Chapter 232 Final Completion, Immortal Deity Technique! (3)

To the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger bloodline, using the Resurrection Skill took a great toll upon them, and it was also impossible without both the Divine and Spirit Attributes in unison. Even for the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord, if he wanted to use the Skill, he would have to be extremely careful. Of course, the amount of energy required for the Skill was also different depending on the revival target. For example, reviving a little ordinary mouse and a powerful dragon would definitely be extremely different in terms of the power required. 

Tian’er grasped the God Spirit Staff tight in her right hand, slowly brandishing it as she chanted, and the God Spirit Staff arced through the air in a mysterious profound manner, as the gold light of the God Tier Consolidated Equipment began to form a complicated gold symbol in the air.

As the symbols appeared, they began to rise in the air, floating above the body of the dragon Hui Yao. Every time an additional symbol appeared, it would join the others, and another ray of gold light would be emitted from the respective symbol into Hui Yao’s body. 

At this moment, although he had already established the large Saint Energy whirlpool with Tian’er, he did not have much other sensations....

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