Chapter 250: Zhou Weiqing’s Choice (1)

Chapter 250: Zhou Weiqing’s Choice (1)

As the blood-colored streak of light pierced into the ocean waters, this time there was no accompanying explosion. Instead, the entire patch of ocean water instantly turned into a brilliant red, as if stained by fresh blood. 

Currently, Zhou Weiqing was in the ocean water, rather far from the actual battle ground. However, in that instant, he felt as though the entire waters around him was turning cold; the terrifying energy fluctuations so strong that it felt as if his entire body was being torn apart. 

What kind of energy was this? 

Vaguely, Zhou Weiqing could sense that the icy power was filled with both the Darkness and Demonic Attributes. Besides that, there was also a strange destructive power that seemed to bring a tearing sensation. 

A Fusion Skill. This had to be a Fusion Skill.

Zhou Weiqing immediately made the judgement. Furthermore, this was a true Fusion Skill between the Darkness and Demonic Attributes. Zhou Weiqing had six-Attributes of his own, and more importantly, he was the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor Long Shiya’s disciple. In that short period of time, he had already accurately assessed this blow from Dreamwake and analysed it thoroughly. 

The blow that Dreamwake’s Dragon Spear had released was indeed the Tenebrous Attribute,...

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