Chapter 245: When a Man Hangs onto a Woman (2)

Chapter 245: When a Man Hangs onto a Woman (2)

As Nie Han walked at the front, Zhou Weiqing first sniffed at his hand, smelling the faint fragrance on it before grinning as he followed behind. As he did so, he began to scan and observe his surroundings. 

In this deep valley, the aura was rather dank and gloomy, even the surrounding rocks were black, as sunlight was unable to shine directly into the valley. The entire valley seemed void of vegetation, only surrounded by jagged rocks of grotesque shapes.

Zhou Weiqing discovered that in this valley, there were two Attributes which were the most vibrant and lively, both of which he was extremely familiar with. The sheer thickness of the two was almost equal to that of the Lustre Spatial Realm when the mother dragon Duo Si had been driven insane and was unleashing Fire Attribute energies without restraint. The two Attributes currently was that of the Darkness and Demonic attributes. 

Indeed, there was actually a large amount of natural Demonic Attribute present. Although it was extremely mixed and impure, it was still such a rare sight, one that Zhou Weiqing had never witnessed before. 

Although the terrain was extremely rough, it could not affect the powerhouses of the XuanTian Palace, and their speed of advancement was extremely quick. As they advanced deeper, following Dreamwake and the XuanTian Palace Master’s lead, the Darkness and Demonic Attributes grew even stronger and livelier. 

All of a sudden, Dreamwake stopped in her tracks, allowing the four Grand Elders to overtake her, returning to Zhou Weiqing’s side. However, the usual faint smile on her face was no longer present, left with a stern and chilly manner. 

“Err…. Dreamwake, I … it was not on purpose.” Zhou Weiqing stammered an explanation in a low tone. 

Dreamwake glared at him savagely before saying: “Follow me closely, do not stray five metres apart from me. 

As she said that, a sudden familiar and warm aura appeared around her, enveloping both herself and Zhou Weiqing. As soon as this unique aura appeared, the Darkness and Demonic Attributes around them were actually blocked off, no longer reaching either of them. 

The terrain abruptly flattened, and right in front, the Palace Master Dong Fang halted in his tracks. The four Grand Elders arranged in a single file behind him, while Dreamwake actually brought Zhou Weiqing to the front to stand beside Dong Fang. 

Right in front where the terrain flattened out, there was a thick black mist covering the entire area. If they entered the mist, Zhou Weiqing did not doubt that they would not be able to even see their own fingers if they waved their hands in front of themselves. 

As they reached this spot, both the Darkness and Demonic Attribute energies were clearly even stronger, and purer. However, they did not seem to be purer individually, instead somehow fused together while becoming purer. 

Tenebrous Attribute? Zhou Weiqing’s heart jerked in sudden realisation, as he instantly thought about what Dreamwake had described to him previously. That important personage living here that they were here to visit should definitely be well versed in this Tenebrous Attribute. Of course, for all of the XuanTian Palace powerhouses to place such importance on him, one could just imagine what his cultivation level was at. 

The XuanTian Palace Master looked at Dreamwake, who nodded at him. With a flip of her wrists, a large black crystal appeared in her hands, giving a stark visual contrast to her small tender white hands. 

With a flick of her wrists, black light began shining brightly, and in a flash the crystal flew right into the black mist. 

Zhou Weiqing turned to look at the four Grand Elders and Nie Han behind them, discovering that they all had a respectful expression on their faces. 

Not much time had passed when abruptly, a fierce pressure exploded from the black mist, filled with a bitter cold, filling the entire area at once. The thick black mist billowed out furiously towards all of them.  

“Do not move.” Dreamwake’s voice rang out in Zhou Weiqing’s ears. In the next moment, the thick black mist had already enveloped all eight of them. Only then did Zhou Weiqing understand why Dreamwake had asked him not to leave her side in the radius of five metres. In that radius, the aura around Dreamwake’s body actually isolated them from everything happening outside. 

He had just treated her in such a fashion, but she was still concerned about his safety. Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but feel the favourable impression in his heart towards her increase greatly. Of course, towards such a beauty, his favourable impression was always there...

The thick black mist spread all around the air, the entire surrounding was obscured even for their vision. Since he was in Dreamwake’s aura, Zhou Weiqing dared not extend his senses, though he was fully focused and wary. Vaguely, there seemed to be an aura influencing his bloodlines within the thick black mist, making him feel like his blood was boiling and ready to fight. 

“What is it?” A low, melodic yet magnetic male voice rang out from all directions. The terrifying aura that even the XuanTian Palace powerhouses had to be careful of also disappeared at the same time. 

The XuanTian Palace Master said respectfully: “Sir, along the west coastal seas, a Terror Sea Dragon has recently been appearing in the area. It has caused much destruction to our ships, and seems to be specially targeting us, lingering around the area without moving back. After some discussion, we are thinking of taking the initiative to attack and deal with it, and we hope that you could aid us in that matter.” 

“Terror Sea Dragon?” The resonant male voice had a hint of surprise. Falling into silence for a moment, he finally continued: “Do we know its specific circumstance?” 

The Palace Master shook his head, saying: “We’re still not clear regarding that. The news was passed to us via Spatial Transmission. Alas, anyone who has actually seen it is already dead.” 

An angry humph rang out. “A Terror Sea Dragon dares encroach upon the coast, it is looking for death!” 

The XuanTian Palace Master asked tentatively: “I’m afraid it is trying to provoke your [1] awe and prestige. Alas, with just our strength alone, especially in the ocean, we are unable to deal with it. As such, we have come to ask for your help.” 

