Chapter 242: Breaking Through (1)

The woman explained, “Pseudo-God Tier Consolidating Scrolls are also a lower ranked type of God Tier scrolls. Previously, we would thought that no matter how talented or outstanding he was, he would at most be able to create a Pseudo-God Tier Consolidating Scroll. Even so, his future prospects would definitely be superior to ours, given how young he is.”

Shangguan Bing’er laughed coolly. “Aren’t you young as well?”

The woman blinked, then slowly shook her head. A strange look flickered through her eyes. “No. I’m different from him. Anyway, Pseudo-God Tier Consolidating Scrolls will only appear when used to create the first few pieces of a legendary set, and even Zong Stage Consolidating Equipment Masters stand a chance at creating them. This is because each piece of a legendary set is more powerful than the last. If the very first piece of a legendary set is a true God Tier Consolidating Scroll, then the total number of pieces in the set will have to be dramatically lessened. Thus, the first three or four pieces of most legendary sets are usually formed from Pseudo- God Tier Consolidating Scrolls.”

Shangguan Bing’er now understood. “So that’s how it works.”

The woman picked up Zhou Weiqing’s...

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