Chapter 253: Let The Storm Rage Harder (2)

Previously, a certain someone only had eyes for her smooth, alabaster jade body. He had been completely mesmerized by her body, and so he didn’t notice until now that Dongfang Hanyue was actually wearing this.

He subconsciously reached out to stroke it… and instantly, he shivered as though he had been goosed. He hadn’t been able to tell just by looking at it, but when he used his hand to touch it he discovered to his astonishment that within this diamond jewel there was an incomparably powerful ripple of Spatial Attribute energy.

Zhou Weiqing himself possessed Spatial Attribute energy and also had Saint Energy. As a result, he had extremely keen senses with regards to any type of energy. Although he didn’t know how the metallic ‘shell’ of the necklace was created or how it had completely masked the Spatial Attribute energy inside, as soon as he touched it he instantly realized how marvelous it was.

W-what was this? Zhou Weiqing stared blankly, then stared greedily at the necklace. His hand, however, slowly dropped away from it and instead moved to rub Dongfang Hanyue’s chest. Even when this lecher was thinking, his behavior never changed.

He let out a soft sigh, then murmured softly to himself, “Ugh. You are the Xuantian Palace Master, while I have to go back to my world. There’s no way you’ll go with me. At least destiny brought us together for this one night. I should leave you something to remember me by. Who knows if we’ll ever have the chance to meet again?”

As he spoke, his big hand ceased its naughty movements across Dongfang Hanyue’s chest. A thick surge of Saint Energy slowly emerged from his palm and entered her body, stealthily passing through her meridians and gathering within her Dantian.

If anyone else did this, Dongfang Hanyue’s massive store of Heavenly Energy would immediately reject it. Zhou Weiqing could clearly sense that at the very center of Dongfang Hanyue’s chest, there was an absolutely enormous energy cluster. This was probably her Heavenly Core Nucleus!

However, this wasn’t the right time to analyze the mysteries of her Heavenly Core Nucleus. Besides, the Heavenly Core Nucleus was different from his own goal, which was to create a Saint Core Nucleus. Thus, he simply guided his Saint Energy into Dongfang Hanyue’s body.

One of the unique things about Saint Energy was that it wouldn’t be rejected by any other Attributes at all. This was because pure Saint Energy contained no destructive potential at all. Only when it was used in techniques and converted into other Attributes to unleash attacks would its powerful effect be made plain.

As a result, when the Saint Energy entered Dongfang Hanyue’s body, her own energies didn’t reject it in the slightest. In fact, her own energies actually parted way before the Saint Energy, allowing Zhou Weiqing to easily pour it all the way into her Dantian and then condense it.

Given Zhou Weiqing’s current cultivation level, he was now far better at pouring Saint Energy into another person than before. In addition, he wasn’t stingy at all when pouring it into Dongfang Hanyue. He even activated his purest energies, the astral silver Saint Energy.

The Saint Energy slowly formed a small astral whirlpool within Dongfang Hanyue’s Dantian, which quietly began to spin and take on a life of its own. Although it wouldn’t grow stronger the way Zhou Weiqing’s energies would, this pure vortex of Saint Energy in her body would serve as an ‘energy boost’ for when she tried to break through to become a Heavenly God in the near future. The formerly-impossible bottleneck would no longer be a problem.

He maintained careful control over his Saint Energy as he formed the whirlpool. By the time he finished, his forehead was matted with sweat. This was his first time directly creating a whirlpool of Saint Energy for another person, especially with the most highly distilled and pure Saint Energy he had. Although he didn’t give her all of it, he still gave her an enormous amount. He wouldn’t be able to fully recover without at least two weeks of rest.

After finishing his task, Zhou Weiqing revealed a hint of a smile. “You are now my woman. I’ve done right by you. I left you a little gift, so it wouldn’t be too excessive if I took a souvenir of my own, right?” Of course, he was only talking to himself as Dongfang Hanyue was still sleeping soundly in his arms.

As he spoke, he carefully removed the necklace from her neck, then hung it around his own. A satisfied, guilt-free smile was on his face as he murmured, “There are some things in this world which you can find a second copy of, but my Saint Energy is absolutely unique.”

As he spoke, he carefully lifted Dongfang Hanyue out of the crook of his arm, then gently placed her down on the blanket.

He let out a long sigh, then dressed himself in fresh clothes. He wanted to leave, but was still a bit reluctant to. He returned to Dongfang Hanyue’s side, giving her face a kiss and squeezing her softest parts a few times before turning and walking towards the sea.

