Chapter 234 – Slaying Heavenly Kings! Little Fatty's Power (1)

Chapter 234 – Eradicating a Heavenly King! Little Fatty’s Power (1)

Shangguan Tianyang stared at Zhou Weiqing, then said in a low voice: “Weiqing, for the sake of the Heaven’s Expanse Palace and for the sake of this continent’s very survival, I’m not going to stand on ceremony any longer. I have to admit that you are the most suitable person for this matter.”

Zhou Weiqing rubbed his head, then said, “But… there’s honestly a lot of things I need to handle. I probably won’t be able to head out just yet.”

Shangguan Tianyang said, “The Xuantian Continent is tens of thousands of kilometers away from us, and Xuantian Palace is also incredibly strong. To ‘take food from the tiger’s mouth’ from them won’t be easy. You will need a great deal of time, so I hope you begin to act as soon as possible. As for your other matters, leave them to us. This old man swears to you as the Palace Lord of Heaven’s Expanse Palace that before you return, I absolutely will not permit the Heavenly Bow Empire to suffer any harm at all. I’ll also take care of your father’s safety. Once you return, I’ll send people to support you in restoring the kingdom and in rescuing your family members. Before you go, Tianyue and I will also officially engage you to Xue’er, Fei’er, and Bing’er. What do you...

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