Chapter 244: Fastest Consolidating Equipment Scroll Master in History (3)

Chapter 244: Fastest Consolidating Equipment Scroll Master in History (3)

The Water Elder, who sat in the main position among the four Grand Elders, spoke gravely: “This matter isn’t easy to deal with. The Terror Sea Dragon is almost an invincible existence in the ocean. Even with our palace’s might, it is still virtually impossible to kill it. Even a successful attempt would definitely result in grievous losses that do not justify the gains. It is better to come up with some other method to chase it away.” 

The Fire Elder frowned slightly, “Chase it away? How are we going to chase it away? Will that thing even listen to us? It’ll most likely retaliate with wanton attacks instead. In my opinion, if the plan is sound, it’s not like we don’t have a chance to kill it. If our predecessors could get it done, why not us? Hunting this dragon is definitely dangerous but once we get it done, the benefits towards our palace will naturally be incredible too.”

The two Grand Elders firmly represented two conflicting opinions.

The Earth Elder also voiced his thoughts: “This Terror Sea Dragon might be an offspring from the one killed back then by our predecessors, thus it hates us so much. Once it find out that we use the Tenebrous Attribute, it will most likely be impossible to chase it away. At that point, if we don’t kill it, we might even all perish. We have to deliberate this more carefully.”

Zhou Weiqing chimed in: “Aren’t we able to temporarily pull back on this business from the oceans? Anyway, that Terror Sea Dragon won’t easily go on land either or its power will be greatly reduced.”

Everyone here naturally didn’t think Weiqing would speak during his first meeting. All eyes fell on him as if he was a fool.

Dreamwake helped him out again and said, “Consecrated Zhou, it isn’t that simple. Our Xuantian Continent is vast, but the arable land suitable for farming is extremely limited. Our geographical landscape is mainly rocky mountains and hills which aren’t suited for growing food. For many years, in order to maintain the livelihood of the ordinary citizens, we have always ventured into the oceans for much of our food and other important goods. It was so much so that the materials near the coast aren’t enough to satisfy the entire continent’s demands any longer. As a result, each year, we send at least one hundred large ships further into the oceans in order to bring more resources back. This is for the people’s welfare, if we can’t fish or treasure hunt anymore, I’m afraid starvation will rear its ugly head eventually.”

“Ah, I see! Excuse me, I rarely dealt with outside matters so I wasn’t clear. Please continue, gentlemen.” Weiqing quickly closed his mouth.

Luckily, the four Grand Elders didn’t become suspicious of him, evident by their friendly smiles. In their eyes, he was still too young. Despite his natural talents, he still lacked maturity.

The XuanTian Palace Master said, “Wind Elder, what do you think?”

The Wind Elder was a thin and tall old man. Weiqing has been here for one month and this person has been the closest to him among the four Grand Elders. The reason was naturally due to Shangguan Bing’er’s Wings of the Wind God.

“If we can guarantee a safe escape as a backup plan, I think we should try to hunt it. Not only would it bring about great benefits, it would also scare the other experts in the oceans. Every years, there are always losses to our fishing expeditions. If we back off this time, not just that dragon but the other powerful ocean sects and creatures might also push it further as well. That might be a devastating blow to us.”

After hearing this, Elder Huo and Dreamwake both rubbed their chins musingly. The Earth Elder grimaced without voicing his concerns, his brow furrowed. However, the Water Elder shook his head as he said: “It is easy for you to say, but how can we guarantee a safe retreat? In the ocean, even if the four of us are together and fighting in unison, we still won’t be able to stop one all-out attack from that Terror Sea Dragon, especially since it can utilize the ocean’s power. Our strength is indeed at the apex on land but we are only drops of salt once in the ocean.”

Meanwhile, Nie Han’s eyes were closed while sitting by Weiqing’s side as if all of this had nothing to do with him.

Weiqing could guess that the ones in charge of deciding were still the four Grand Elders. Consecrated God Tier Masters like them enjoyed great status but truly lacked real power to make decisions compared to these Grand Elders.

The Palace Master glanced at Nie Han and asked, “Consecrated Dreamwake, what’s your take on this?”

His question prompted the four Grand Elders to stop their conversation.

Dreamwake answered with a serious expression, “I agree with Wind Elder. This battle against the Terror Sea Dragon is inevitable. Currently, it is already invading the oceans close to our shores to attack the ocean-going ships, a clear provocation towards us. Instead of waiting for greater losses, we should deal with it swiftly. And Water Elder has asked how will we avoid death or injuries? In my opinion, this is what we should be thinking about instead of debating whether to fight or not.”

The Palace Master who has been silent on the matter thus far rubbed his chin, nodding slightly as he said, “Gentlemen, any ideas?”

The Water Elder glanced at Dreamwake, sitting directly in front of him and contemplated for a bit before answering: “There are indeed some methods. If we really want to do it, we need to make two preparations. First, we definitely have to invite that One. If He is willing to help, that will guarantee our offensive potential. Next, we have to take out the Spatial Teleportation Gem in order to build a Teleportation Formation. If things do not go well, we can use that to retreat with haste.”

