Chapter 233: Hui Yao’s Revival (2)

Chapter 233: Hui Yao’s Revival (2)

Hui Yao heaved a deep sigh. “You all saved my life, so there’s no harm telling you. The Nether is a place. You could say it doesn’t exist in our world. You see, it’s a reality like the Lustre Spatial Realm, another parallel world. Only this place is much larger and much more terrifying than the Lustre Spatial Realm. There are many nether creatures there. There is no light there, only slaughter and destruction. Simply put, within the Nether ordinary nether creatures are much stronger than you human Six-Jeweled Stage Heavenly Jewel Masters. If the Nether connects to your human world, your world will be thoroughly annihilated.”

Zhou Weiqing was dumbstruck by what the huge dragon, Hui Yao, had said. He’d never heard anything like that. His eyes shone with doubt.

Hui Yao of course could tell what Zhou Weiqing was thinking. “You don’t have to believe it,” he said flatly. The Nether Realm’s existence is real because the Lustre Spectre Realm was established...

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