Chapter 234 – Slaying Heavenly Kings! Little Fatty’s Power (3)

Chapter 234 – Eradicating a Heavenly King! Little Fatty’s Power (3)

The terrifying Destruction-attribute attack had been so powerful that not even Heavenly Kings would’ve been able to tolerate it. And yet, the attack began to dissipate with incredible speed, revealing the unharmed figure of someone who should’ve been burnt to a crisp. A dazzling golden light had formed a membrane around his body, preventing any of the terrifying destructive power of the Heavenly Core Nucleus detonation from bypassing it.

“T-this is impossible...” the Blood Red Hell’s Heavenly King rasped hoarsely. His disbelieving eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

Silver light flashed. A light swishing sound could be heard, followed by the head of the first (and heavily-injured) Heavenly King being severed from his neck. Silver Emperor Wing Slash!

There was no way that Zhou Weiqing would make the second mistake twice. He chose to start with killing the first wounded...

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