His dragon-tiger wings spread out as he suddenly unleashed the Dragon-Tiger Transformation. With a gentle flap of his wings, he soared into the skies and began to fly out into the sea.

Right after he flew away, the ‘slumbering’ Dongfang Hanyue slowly opened her eyes and looked up from the blanket. An embarrassed, irritated look was on her face as she muttered to herself, “That bastard. He just had to take advantage of me before leaving. He really is a jerk. A bastard. A pervert.”

She rose to sit up, dressing herself while sitting on the blanket. When she accidentally saw the spot of dark crimson color on the blanket, her cheeks instantly turned even more crimson.

“You know, jerk… I don’t regret it either. Honestly. I really don’t.” She could sense the astral whirlpool within her body. Although it didn’t contain a particularly large amount of energy, the energy it did contain was incredibly pure and seemed to transcend all other Attributes. It was utterly beguiling.”

A spellbound look was in Dongfang Hanyue’s beautiful eyes. As the Palace Master, she had always received the finest tutelage and was by nature a supremely clever person. However, she still couldn’t resist falling for that bad, bad man.

She simply continued to sit there, completely absorbed in her memories.

The first time she saw him, she had been beguiled by his effortless self-confidence. Even though he wasn’t all that handsome, his talent, his self-confidence, and the focused look on his face when he created that God Tier Consolidating Equipment Scroll had left an extremely deep impression in her heart.

During the many days that followed, he had displayed incredible abilities in many different areas. Even though she herself was also acclaimed as a ‘genius’, she couldn’t help but feel a bit ashamed of her inferiority. If it wasn’t for her father’s legacy, she would probably be inferior to him in every way.

Finally, there came the day when that bad man actually took advantage of her as they leapt off the cliff. At first, for a very brief instant, she really did want to kill him. However, she just couldn’t do it. The excuse she gave was that she couldn’t kill a genius like him… but was the answer really as simple as that? The real answer was, he was the only man she had ever taken a liking to.

Perhaps young maidens would care more about a man’s physical appearance, but as the Xuantian Palace Lord, Dongfang Hanyue had seen far, far too many handsome men. The only thing she truly cared about were inner qualities. Although Zhou Weiqing had shown himself to be a pervert and a lecher, none of that was able to wipe away his absolutely astonishing talent.

For a long period of time after that, she had completely ignored Zhou Weiqing. It was partially because she was angry, but also because she felt a bit lost.

Perhaps it was when she took him into that separate Spatial region to spar with him that everything changed.

Dongfang Hanyue never would’ve imagined that she would end up losing a battle in what she believed to be the only area she surpassed Zhou Weiqing in. She had already been able to sense a portion of the power within Zhou Weiqing’s Bloodline, and the final Devour Skill had caused her to feel a sense of fear.

And so, she lost the bet. Even after what had just happened last night, she still wasn’t sure what she felt in her own heart. She had still been telling herself that she didn’t want to owe this fellow anything, and so she sacrificed her body to him.

Now, however, she knew the truth.

The moment she had first fallen for him was the moment when he had won their bet. When Zhou Weiqing had gained victory, he had also won something in her heart. However, what truly made her love him was his behavior when they had battled those two powerful Terror Sea Dragons. At the most dangerous moment, he didn’t hesitate at all to charge out and fight the second Terror Sea Dragon.

Sometimes, you only needed a single moment to fall in love with someone. That moment was the moment he had conquered her heart.

It didn’t always matter how a man normally behaved. If he could rise up and step forward at critical life-and-death moments to sacrifice himself for his woman, that meant he was a responsible man who was worthy of that woman’s love.

In that moment, Dongfang Hanyue had cried behind her mask. She finally knew her own heart. She knew that she had fallen for this bad man, and there was no way out.

Even after she saw him display a level of power that was beyond what she believed he possessed, and even after she realized why he had come to the Xuantian Continent, Dongfang Hanyue didn’t feel the slightest bit of anger towards him for his deceptions. Instead, she had only fallen even more madly in love with him.

He came here for the Spatial Teleportation Gem. There was no need for him to get involved at all. Even if he didn’t flee, he could just stand there and watch. When Dongfang Hanyue was forced to the brink, she would’ve had to use the Spatial Teleportation Gem and even would’ve tried to rescue him. That would’ve been the perfect moment to seize the gem.

But… he didn’t do that. He had chosen to do something incredibly stupid. After they had arrived here, he had even told her everything.

His actions definitely were not without risk. This was obvious from how that enormous thing he had summoned had instantly been destroyed. He had been gambling with his life! If the Terror Sea Dragon had attacked without pause, he probably wouldn’t have been able to survive.

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