Chapter 233: Hui Yao's Revival (1)

Chapter 233: Hui Yao’s Revival (1)

Bam!! Duo Si’s heart almost broke into two when Hui Yao’s head smashed viciously into the ground. Everyone’s heart sank, as if Hui Yao’s enormous body had returned to that of a large dragon corpse.

“No—-!!” Duo Si cried out, grief stricken. She charged over, her enormous wings flaring open to cradled Hui Yao’s large head in her embrace. A desolate dragon croon erupted as her head lifted high, pained tears continuously streaming out of her great eyes.

One step short of success? Destruction of hope? Duo Si’s agonized heart could no longer take such blows.

Tian’er’s charming face had drained of all color as she collapsed into Zhou Weiqing’s embrace, but she kept her eyes unblinkingly fixed on Hui Yao’s body.

Duo Si lowered her head and looked deeply at Hui Yao, then turning her gaze to Tian’er and Zhou Weiqing. Her tears suddenly stopped flowing. “Humans, I said before that no matter what happens, I still thank...

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