“If you are able to lure it to shore just like the previous time, I can help you kill it. However, in the oceans, even I am unable to help.” After a slight pause, the rich male voice rang out once more. 

Hearing its words, the expressions of all present changed. Dreamwake said rather recalcitrantly: “Is a Terror Sea Dragon that powerful? Didn’t our ancestors kill one before?” 

The resonant male voice spoke solemnly: “That was because the slain one was a rash and impetuous one, actually daring to chase them onto land. As such, we managed to work together to kill it. Even so, we had paid a heavy price. In the world today, the Terror Sea Dragon is one of the most powerful of the Dragon Tribe still alive, its core bloodline is a legacy that is second only to that of the Dragon Emperor Bloodlines, an existence that can reach the Mid Level Heavenly God Tier. More importantly, when it is In the oceans, it is able to borrow the powers of the oceans. Even if the Dragon Emperor fights against it in a one versus one fight in the oceans, it may not be match for the Terror Sea Dragon.” 

Dreamwake’s brow furrowed as she said: “But… are we just going to allow it to run wild in along the coastal regions? That will have a terrible effect on us all. Even if we can’t kill it, we need to at least find a way to chase it away. Don’t tell me that even you are afraid of it?”

To Zhou Weiqing’s surprise, towards Dreamwake’s rather rude query, that powerhouse hiding in the mist did not grow angry. Instead, his voice grew gentler instead: “Naturally, I’m not afraid of it. However, if we were to fight in the oceans, I can definitely escape if the fight goes badly, but you all won’t be so lucky. With just my strength alone, it will be difficult to chase it away. If this Terror Sea Dragon is really here to target you all, then it must have some close connection with the one we killed a long time ago. In that case, it would not have dared come to cause trouble without some preparation. Furthermore, that also means it will be even more difficult to draw into onto shore.” 

The Fire Elder said: “Sir, what if were to use the Spatial Teleportation Gem? With it as a backup assurance, we can all ensure we attack at full power. With so many of us gathered together at full power, under your leadership, we should be able to critically injure it.” 

“Spatial Teleportation Gem…?” The resonant male voice paused for a moment. “That is not a bad idea indeed. However, the number of attackers cannot be a lot. The Spatial Teleportation Gem’s power is currently a far cry from its previous self, and it can at most be used three more times. More importantly, each time it can only sustain the teleporting of ten life forms or less. If we are only injuring the Terror Sea Dragon, it is not worth using it. But… if we can kill it, then it will be worthwhile. Alright.. Fine… even if I have to risk sustaining severe injuries, I will accompany you all. However, if we succeed in killing the Terror Sea Dragon, I want its Heavenly Core to help me recover. If I can drain its Heavenly Core, I will have the chance to enter the Mid Level Heavenly God Stage, or perhaps even higher.” 

Dreamwake’s brow furrowed as she said: “We can’t give you the entire thing, just a portion.” 

“Little girl, you are being too greedy.” The resonant male voice was clearly a little unhappy, yet even in that dissatisfaction, Zhou Weiqing could still sense some feelings of doting fondness. 

Abruptly, the black mist in the front began to part. Although the surroundings were still dark, they could now vaguely see some shapes within. 

Two strange, glowing balls appeared, giving forth a thick aura of the Tenebrous Attribute, shining brightly in the thick darkness. 

What was that?! Zhou Weiqing’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at it. Under the strange, demonic shining red light, he quickly saw the vague figure of a massive body stand up several hundred metres away. 

Black scales, just like piece after piece of black crystals inlaid on the body. The massive body, it was at least forty metres long. Giant wings spread apart slowly as it slowly stood up, and at last Zhou Weiqing saw that the strange red light was actually its eyes.

It was a Dragon… it was actually a huge Dragon!

In that instant, Zhou Weiqing felt as if his throat had been gripped tightly by an invisible hand. He was actually looking at a dragon, and from the looks of things as well as the behavior of the XuanTian Palace powerhouses, he could clearly see that this massive dragon was definitely an absolute powerhouse that guarded the XuanTian Palace. 

The pitch black scales, that thick aura of Tenebrous Attribute. This was clearly a Tenebrous Demon Dragon, a powerful Low Level God Tier Dragon.

The XuanTian Palace truly lived up to its name as the only Great Saint Land on the entire XuanTian Continent! It actually had a Tenebrous Demon Dragon, such a powerful Heavenly God Stage presence, living in the heart of headquarters, guarding them. Added on to the XuanTian Palace’s own might and resources, even if the five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland joined forces to cross the oceans to invade the XuanTian Continent, they might not come up on top in the end. 

Only now did Zhou Weiqing finally understand why the five Great Saint Lands of the Boundless Mainland would actually sign the non-aggression pact. The XuanTian Palace definitely had the weight behind it to deserve such respect. 

At the same time, he felt a chill run down his spine as a light sheen of cold sweat began to form around his body. Luckily, he had not tried anything during his time here. Perhaps, in front of a Heavenly Emperor, he would still have the chance to escape. However, if he were to face a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse, he would not even have the qualification to attempt running, let alone succeeding. 

Although the Tenebrous Demon Dragon did not specifically release its aura, just the presence of it standing there had a massive pressure upon all of them. Zhou Weiqing abruptly discovered the bloodline in his body was boiling and raging, as if in severe unrest, causing his entire body to be in a state of excitement and stimulation. 

“Ehh?” All of a sudden, the huge red orbs that were the dragon’s eyes, looking like large lanterns, turned to focus on him...

[1] He is using the honorary term here to address

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