Chapter 243: XuanTian Citadel (3)

Chapter 243: XuanTian Citadel (3)

Both of Zhou Weiqing’s hands waved at once, and sheet after sheet of Consolidating Paper flew out from his hands to land on Shangguan Bing’er’s immense wings. The wings were glowing with a layer of green light, which engulfed the Consolidating Paper, causing them to land on her spread wings, glued close to them and in neat order.

Along the ten metre broad Wings of the Wind God, there were now a total of fifty Consolidating Papers lined up. 

With Zhou Weiqing’s cultivation level, he naturally did not need Shangguan Bing’er’s help. However, he was now displaying a power level of a five-Jeweled stage, and he could not show off too much. Hiding his cultivation stage was definitely necessary; otherwise if he showed that he had already entered the Heavenly Dao Energy stage, he would definitely be looked upon as even more of a monster, and they might even grow wary of him. 

What was he doing? Fifty pieces of Consolidating Paper? Was he going to use them all to create Consolidating Equipment Scrolls? How long would that take? Would there even be a point to today’s gathering? 

Although all present were filled with doubts and confusion, at this point no one would try to stop Zhou Weiqing. They were...

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