Chapter 247: Battling Dreamwake (3)

Chapter 247 – Battling Dreamwake (3)

What was going on? Wasn’t she unable to use any techniques? Just as Zhou Weiqing was feeling rather puzzled, the Tenebrous energy around her suddenly retracted. When Zhou Weiqing saw her body, he couldn’t help but let out a startled cry: “Transformation?!”

Yes. Dreamwake was now completely different from earlier. All of her clothes had vanished, and replacing them was a dense layer of black reptilian scales. The scales actually looked quite similar to her Legendary Set. The strangest thing was, her eyes had become a devilish, blood-red color. Zhou Weiqing felt as though he was staring into the eyes of the Tenebrous Demon Dragon once more.

An enormous pair of wings had already spread out behind Dreamwake. Her entire body was filled with a sense of both beauty and power. She seemed to have become much taller, and her face was now covered with a mask that completely hid her features. All he could see was her devilish, blood-red eyes.

One final arrow landed, and Dreamwake didn’t even move to dodge. Clank! The scales on her body were able to easily deflect the power of Zhou Weiqing’s arrow.

“You bastard. There’s no way I’m going to spare you today.” Even...

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