Chapter 234 Slaying Heavenly Kings! Little Fatty’s Power (2)

Chapter 234 – Eradicating a Heavenly King! Little Fatty’s Power (2)

It must be remembered that Zhou Weiqing’s Flying Lightning God was now on a completely different level compared to the past. As his Heavenly Energy had been transformed into Saint Energy, all of his techniques were activated via Saint Energy.

The nucleus of every single Lightning Pearl was filled with dim, silvery-white light. When the thousands of Lightning Pearls exploded at the same time, they instantly tore the very air itself apart. Within that area of hundreds of meters, an enormous black hole appeared. Dimensional space itself had been obliterated by those thousands of exploding Lightning Pearls!

Right! Zhou Weiqing had sensed someone following him and Bing’er early on. In fact, he had sensed this person as soon as he had left Heavenly Jewel Island. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had fused his Saint Energy and his Ice Cold Perception together, he never would’ve been able to discover those two hidden, faint auras. These two auras had followed from behind ever since he left Zhongtian City, and the faint murderous feelings emanating from them made Zhou Weiqing certain that they were not coming with good intentions. Thus, he had lured them here and then suddenly attacked.

As soon as Zhou Weiqing attacked, Shangguan Bing’er had drawn the Ghost Demon Horse into her ring. A pair of enormous wings appeared behind her back, and with a flick of her wings she instantly vanished. That way, she wouldn’t be hit by Zhou Weiqing’s terrifying Flying Lightning God technique.

Two haggard-looking figures were blasted out of the area where the Flying Lightning God had just exploded. They immediately unleashed an awesome aura of destruction, preventing more of the terrifying explosive power from hitting them.

Their bodies were emanating red-colored Heavenly Energy with the aura of the Destruction-attribute. Zhou Weiqing didn’t need to ask who they were; he knew they had to be powerhouses from the Blood Red Hell. He never would’ve thought that during the entire half year he had spent at Heavenly Jewel Island, the Blood Red Hell had kept people stationed at Zhongtian City the entire time. Without question, their goal was to kill him. And… Zhou Weiqing was able to sense their levels.

Heavenly Kings! These two people secretly following him were Heavenly King powerhouses.

Indeed. Even the powerful Dan Dun Battle Team of the Blood Red Hell with its two promising young eight-Jeweled Destruction-attribute powerhouses had been defeated by Zhou Weiqing.  If they wanted to be certain of killing him, their best chance lay in sending Heavenly King powerhouses.

Previously, Zhou Weiqing had only sensed that the people following him from behind were not weak. He never would’ve imagined that the two were actually Heavenly Kings! Although they were only low level Heavenly Kings, they remained Heavenly King powerhouses! As he laughed bitterly to himself, he continued to press the assault.

Heavenly Kings possessed the ability to fly. It wasn’t very realistic for him to try and escape them, as that would only result in death. Zhou Weiqing was different from the past! Although his set of Consolidated Equipment wasn’t complete, as a nine-Jeweled expert he was no longer the same Zhou Little Fatty who had been completely unable to resist Heavenly Kings at all.

The Hate Ground No Handle equipment instantly appeared on his body. As the Flying Lightning God exploded, Zhou Weiqing didn’t pause at all in immediately charging towards one of the two Heavenly Kings of the Blood Red Hell.

It had to be said that the two Heavenly King powerhouses looked to be in a sorry state. Holes had been blasted into their clothes by that terrifying explosion! Zhou Weiqing had simply moved too fast and had given them no warning at all, while the Flying Lightning God had been far more powerful than they had imagined. If it wasn’t for the fact that Heavenly King powerhouses were able to vaguely sense danger, causing them to immediately unleash their own Consolidated Equipment, they probably would’ve immediately suffered severe injuries.

Even so, their situation was still grim. That explosive Lightning-attribute energy was causing wild havoc within their bodies, and the powerful numbing sensation caused their movements to be slowed. What astonished them the most was that their Destruction-attribute energy was actually unable to withstand the surging Lightning energy. How could they not be stunned by this?

