Chapter 211 Bribing Father-in-Law! (3)

Chapter 211 Bribing Father-in-Law! (3)

Shangguan Tianyue glanced at the wings behind his back, secretly examining all the changes that the Dragon-Tiger Transformation state brought to Zhou Weiqing. Sensing the terrifying bloodline aura within him, a flash of surprise flickered across Shangguan Tianyue’s eyes.

This Dragon-Tiger Transformation, even the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord had never seen or heard of before. It could be said to be one of a kind in the entire Mainland. Although Shangguan Tianyue had heard Xue’er speak of it, it was an entirely different matter to look upon it with his own eyes, to feel it with his senses… only then did he truly sense how miraculous it was. He couldn’t help but nod to himself inwardly. This little brat’s power… one definitely could not judge him with ordinary logic.

“Alright. We are alone now. Speak then. If you aren’t able to satisfy me, I’ll kick you down again.” Shangguan Tianyue crossed his arms, looking at Zhou Weiqing with a bleak face.

Zhou Weiqing grinned, moving forward a few steps, a fawning look upon his face.

Looking at him like that, Shangguan Tianyue couldn’t help but chuckle to himself inwardly, thinking: This little brat, why does he not have the proper look of...

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