Chapter 232 Final Completion, Immortal Deity Technique! (1)

Chapter 232 Final Completion, Immortal Deity Technique! (1)

Was the Immortal Deity Technique designed with Saint Energy in mind? Or was it just a coincidence? 

To breakthrough the twenty ninth Death Acupuncture Point so easily, without any pain or problems, Zhou Weiqing was left muddleheaded. After all, he had just broken through the twenty eighth Death Acupuncture Point, reaching the seven-Jeweled stage not long ago! Yet, he had just broken through to the twenty ninth stage like this? Besides feeling incredulous and finding it incomprehensible, Zhou Weiqing could think of nothing else. 

Using Saint Energy to cultivate the Immortal Deity Technique, it seemed like there wasn’t even a accumulation process. As long as he had sufficient Saint Energy, then breaking through seemed to be as simple as a hot knife through butter, seemingly with no issues at all. 

Of course, this was also a massive toll on the Saint Energy. Without even testing it, Zhou Weiqing knew that it would likely take him much more Saint Energy to breakthrough the next Death Acupuncture Point. Even for this current one, three hundred drops of Saint Energy would not have been easy for him to gather without all that had happened in the Lustre Spatial Realm. Resisting the joy and urge to try to breakthrough once again, he slowly stopped his cultivation. 

At this moment, he clearly did not wish to just keep breaking through without holding back. Although he still had a lot of Saint Energy left in his body, both he and Tian’er were going to revive the Dragon Hui Yao, and who knew how much energy that would take. Even if it was the Saint Energy, it would definitely be a massive drain. In order to not just stop short of success, he would naturally try to keep as much Saint Energy as possible, in order to best support Tian’er during the revival process. As for his own cultivation and breakthrough, now that he had already learned about this, it was just a matter of time for him! After all, his plans had always included going to the Heavenly Snow Mountain. As such, it was still more important to settle the problems in front of them right now. 

Currently, Zhou Weiqing discovered another intriguing, almost marvelous thing. After he had expended the three hundred drops of Saint Energy, it was almost instantly replenished by Heavenly Energy. However, at this point, it seemed like his Heavenly Energy no longer seemed like real Heavenly Energy, but filled with a thick scent and aura of Saint Energy… clearly it was not what his previous Heavenly Energy could compare to. However, it was definitely still far from being close to Saint Energy. Still, with his Saint Energy and this ‘new’ Heavenly Energy, he could vaguely sense that if he was fighting, as long as he didn’t directly use his Saint Energy to activate Skills, it was likely he would almost never run out of Heavenly Energy. 

Although his cultivation level was still at the seven-Jeweled stage, with so much Saint Energy, how could it be measured simply by a mere seven-Jeweled stage? In terms of actual combat power, even he was not too sure what he could currently measure up to now. 

The mother dragon was still resting, and it would take her some time to fully recover. As such, after Zhou Weiqing opened his eyes, he called out to Tian’er softly. 

Tian’er opened her eyes, and seeing the hand that Zhou Weiqing extended towards her, she instantly understood his meaning. Reaching out, the two of them joined their hands, and the large Saint Energy whirlpool formed once more. 

Instantly, thick Saint Energy spread out in a steady reverberation from the duo. No matter the mother dragon or the three Shangguan Sisters, their bodies trembled slightly for a moment. Bathed in the light of the Saint Energy, it was a pretty good boost for them. 

Without Devouring any external energies, when Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er used the four Saint Attributes to form the large Saint Energy whirlwind to cultivate their own Saint Energy, in the past they would only be able to gather around ten drops of Saint Energy after an entire day of cultivation, and that was also dependent on the density of atmospheric energy around them. 

However, this time, when they once again formed the large Saint Energy whirlpool, they were both pleasantly surprised again. They discovered that although the size of the large Saint Energy whirlpool did not change, it was several times more consolidated and denser than before. Added to the fact that the atmospheric energy in the Lustre Spatial Realm was far higher, it was being drawn into the whirlpool at an astonishing rate. 

Although vast amounts of atmospheric energy was pouring into the large Saint Energy whirlpool, it was easily received. In the middle of the whirlpool, drop after drop of Saint Energy slowly formed. 

Of course, one could not describe that speed as being fast at all, but compared to their previous cultivation speed, it was already like the difference between heaven and earth. Currently, after a single drop of Saint Energy formed, it took only five or so breaths before the second drop began to form again. Such a cultivation speed, perhaps they could even consolidate more than a hundred drops of Saint Energy in a day, or even more! If they could maintain this speed, even if they did not Devour Heavenly Beasts, it was sufficient for their cultivation!

In order not to disrupt the others’ cultivation, Zhou Weiqing used Heavenly Energy voice transmission to inform Tian’er about how his Immortal Deity Technique seemed to react to the Saint Energy in terms of breaking through. 

After hearing his description, Tian’er couldn’t help but feel shocked. Staring at Zhou Weiqing for a moment, she lapsed into deep thought. At last, after a while, she replied silently: “Weiqing, I think you should continue trying to breakthrough. After all, Duo Si was overly exhausted previously, and I estimate that it will take her at least ten days to recover. At this point, our consolidation and gathering of Saint Energy is so fast that in ten days, it should be sufficient for us to sustain your consumption for breaking through. This is such a great opportunity, do not waste it! After reviving the Dragon, who knows how much Saint Energy we will have left… we might as well seize this opportunity to push your cultivation level up as much as possible.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “What about you? Don’t you have the same feeling? Like your cultivation level can be raised quickly?” 

