to slowly torture Zhou Weiqing to death, and thus it had not been using its full strength. At the same time, Zhou Weiqing had been waiting for an opportunity. Alas, the explosion had been just too sudden, and he had been unable to react quickly enough.

The pressure which had already been straining his limits was now doubled… what did this represent? Doom! Zhou Weiqing could only use his Saint Energy to summon the Ward of the Demon God as quickly as possible. In the next instant, the terrifying pressure almost completely swallowed him.

A blood red figure pierced right through the thick water attribute ‘wall’, and the slim and long Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear flashed like bloody lightning as it struck straight towards the Terror Sea Dragon.

Dongfang Hanyue had arrived, wearing her entire Tenebrous Demon Dragon Legendary Set, and the previous explosion had been caused by her.

Although Dongfang Hanyue did not have the Tenebrous Demon Dragon with her to fight together, she was still different from the current Zhou Weiqing. At least she was a true Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, and one with an entire top-end eleven-piece Legendary Set at that!

The power of the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear was so great that not even the previous previous, more powerful Terror Sea Dragon did not dare to accept a head-on blow, let alone this one.

Its massive body jerked up suddenly, ten spikes on its back abruptly shooting forth a ray of blue light which gathered together in a ball that slammed directly into the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear. Only then did it manage to stop her attack.

Dongfang Hanyue was not Zhou Weiqing. Thanks to the support of her full Legendary Set, even though the Water Attribute lockout still had some influence on her, it was not too large.

A top level Legendary Set was never just as simple as being good looking. Eleven pieces of God Tier Consolidated Equipment forming together as one Legendary Set meant that it was already one of the strongest things in this world.

In the Boundless Mainland, the Heavenly Snow Mountain Xue AoTian was overwhelmingly powerful, the only Heavenly God Tier in the entire continent. Yet, the Heavenly Snow Mountain was still not considered the first in the five Great Saint Lands. What was the reason?

Naturally, it was because of the Boundless Infinitum Set! Although the God Vanquishing Heavenly Spirit Set was also extremely powerful, if it was compared to the Boundless Infinitum Set, the difference was just too clear. With the Boundless Infinitum Set, even though Shangguan Tianyang was only at the max level Heavenly Emperor stage, he was at least able to fight to a standstill with the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord. Of course, he was still unable to defeat him.

Dongfang Hanyue had not reached the max level of the Heavenly Emperor stage, but since she had inherited the powers from her ancestors, along with her own hard work training and cultivating, she had already reached the High Level Heavenly Emperor stage. On land, she could face off against this Terror Sea Dragon all by herself, especially since it had only just reached the Heavenly God Tier stage. As the real Xuantian Palace Master, how could she be so easily disposed of?

Just now, she had been on the beach recalling all that happened between her and Zhou Weiqing. All of a sudden, she sensed a powerful energy fluctuation from the oceans, and she immediately realised what Zhou Weiqing must have met with, and so had rushed here as quickly as she could.

As the saying goes, a good man shall be repaid with good rewards. If Zhou Weiqing did not help Dongfang Hanyue recover fully, this current situation where she was able to rush over to save him would not happen.

The sheer destructive power of the Tenebrous Dragon Slaying Spear was sufficient to instantly free Zhou Weiqing from the massive pressure of the Terror Sea Dragon.

However, it was also right at this time that Zhou Weiqing’s body began to undergo some strange changes.

He closed both eyes, his entire body trembling slightly. Gray light began to appear and disappear over his Hate Ground No Handle set, making him look as though he was a crystalline entity that was constantly blinking with light. The energy ripples coming from his body were clearly extremely unstable.

Dongfang Hanyue naturally had no clue that this was happening to Zhou Weiqing due to the enormous, terrifying pressure he had faced earlier. Her actions had caused him to suffer that tremendous pressure, but she didn’t have any time to check on his condition. She just cast him a worried glance, then charged down to face the all-encompassing attacks unleashed by the Terror Sea Dragon.

During the battle against the previous Terror Sea Dragon, although Dongfang Hanyue had borrowed the Tenebrous Demon Dragon’s power, its main purpose had been to suppress the aura of the Terror Sea Dragon and to resist its attacks. Dongfang Hanyue, however, was meant to attack.

The Tenebrous Dragon Slayer Spear was a purely offensive weapon. Everything in her Tenebrous Demon Dragon Set was meant to launch the offensive. In terms of raw attack power, not even the complete Boundless Infinitum Set would necessarily be a match for her set.

In addition, the Terror Sea Dragon before them had just recently reached the Heavenly God stage. Compared to its brother, it was considerably weaker. Given that its brother had died by Dongfang Hanyue’s hands, how could it not feel a sense of fear? As a result, this clash ended up with Dongfang Hanyue’s enormous blood-red attack actually seizing the offensive upper hand.

The previous battle against the stronger Terror Sea Dragon had given Dongfang Hanyue experience in battle against these creatures. Her cultivation was at a higher level than it had been during that fight, and her body had now been strengthened and remade by Zhou Weiqing’s pure Saint Energy. The current Dongfang Hanyue actually had a higher level of combat power than during the previous battle, and her attacks were even smoother. She also discovered to her surprise that the Saint Energy vortex in her Dantian caused the rate at which she absorbed atmospheric energies to noticeably increase, even though it didn’t give her any other special abilities like Zhou Weiqing’s unique Saint Energy did.

Dongfang Hanyue actually had an even greater advantage against the Terror Sea Dragon than the Tenebrous Demon Dragon did. Her advantage lay in the fact that she herself had the Water Attribute in her Jewels as well. This allowed her to fight much more smoothly in the ocean, as it wasn’t as taxing for her as it would be for powerhouses who didn’t have the Water Attribute. Now that she was supported by that vortex of Saint Energy, she was able to rapidly absorb the Water atmospheric energies to sustain herself far longer in battle. This was an advantage which not even Zhou Weiqing had.

Although the Terror Sea Dragon’s overall power remained far above Dongfang Hanyue’s, she was able to lock onto its greatest weakness - its fear of death.

Dongfang Hanyue was exceedingly clever. When those two Terror Sea Dragons had appeared at the same time, this one had been so terrified by Zhou Weiqing that it had allowed the first one to perish. It could’ve taken a gamble and launched an attack against the Demon God which Zhou Weiqing had summoned, but it didn’t do so. Why? Because it was afraid of death.

Thus, when she launched her attack she strictly used suicide attacks that would result in harm to both sides. She completely ignored her own defenses and poured her full power into each attack. She didn’t ‘care’ about protecting herself, she only cared about injuring her foe.

This way, although the Terror Sea Dragon remained far more powerful than Dongfang Hanyue, it was also being smacked silly and completely suppressed. When it wasn’t careful, it suffered a few deep injuries from the Tenebrous Dragon Slayer Spear.

However, it was exactly because of these few wounds that the wild ferocity of the Terror Sea Dragon was ignited. Its enormous body suddenly rose up as all of its spikes straightened. It unleashed hundreds of dense beams of blue light into the skies, aimed not at Dongfang Hanyue but at the airborne Zhou Weiqing, who was in that rather strange state.

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