After hearing the words Spatial Teleportation Gem, Zhou Weiqing almost lost his cool and had to struggle to calm down while shouting in his mind. Yes! Please! Take that thing out so I will finally have a chance!

The Fire Elder Huo continued: “I’m afraid that’s not possible. Whether we can ask that One to come is a big issue in-and-of itself. Moreover, the Spatial Teleportation Gem can only be used two or three more times before shattering. The previous Palace Masters have ordered that unless it was a matter of life and death, we can’t use our most defining treasure so easily. Moreover, a Teleportation Formation’s energy drain on the Spatial Teleportation Gem is based on the number of lives. If we are hunting this Terror Sea Dragon, we will need many people... so how can the Spatial Teleportation Gem withstand it? What if the Spatial Teleportation Gem breaks in our hands just like that?”

The Water Elder glared at him angrily, “You old thing, you were the one who wanted to fight and now you’re the one thinking about this and that, being indecisive? Besides these two methods, please tell me, what other methods can be used to stop that Terror Sea Dragon and guarantee our safe return? Without that One helping, if we try to fight the Terror Sea Dragon, it is the same as foolishly walking to our deaths. And if that Terror Sea Dragon is pushed to the edge by us and goes berserk, even if we can kill it, its final throes of death is not something we can withstand so easily. Who would dare fight without the backup of the Spatial Teleportation Gem? Even if we fought in that state, no one would dare to go all out either… which is once again courting death. As for me, these old bones still wish to live for several more years.”

The Fire Elder snorted in response, “You’re already so old yet still afraid of death. It is no wonder you can’t reach the Heavenly God State despite being so much more talented than me!”

“You!” The Water Elder glared angrily at him.

“Okay, okay, Elders, this is not the time to argue.” The Palace Master exclaimed calmly. Only then did the two Grand Elders calm down for now.

Once again, he asked, “Consecrated Dreamwake, what do you think about Water Elder’s suggestion?”

Dreamwake thought about it before answering, “Before we can even decide whether or not to use the Spatial Teleportation Gem, we will need to see if that One will agree to our plans first. Without His help, we won’t be able to deal with the dragon, then the entire point is moot. If He refuses, we might have to reformulate our entire plan again.”

This time, all four Grand Elders nodded; they clearly agreed with Dreamwake’s opinion regarding that.

Weiqing naturally didn’t say anything. His skills in terms of creation of Consolidating Equipment Scrolls had already won everyone’s acknowledgement, but in terms of power, he was at the bottom of the barrel in this place, and was not in any position to talk. As such, he decided to keep silently. Nevertheless, he had finally got news about the Spatial Teleportation Gem. Though it wasn’t clear whether he could actually see them, it did prove that the XuanTian Palace actually had the object. At the very least, he hadn’t wasted all his time coming here.

The Palace Master saw that a consensus has been reached and inclined his head as he said: “In that case, let us go meet that One then.” 

He swiped his hands in the air as he spoke. Zhou Weiqing did not know what he had done, but he instantly felt the surrounding space fluctuating, and in the next instant they all appeared again at the Formation on the sixth floor.

The Palace Master walked in front with the four Grand Elders right behind him. Dreamwake came next to Weiqing and whispered: “Weiqing, stay by my side. Whatever you see later, do not stray more than three meters away from me.”

“Okay.” Weiqing agreed; as he did so, he noticed that Dreamwake’s eyes were a bit different, a strange light in them.

The group of eight left the XuanTian Citadel, heading to the iron chains that connected the citadel to the outside world. Where are they going? To meet whom? Weiqing had so many questions in his mind. He clearly knew that this person the upper echelon wanted to meet must be quite powerful, even above everyone here including the Palace Master. Otherwise, they wouldn’t all be going at the same time. He became more cautious and channeled the Saint Energy in his body in order to strengthen his disguise.

When he thought everyone was about to cross the iron chain ‘bridges’, the Palace Master suddenly stepped forward directly into the empty space, dropping down towards the bottomless abyss, giving Zhou Weiqing a big scare.

Next, the four Grand Elders actually did the same. All five figures instantly disappeared into the thick fog down at the abyss.

Nie Han smiled at Weiqing before jumping down as well. Dreamwake grabbed Weiqing’s right arm as she said: “We’ll go down too, don’t be scared, I’ll protect you.”

Having said that, she gently pulled him forward. He felt a supporting power around him as both of them fell into the abyss.

The person they wanted to meet was at the bottom of this abyss? Although Zhou Weiqing was extremely startled, the thought instantly came to mind. At this point, the most important thing he had to do was to fully act in accordance to the current cultivation stage he had shown, in order to avoid arousing any suspicion. This was his intention in his heart, but in reality, his actual actions were...

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