Chapter 254: Possession of the Demon God (1)

Facing the severe pressure from the controlled water of the Terror Sea Dragon, Zhou Weiqing was left with no choice but to withstand it with his Saint Energy, holding out against the external pressure. With the assimilation effect of the Saint Energy, he was just barely able to hold on.

If not for the fact that the Terror Sea Dragon hated him so much and wanted to torture him slowly, perhaps it would have activated a far stronger, far more terrifying Skill now.

It was in no rush to kill Zhou Weiqing. It wanted to torture him, to see him suffer, and be lost bit by bit to endless terror.

The pressure that a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse could emit was just too horrifying. It was not just on the body, but right deep into the soul as well.

Zhou Weqiing could only feel that if he let up for even just a split second, he would instantly be smashed into smithereens by the massive Water Attribute energies pressing up against him. Not even the slightest fragment of his soul would remain.

All he could do now was just hold on… endure...

If he used the Saint Energy to activate the Ward of the Demon God, perhaps he could solve the current problem, but that was a method of last resort....

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