The twisting light almost instantly shone upon one of the Heavenly King powerhouses. Zhou Weiqing’s Blink skill was unleashed in a seamless, perfect fashion.

The Heavenly King powerhouse felt his entire body tense up as though everything around him seemed to slow down, while Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers came smashing down directly at his head.

Absolute Delay! Now that it was being used by Saint Energy, it was even more powerful than Zhou Weiqing could imagine. Even a Heavenly King powerhouse had no immunity whatsoever against his Absolute Delay. The Heavenly King powerhouse was only able to struggle to lift up his arms, using the longsword in his hand to block against Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Hammers.

Alas, right at this moment, he saw Zhou Weiqing’s eyes shoot out twin beams of purple-red light. The strange thing was, Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers had also instantly turned purple-red in color!

This had all happened without any warning. A beam of purple-red light suddenly shot out of the Crying-face Hammer in Zhou Weiqing’s left hand, shining down upon the Heavenly King. Under the effects of Absolute Delay, the Heavenly King had no chance to dodge at all. His Consolidated Equipment suddenly and silently vanished, and so he now had nothing he could use against Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Hammers. Faced with tremendous danger, all he could do was to cross his arms and sluggishly attempt to defend against the oncoming strike.

BOOM! He let out a miserable scream as his arms were instantly torn apart into bloody bits of flesh by Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Hammers. He still only had five pieces of the Hate Earth No Handle, which meant that they only multiplied his power by thirty-two times, but it must be remembered that Zhou Weiqing was now at the nine-Jeweled level. In other words, it was a nine-Jeweled level of power which was multiplied. This was thirty-two times the power of a nine-Jeweled Strength-type Physical Jewel, not the original six-Jeweled level. What did this mean? It meant that even a Heavenly King powerhouse who had lost his equipment and had to face this head-on would suffer miserably!

The Dual Hammers had destroyed his arms, then delivered a vicious blow to the Heavenly King’s chest. His body was smashed into the ground, caving in the dirt beneath him. The Heavenly King spat out a mouthful of blood. Although he was still alive for now thanks to his mighty power, Zhou Weiqing’s strike had thoroughly and heavily wounded him.

Even Zhou Weiqing himself was stunned by this, to say nothing of this Heavenly King. He never would’ve imagined that a Heavenly King powerhouse would crumple like paper before his strikes. Even if his attack was very powerful and very sudden, his opponent was still a Heavenly King! How was it that his foe had folded so easily before his strikes?

Right at this moment, a terrifying ripple of power coming from behind him caused him to feel a sense of shock. Not hesitating at all, Zhou Weiqing spun in midair as he spun his Dual Hammers, a dense stream of silver light that forming a ‘shield’ behind him.

A loud explosion rang out. The sudden attack had actually been blocked by his shield of silver light! The powerful stab had sent sparks flying everywhere, but it was unable to breach the shield which Zhou Weiqing had Consolidated using Spatial Rend technique. The attacker was the second Heavenly King powerhouse!

When the second Heavenly King had seen as his comrade was heavily injured by a single blow from Zhou Weiqing, he had immediately felt a sense of amazement. He wasn’t even able to see or understand how Zhou Weiqing had done this!

Two streaks of azure light suddenly shot out from the skies above, sweeping downwards. It was a pair of enormous wings, and it was like an azure tornado had suddenly swept across the Heavenly King.

Zhou Weiqing lifted up his Dual Hammers, shooting out yet another streak of purple-red light. Just now, he had used the same beam of light to dispose of the first Heavenly King. He was going to use the same technique again. What was it? It was the Dragon Silencing Seal, which had been used without first accumulating power at all!

The dazzling purple-red light flashed and then vanished almost instantly. The Heavenly King had just lifted up his longstaff to block the descending attack from Shangguan Bing’er, but all of a sudden he realized that his Consolidated Equipment had melted away.

