Chapter 226 Bing’er: But, I want (1)

Chapter 226 Bing’er: But, I want… (1)

With the fight down to the last critical moment, at this point due to the cover of the wings, no one else could see the strange look on Zhou Weiqing’s face. Gritting his teeth, a strange energy reverberation appeared in his eyes.

*BANG* Even as Zhou Weiqing was struck by Zhan LingTian’s piercing attack, how could it be without any price to pay? The crying-face Hammer slammed savagely into his shoulders, and Zhan LingTian’s entire body flew like a cannonball several hundred metres away. As for Zhou Weiqing, though his body was swaying, he still stood firmly there.

The wings behind his back slowly retracted into his body as he left the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state, and Zhou Weiqing pointed his Hammers towards Zhan LingTian, shouting coldly: “You have lost.”

Indeed, Zhan LingTian had lost. Although he had a Legendary Set, one uniquely tailored for his Light-Dark Divine Spear… he had still lost.

His armour could not withstand the final blow, and as soon as Zhou Weiqing’s savage hammer blow landed, it totally shattered the Consolidated armour around Zhan LingTian’s shoulder. At the same time, his entire shoulder was smashed up, the Heavenly Energy in his body almost...

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