Chapter 242: Breaking Through (2)

Chapter 242 – Breaking Through (2)

Heavenly Dao Energy!  Awestruck, Zhou Weiqing suddenly realized what was going on.  Right! When his Heavenly Energy broke through to the thirty-sixth stage it remained Heavenly Xu Energy, but this breakthrough had allowed him to truly enter the realm of Heavenly Dao Energy.  No – to him, it would be Saint Dao Energy.

After accumulating four more stages of Saint Dao Energy, he would be able to Consolidate his Saint Core Nucleus.  It was exactly like how the power of Heavenly Dao Energy could form a Heavenly Core Nucleus. However, upon reaching the Saint Dao Energy state, he had already eclipsed the vast majority of high-level Heavenly Kings.  Countless high-level Zong Stage experts had been trapped at the thirty-sixth stage! Now that he had comprehended and gained the Saint Dao Energy, his chances of being able to form a Core Nucleus had just skyrocketed.

This had been a supremely important step.  For any Heavenly Jewel Master, this was a step that was incredibly dangerous but filled with tremendous possibilities.

Zhou Weiqing had always trained in the Immortal Deity Technique and had broken through swiftly, which was why he felt as though he had...

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