However, he still had a few pieces of equipment left which he had used before the purple-red light had arrived. An enormous illusion of a turtle instantly formed behind him, glowing with thick red light that was intermixed with terrifying Destruction-attribute energy which formed a barrier of light which knocked away the attack from Shangguan Bing’er.

However, in the next moment his technique vanished alongside the rest of his Consolidated Equipment. Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Hammers had instantly appeared before him as well!

The Heavenly King finally understood why his comrade had been heavily wounded by Zhou Weiqing. This youth who they were targeting was able to instantly employ techniques without needing to build up power first. Worse, his techniques were vastly more powerful than they had imagined. Nine-Jeweled? How could he be nine-Jeweled?! Wasn’t this target supposed to be just six-Jeweled?

Alas, there was no time for him to ponder these questions. In fact, he was given no chance to do anything at all. His entire body stiffened as countless streams of light simultaneously shot down upon him, and in that instant he discovered that they had transformed into a powerful binding force which immediately began to crush away at every single part of his body. He was a Heavenly King powerhouse, but he was actually unable to unleash any attacks at all!

Shangguan Bing’er was able to see everything perfectly. Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers had been used in conjunction with the Fetters of Wind, Absolute Delay, and Touch of Darkness. These techniques fell upon the Heavenly King in succession, causing it so that even the arms he wanted to use to defend against Zhou Weiqing immediately froze in position.

However, Heavenly King powerhouses were still Heavenly King powerhouses. The Heavenly King’s movements had been completely restricted and the Dual Legendary Hammers were crashing down towards his head, but Zhou Weiqing suddenly saw the man’s eyes become filled with a berserk aura of Destruction-energy.

“Not good.” He once more used his Blink skill, no longer caring about attacking this opponent. Zhou Weiqing instantly reappeared next to Shangguan Bing’er. He pulled her into his arms, then unfurled the wings of his Dragon-Tiger Transformation behind him to completely protect Shangguan Bing’er.

Just as he finished doing this, a surge of power filled with madness and Destruction-attribute energy suddenly exploded behind him. The Heavenly King from the Blood Red Hell instantly transformed to become a terrifying blood red color, then exploded in terrifying fashion. A ball of red fire exploded forth from his Dantian, then flew straight towards Zhou Weiqing’s back.

He had actually managed to break free from the bindings of the Dragon Silencing Seal. This was because he had actually chosen to self-detonate, blowing up his Heavenly Core Nucleus! This was definitely the most powerful strike a Heavenly King powerhouse could unleash, and the aura of this strike was such that there was no way Zhou Weiqing could flee from it with Shangguan Bing’er.

The Heavenly King of the Blood Red Hell who had chosen to self-detonate his Core Nucleus had an insane look in his eyes. He had no choice but to do this. His comrade was clearly incapable of fighting any further, while he himself was unable to block Zhou Weiqing’s bizarre attacks. Rather than let Zhou Weiqing kill him, he would rather fight to the very end. The Blood Red Hell had a secret technique that could allow someone to survive even a self-detonation of a Heavenly Core Nucleus, but it would take him ten years in order to slowly rebuild his body again. This was an agonizing price to pay, but it was much better than being killed.

When Heavenly Jewel Masters fought, they would generally try to end the battles quickly even if they were stronger than their foes. Unless you were significantly more powerful, if your foe managed to seize the initiative with his techniques he could end up killing you in a short period of time. Thus, he chose to immediately use a suicide attack to try and kill his foe.

His flaming red Heavenly Core Nucleus smashed directly into Zhou Weiqing’s back, causing terrifying Destruction flames to instantly erupt and cover both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er, who was protected within his twin wings.

As for the Heavenly King of the Blood Red Hell, he collapsed to the ground, his entire body covered with countless bleeding wounds. The giant bloody hole in his Dantian was the most terrifying of all. All he was able to do was to just barely use the final scraps of his Heavenly Energy to try and seal his blood vessels.  At the Heavenly King level, if you didn’t instantly die then you could have a chance to survive even if you lost all of your blood.

However… his movements suddenly froze as a golden light appeared before him, filled with an aura of sharpness.

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