Chapter 234 – Slaying Heavenly Kings! Little Fatty’s Power (2)

Chapter 234 – Eradicating a Heavenly King! Little Fatty’s Power (2)

It must be remembered that Zhou Weiqing’s Flying Lightning God was now on a completely different level compared to the past. As his Heavenly Energy had been transformed into Saint Energy, all of his techniques were activated via Saint Energy.

The nucleus of every single Lightning Pearl was filled with dim, silvery-white light. When the thousands of Lightning Pearls exploded at the same time, they instantly tore the very air itself apart. Within that area of hundreds of meters, an enormous black hole appeared. Dimensional space itself had been obliterated by those thousands of exploding Lightning Pearls!

Right! Zhou Weiqing had sensed someone following him and Bing’er early on. In fact, he had sensed this person as soon as he had left Heavenly Jewel Island. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had fused his Saint Energy and his Ice Cold Perception together, he never would’ve been able to discover those two hidden, faint auras. These two auras had followed from behind ever since he left Zhongtian City, and the faint murderous feelings emanating from them made Zhou Weiqing certain that they were not coming with good intentions. Thus, he had lured them here and then suddenly attacked.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing attacked, Shangguan Bing’er had drawn the Ghost Demon Horse into her ring. A pair of enormous wings appeared behind her back, and...

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