Chapter 229 To be confirmed! (3)

Chapter 229 To be confirmed! (3)

Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er directly sat down where they were in a meditative position, knees facing each other as their hands met. The large Saint Energy whirlpool formed and began to spin.

The fireball from the mother dragon earlier had dealt a pretty serious blow to Zhou Weiqing, and even his tough meridian channels had been damaged in several areas. Luckily, the large Saint Energy whirlpool had been able to take care of most of the fire attribute energies earlier, otherwise his body might have broken down long since.

Currently, as the pair sat down cultivating, Zhou Weiqing’s first priority was to nurse himself back to health, at the same time circulating the Saint Energy to recover their strength.

The three Shangguan Sisters also sat down by their side. With the mother dragon here, unless that rift she spoke about appeared again, they would not be in any danger in this place.

Zhou Weiqing had the bloodline of the dragons and the Dark Demon God Tiger, and his regeneration and recovery rate was so strong that it was more than comparable to the dragon tribes. Very quickly, his meridian channels were all repaired, and the energy whirlpools of his Death Acupuncture Points were also spinning at maximum speed, drawing in Heavenly Energy and replenishing...

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