Chapter 220 Creation! Silver Emperor! (2)

Chapter 220 Creation! Silver Emperor! (2)

In his eyes, the only person in the entire Heavenly Bow Battle Team that could enter his eyes and let him pay attention to was just Zhou Weiqing, and he totally ignored the others. They had already lost the first round, and the Dan Dun Battle Team could not afford to lose another round. His pride would not allow the Dan Dun Battle Team to be behind by two to zero, not even for strategy’s sake. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing had already fought, and in his eyes, it was a certain victory for his little brother TianMa in any one versus one situation.

As for the two versus two fight, naturally that was even more of an assured victory to him, since he would be participating personally. Although Zhou Weiqing had given him some surprises when he had fought in the first match, to TianFeng the overall result could only be a 3 to 1 victory for the Dan Dun Battle Team.

As soon as TianMa ascended the stage, with a swooshing sound, a pair of wings spread behind his back. His wings looked very different from Zhou Weiqing’s, smaller and thinner, more like a pair of bat wings. The tips of his wings were sharp, looking to be lined by something like bone spikes, causing the entire edge of the wing to be extremely sharp.

Looking coldly...

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