Chapter 245: When a Man Hangs onto a Woman (1)

Chapter 245: See above (1)

“Ah——“ A utterly shrill and desolate scream echoed around the abyss of XuanTian Citadel, alarming the entire building in a split second. As for the source of it, a certain someone in midair had come to his senses, clinging solidly to another certain someone beside him as if he were an enormous octopus.

Dreamwake had never thought that this young God Tier Consolidating Equipment Master Zhou, who had acted so coolly composed, self assured, and wise during the dinner, would actually react like this once she brought him off the cliff and into the abyss with her.

She’d been so startled by Zhou Weiqing’s scream, enough so that when he suddenly bear-hugged her, she didn’t have enough time to stop him. Before she knew it, the strong musk of a man filled her nostrils. 

Dreamwake’s cultivation was exceedingly high, but at that point, she almost failed to control her body, almost sending them both plunging into the abyss uncontrollably.

“What are you doing?!” Anxious and embarrassed, she tried to struggle free of Zhou Weiqing’s grasp, but he had a death grip on her, and despite her best efforts she was unable to break free. Alas, that also had the unfortunate side effect of causing the speed of their descent to increase even more rapidly, forcing her to switch her attention to controlling the air currents to support their bodies to prevent them from free-falling to the bottom. 

Holy shit yeah! Zhou Weiqing was grinning from ear to ear inwardly. He was currently hugging Dreamwake tightly and his face was also stuck tightly to her smooth and tender face. He could vaguely sense a certain energy in her body that seemed to be a great match for his own.

Domineering cliff faces surrounded them, and the light dimmed continuously as they descended. Dreamwake really wanted to smack this wretched fellow to death, but she could clearly feel from his increasing heartbeat that Zhou Weiqing really seemed very afraid. Her heart softened and she sighed to herself. The guy was only Five Jewels, and although he had great talent in terms of creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, he was after all only at the Zun stage. It was normal to be afraid when jumping off a cliff. Things are already like this, let’s handle it when we get to the ground.

Even though she was already twenty nine, Zhou Weiqing was the first man who’d been so physically close to her in her life.

After a span of around twenty breaths, when the surroundings had grown extremely dim, Zhou Weiqing could feel their momentum slow. They set foot on solid ground in the next moment.

For some reason, Zhou Weiqing felt very cold all over as soon as they landed. The temperature here was much colder than up there, but with his physique and constitution, he shouldn’t be affected by temperature at all.

He raised his head subconsciously and met looks of indescribable strangeness. 

All four Grand Elders were staring open mouthed, their jaws gaping so wide that one could shove a dragon’s egg into their mouths. Even the XuanTian Palace Master was looking at Zhou Weiqing a bit stiffly. Nie Han’s expression was rather odd, as if he wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare to. The entire group was surrounding Zhou Weiqing and Dreamwake, staring at them.

Indeed, it must be very weird for a large, buff man to be clinging onto a beautiful woman, with the position and posture of an octopus. Not to mention that he was clinging onto Dreamwake, the head of the three God Tier Consolidating Equipment Masters in the XuanTian Palace.

“Eh…” Zhou Weiqing made an embarrassed sound. Slowly, he began to put his legs down first, before slowly peeling himself off of Dreamwake. He could even feel Dreamwake’s full peaks slowly bouncing back into position as he leveraged himself off her. Of course, what also bounced to attention were his ‘important bits’.

Zhou Weiqing barely managed to hold his breath to force his face to start turning red, to look like he was blushing from embarrassment. Otherwise, with his usual thick skin, what did he care about being seen like that… 

Dreamwake stood there blankly, staring off into space as her face flushed, her expression changing from red and white and back. The always elegant and noble Dreamwake was now breathing unsteadily, as if she would fly into a rage at any time.

“You—-” Dreamwake’s right hand suddenly drew back as terrifying power exploded from her. The immense aura forced Zhou Weiqing back a few steps until he fell onto his buttocks on the ground.

So strong! Even though he was currently putting on a act, he could still clearly feel how strong Dreamwake was at this moment. She was vastly stronger than he’d imagined.

If this palm landed, there wouldn’t even be bone dust left of him if he really was a Five Jewel Master.

“Mercy!” The four Grand Elders walked forward and spoke urgently. Such a young genius as Zhou Weiqing was absolutely rare throughout the land.

But, as Zhou Weiqing observed coolly, he noticed another strange point. Although the Grand Elders pleaded for mercy, none of them were really moving to stop Dreamwake. Even the Palace Master was standing there without saying a word.

Dreamwake took a deep breath, her upraised hand shaking twice before she slowly put it down. Her beautiful eyes were locked onto Zhou Weiqing and seemed like they would spit fire. At last, she just snorted angrily and stalked into the depths of the cavern.

The Palace Master shook his head with resignation and followed Dreamwake, seeming to transmit a message via voice-transference to her.

The four Grand Elders heaved a sigh of relief, then looked at Zhou Weiqing’s utterly terrified look. They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, finally they could only just sigh before turning to follow the first two with a flourish of their robes.

It was Nie Han who walked over and pulled Zhou Weiqing up from the ground. He spoke in a low tone: “Weiqing, you’re quite bold eh! You even dare to take advantage of Dreamwake.”

Zhou Weiqing responded awkwardly: “I thought she was committing suicide with me. It was just too sudden; I’ve never jumped down from a cliff. It was too terrifying!”

Nie Han chuckled and sent him an understanding look. “You probably didn’t know that Heavenly King powerhouses can already fly with their own power. Alright, now follow me. Later on, try not to set her off again. Otherwise, even the Palace Master won’t be able to save you if she really loses her temper.”

“Okay.” Zhou Weiqing nodded honestly. He’d already taken advantage of her anyway.

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