Chapter 221 War between Destruction and Creation! (1)

Chapter 221 War between Destruction and Creation! (1)

Although they were faced off in a fight, all this time Zhou Weiqing had been pondering where this Destruction Attribute had actually come from. After all, creating an entirely new Attribute, even a Heavenly God Tier powerhouse could not possibly do so. For the Blood Red Hell to suddenly come up with a new legacy, that of the Destruction Attribute, how could he not feel strange about it?

Just as TianFeng and TianMa released their Legendary Sets, in the next instant, both Zhou Weiqing and Tian’er had no choice but to release their own Consolidated Equipment. If they did not do so, perhaps the two brothers with their Legendary Sets could use that moment of advantage to launch their attacks.

Another series of dark-gold lights flashed in swift succession, causing all the battle teams watching below, especially those from smaller empires, as well as the audience, to stare in shock.

Has God Tier Consolidated Equipment become common goods? How many bouts of lights was it this time? Another eleven dark-gold shield of lights flashed above the pair. If both sides were added up, that was already twenty six God Tier Consolidated Equipment...

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