Chapter 221 War between Destruction and Creation! (2)

Chapter 221 War between Destruction and Creation! (2)

As for Zhou Weiqing and TianMa’s side, the fight had risen to a white hot stage. Similarly, they did not unleash any of their stronger Skills, but a close combat fight like they were in was far more dangerous.

Zhou Weiqing’s Dual Legendary Hammers were just too powerful. Even though TianMa’s Heavenly Energy was at an advantage, and he had two more Consolidated Equipment than Zhou Weiqing, he was still at a major disadvantage.

The Dual Legendary Hammers were one solid and one illusory, and he did not know when Zhou Weiqing would swap the two, causing him many issues. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing’s strength was far beyond his expectations. With the Dragon-Tiger Transformation and the ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, even a Heavenly King stage powerhouse could not match Zhou Weiqing’s strength, let alone TianMa. Even if he was from a Great Saint Lands, he could not match a Heavenly King Stage at his current leve.

As such, TianMa could only engage in guerilla tactics with Zhou Weiqing, using his spear mastery to continuously attempt to look for any...

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