Tian’er shook her head and said: “No, my cultivation speed has definitely increased a lot, and I can sense that I am quite close to breaking through. However, it cannot be compared at all to your Immortal Deity Technique. It looks like once your Immortal Deity Technique is complete, and all of your Death Acupuncture Points have been broken through, you should have reached the nine-Jeweled stage. When that time comes, you can also start to experiment with consolidating the Saint Core Nucleus. Currently, both of us added together have at least six thousand drops of Saint Energy, even if it isn’t enough, it should not be far. Everytime you breakthrough once, we can cultivate together for some time to recover some Saint Energy. This is really the best way… after all, In the future, we will have to face many more dangers. Furthermore, from the nine-Jeweled stage of the Upper Level Zong Stage to the Heavenly King Stage, you will need bring your Heavenly Energy from the thirty sixth stage to the fortieth stage. At that point, your Immortal Deity Technique has already ended at the nine-Jeweled stage… and you will need a lot more time to explore the way for yourself then.” 

With Tian’er’s encouragement, Zhou Weiqing lapsed into deep thought for awhile before agreeing with her. However, as suggested, he would not use up all the Saint Energy in breaking through at once. After some discussion, they agreed that they would go through cultivation and gathering of Saint Energy after his every breakthrough, to ensure that they would maintain a level of two thousand drops of Saint Energy minimum each. 

The second breakthrough continued swiftly soon after. Just like the previous time, when Zhou Weiqing circulated his Saint Energy according to the meridian paths of the Immortal Deity Technique, no matter if it was at the most sensitive head area, there was no impediment or delay at all. Just like that, the thirtieth Death Acupuncture Point was swiftly broken through without any problems. This time, three hundred and fifty drops of Saint Energy was expended. If not for the fact that he knew the Saint Energy wasn’t really ‘wasted’, but spread throughout his body after breakthrough, Zhou Weiqing’s heart would have ached at the sheer loss. 

Pressing the advantage in one go, he began to breakthrough the thirty first Death Acupuncture Point as well. Originally, Zhou Weiqing wanted to stop to recover for a while before continuing, but he was stopped by Tian’er. From her hands, a thousand drops of Saint Energy flowed over, supporting him to continue breaking through as quickly as possible to reach the eighth-Jeweled stage. 

When the thirty second Death Acupuncture Point was broken through, Zhou Weiqing felt as if the pores around his entire body was open to the max, all of his thirty two energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points seeming to spin at an insane rate. At the same time, the large Saint Energy whirlpool between him and Tian’er was also stronger and spinning even faster now, drawing in energy at an even greater rate. In nearly every three to four breaths, a single drop of Saint Energy was formed. Under such a circumstance, their cultivation rate was nearly a hundred drops every two hours. 

Heavenly Jewel Masters breathing was far different from ordinary humans, with their breaths far longer, and the time between each breath was also much longer than ordinary humans. 

After he had successfully broken through the eighth-Jeweled stage, Zhou Weiqing had already used up a thousand five hundred drops of Saint Energy in total, causing his heart to ache a little. Luckily, it was a shared burden between the two of them, so they could still bear to accept it. 

He did not continue breaking through, stopping to continue cultivating with Tian’er with the large Saint Energy whirlpool to recover as much Saint Energy as possible. 

In truth, what all of them did not realise was that by this point, they had already entered the Lustre Spatial Realm for three entire months. Previously, Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had taken almost two months to completely Devour all the destructive energies from Hui Yao’s body. Due to the fact that they were completely immersed in the mysterious profound state, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er did not have much feeling about time passage. 

Time passed day after day, and seemingly in moments, ten days had passed once more. 

A low dragon’s cry slowly rang out, startling the three Shangguan Sisters from their cultivation. When they opened their eyes, they saw the mother dragon Duo Si slowly stand up. Currently, her eyes had regained their usual lustre. 

Right at that instant, a clear howl rang out from Zhou Weiqing’s throat. Instantly, a bright silver-white light burst forth from around him and Tian’er, soaring into the sky like a silver pillar. 

Releasing Tian’er’s hands abruptly, under the shocked looks of the onlookers, Zhou Weiqing’s body began to levitate up into the air just like that… the bright silver-white glow around him slowly turning into a brilliant gold light. 

As compared to the gold of Tian’er’s Divine Attribute, the gold light around Zhou Weiqing’s body was a tyrannical and overbearingly powerful aura. It was not just a simple imposing manner, but a unique quality in itself. The powerful gold light did not seem to have any inherent energy feel to it, instead seeming like an actual entity of its own. 

In that moment, the gold light around his body slowly withdrew, and one by one, his Death Acupuncture Points began to light up as if stars in the sky slowly winking and appearing in the night sky. The gold light began to slowly shine once more, as Zhou Weiqing’s entire body started to become a giant whirlpool, the atmospheric energy around them being drawn in crazily into his body. 

“What… what is going on?” Shangguan Bing’er asked Tian’er worriedly. 

Tian’er smiled faintly, a sign of happiness in her voice as she said: “His Immortal Deity Technique is finally complete.” 

Indeed, ten days of great effort between the two of them, ten days of breaking through and gathering Saint Energy. In this last breakthrough of the final Death Acupuncture Point, it had even taken a thousand drops of Saint Energy for Zhou Weiqing to succeed. After that, both he and Tian’er had cultivated together to bring their Saint Energy back to full state, holding back the last bit before joining all of the Death Acupuncture Points together in the final step of the Immortal Deity Technique. It was only after Duo Si had awoken that Zhou Weiqing finally relaxed and took the final step. 

At this moment, all of his broken-through Death Acupuncture Points seemed to form a star-map in his body, all joined together to form a whole complete entity. The powerful and overbearing gold light that was glowing around him was actually the Immortal Deity Shield that had risen to the next level, and it seemed like it was no longer just pure defense like before. 

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