Chapter 232 Final Completion, Immortal Deity Technique! (2)

Chapter 232 Final Completion, Immortal Deity Technique! (2)

All of a sudden, Shangguan Fei’er exclaimed in shock. “Look at his wrists!” 

The three Shangguan Sisters’ eyes immediately widened in shock as their gaze turned to his wrist. Nine eye-catching Heavenly Jewels were spinning around Zhou Weiqing’s wrist.

This had already surpassed their comprehension level. Just a mere short ten days had passed! Yet, Zhou Weiqing had somehow risen from the seven-Jeweled stage to the nine-Jeweled stage! More importantly, Zhou Weiqing was currently not even twenty two years old. In the entire history of the Boundless Mainland, it was not that there weren’t any who had reached the Upper Level Zong Stage before the age of thirty, but it was considered as rare as phoenix's’ feather and qilin’s horns. More importantly, he was far younger than most who had done so even, and from his current situation, perhaps before he reached the age of thirty he would already reach the Heavenly King Stage. 

As the gold light continued shining and being absorbed, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body seemed to be undergoing a mysterious change, as if he had become a gold statue descending from the heavens, landing upon the ground. The previous overbearing aura had disappeared into his body, and soon...

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