Chapter 232 Final Completion, Immortal Deity Technique! (1)

Chapter 232 Final Completion, Immortal Deity Technique! (1)

Was the Immortal Deity Technique designed with Saint Energy in mind? Or was it just a coincidence? 

To breakthrough the twenty ninth Death Acupuncture Point so easily, without any pain or problems, Zhou Weiqing was left muddleheaded. After all, he had just broken through the twenty eighth Death Acupuncture Point, reaching the seven-Jeweled stage not long ago! Yet, he had just broken through to the twenty ninth stage like this? Besides feeling incredulous and finding it incomprehensible, Zhou Weiqing could think of nothing else. 

Using Saint Energy to cultivate the Immortal Deity Technique, it seemed like there wasn’t even a accumulation process. As long as he had sufficient Saint Energy, then breaking through seemed to be as simple as a hot knife through butter, seemingly with no issues at all. 

Of course, this was also a massive toll on the Saint Energy. Without even testing it, Zhou Weiqing knew that it would likely take him much more Saint Energy to breakthrough the next Death Acupuncture Point. Even for this current one, three hundred drops of Saint Energy would not have been easy for him to gather without all that had happened in the Lustre Spatial Realm. Resisting the joy and urge to try to breakthrough once again, he slowly stopped his cultivation. 

At this moment, he clearly...

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