Chapter 220 Creation! Silver Emperor! (3)

Chapter 220 Creation! Silver Emperor! (3)

That last startled exclamation drew everyone’s gaze to him, and as they looked at him curiously, Ma Qun said gravely, full of regret: “I forgot to give a loud fart before I went down…”

Zhou Weiqing gave him a kick, sending him to the side as he scolded laughingly: “That was not what I taught you! This big bro here is not so shameless!”

Including Tian’er, the entire Heavenly Bow Battle Team gave Zhou Weiqing a contemptuous look.

On the stage, another figure had appeared. TianFeng stood next to TianMa, one hand on his shoulders, helping him nurse his chaotic Heavenly Energy due to his rage.

“Calm down. The humiliation they have given us, we will pay back ten times, hundred times more. There is no point raging pointlessly now. Senior Shangguan, the third match, both of us will be the fighters.”

Shangguan Longyin looked at Tianfeng and nodded in agreement. However, he felt his heart grip inwardly. This TianFeng was much calmer and more stable, far beyond his brother TianMa, especially that cold calculation that lay in his bones. It was clear that he was narrow minded person who would seek vengeance for any minor grievances, but one who could complete control his emotions. Such a person was far more dangerous and deadly than his strength alone...

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