Chapter 220 Creation! Silver Emperor! (1)

Chapter 220 Creation! Silver Emperor! (1)

The Heavenly Skill Image of the Silver Emperor behind Zhou Weiqing’s back slowly drifted to the front, and just like that it began to merge with the green-silver ball of light in front of him. This merging caused the silver light around Zhou Weiqing’s hand to brighten drastically, warping in an even stranger change.

As soon as his hands grasped together, the green-silver ball of light seemed to come to life. With violent reverberations, Zhou Weiqing’s entire body erupted with a powerful green and silver light. However, since he was so high up in the sky, no one else could see that his eyes had turned a full silver-white.

Zhou Weiqing’s arms shook abruptly, and his hands slowly spread apart again. A tiny bird, fully silver in colour, appeared before him.

“Silver Emperor?!” Even with Shangguan Longyin’s status and power, when he saw what Zhou Weiqing had done, he couldn’t help but exclaim out loud, unable to restrain himself.

What Zhou Weiqing had done had toppled everything he thought he knew. He… he had actually used his own Heavenly Energy to coalesce a Silver Emperor!

The scariest...

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