Chapter 219 Shen Little Demon’s Destruction Fire Phoenix! (3)

Chapter 219 Shen Little Demon’s Destruction Fire Phoenix! (3)

At the same time, the giant wings unfurled from behind Zhou Weiqing’s back, flapping abruptly. His entire body rose up like an arrow shot from a bow, and within moments he was more than a hundred metres above ground.

Looking down from such a height of more than a hundred metres, Shen Little Demon on the stage was barely a black dot the size of an ant. Zhou Weiqing spread his wings, stopping just like that in midair, an evil laughter traveling down from above. “Come on! Come hit me then! What are you waiting for?!”

Shen Little Demon missed her first blow, and by the time she realised it, Zhou Weiqing was already far up in the skies. In that instant, even she couldn’t help but stare up, stunned. Previously when she met Zhou Weiqing in the northern borders, he did not have the ability to fly yet! Furthermore, at that time he was already ‘full’ on Consolidated Equipment, even if he raised his cultivation level to the sixth stage, he shouldn’t be able to Consolidate a pair of wings! How did those wings come about?

Zhou Weiqing did not care about what Shen Little Demon was thinking about, casually...

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